I was woken up by a phone call this morning.


It was a call from a contractor of high-pressure cleaning of drainpipes, asking if he could visit us in an hour.



A few weeks ago, the drainage in the upstairs hand-washing area was clogged with a strange smell.

私、配管を解体して詰っているものを除去する程度のことは、DIYでやってしまいます ―― 実際に、これまで、全部、私が直してきました。

I'm a DIYer when it comes to dismantling plumbing and removing clogs -- in fact, I've done it all before.


However, this time, even after removing all the debris from the pipes, the water did not continue to flow.

つまり、外部に露出している配管ではなくて、家の中の排水管が詰っているということで ―― こうなると、もう私には手が出せません。

In other words, the drainage pipes inside the house are clogged, not the exposed pipes outside -- this is something I can't do anything about.



Again I was trying to deal with this myself by purchasing such a device.


However, I, at my parents' house, once messed with a drain pipe and made things worse as a result.


And then, "thanks to all the things I've done," the toilet at my parents' house became unusable.


At that time, I had a drainage company come and remove some of the roots in the pipe.


And later, I cut down with a chainsaw the pine tree that my father had cherished before he died.


Well, let's not get into that.


Once I had a contractor come and try to solve the problem with the above mentioned equipment, but it still didn't work, so we had to do high pressure washing.


Under my wife's general policy, "If we're going to do this, we should clean everything in the house," the first simultaneous plumbing cleaning was held after the construction of the Ebata house.

二人の作業員方の作業を見せて頂いたのですが ―― もう「楽しく」て

I enjoyed watching the operation of the two workers.


I watched the operation, stretching and leaning back so as not to disturb the workers.


In my image, it was "like watching a parade at Disneyland in a crowded place.


And for the first time, I found out that the (unnoticed) halls installed in the entrance, garden and parking lot were the pathways for sewage (there were about 10 of them).


The workers operated as "easy for me to watch the work".


After the work was done, I asked a lot of questions.


To be honest, I was surprised to see a compressor (like this one) installed in the minivan, but it wasn't powered by our house, nor was it drawing water from our water supply.



I asked a lot of questions and found out the following.

(1)洗浄に使った水 : ミニバンの中にタンクで持参 200リットル程度

(1) Water used for cleaning: About 200 liters brought in a tank in the minivan.


(2) Power source for compressors for high-pressure cleaning: Gasoline

(3)高圧コンプレッサーの水圧:150kgf/cm^2 (1平方メートルの板の上に、自動車1500台が乗るくらいの圧力)

(3) Water pressure of high-pressure compressor: 150 kgf/cm^2 (pressure equivalent to 1,500 automobiles riding on a 1 square meter board)


(4) The water pressure nozzle, which performs the backward injection, automatically moves forward in the pipe and easily climbs from the first floor to the second floor (running up to the 10th floor of an apartment building, for example).



I can only speak for myself , however, "the blood of a downtown factory owner's son" rushed to my mind.












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