先日、北海道で、不要となった大量のスプレー缶の中身を室内に放出して、それがガス給湯器を火種として大爆発を起こした ―― という事故がありました。

The other day, the accident occurred in Hokkaido, that employees in an office tries to put liquid mass of spray pan and the gas exploded hugely with a fire of a gas feed water heater.

―― なるほど、そういうことを予測できない人間がいるのか

"I see. some people cannot make the image of the accident"


I watched the TV news program with thinking deeply.


I have experimented that "I almost crashed my lodging house by the explosion of hydrogen chemical reaction.


However, I predicted the damage by the experiment before (To tell you the truth, the result was beyond my prediction)


To begin with, when I was a child, I created the following accidents,.


- boiling wax, the vaporized wax was exploded and our country house was about to fire.


- firing the liquid mass of spray can and playing with it as "flame gun".


- pitching th incinerator of my father's firm into \100 cigar lighter and measuring the height of flame.


- firing the electric wire by failing the electrolytic process experiment of salt water.


Anyway I repeated the pretty and childish play and made me terrible situations.



Thus, I would make my motto of


"Human being cannot learn anything without failing"


before I was twenty years. At the same time, I made another motto of


"I have to continue failing again and again for learning"





Anyway, everyone who read my diary, have to watch me kindly,

江端が"失敗"をし続けているのは、向学心の表れ ――

"Ebata have a strong interest in learning with continuous failing"




(Continuation from yesterday)


However, even if I cut down that big tree at a stroke, I have no place to put it, and I can not secure my safety.


So, I decided to take the strategy of cutting down at the end of the pine in units of 30 cm little by little (yearly).


However, doing this with a saw will take a long time, and my fatigue will not be severe.

なにか良い方法はないかと、調べてみたら、家庭用の電気チェーンソーというものがあり ―― そんなに高くない(6500円)。

I investigated something good, and there is a household electric chain saw - not so expensive (6500 yen).


"Chainsaw," what I had only the image of it, is a special equipment of forestry workers, or a tool that "Jason" cuts a person on Friday,



I immediately went to a nearby DIY shop and bought an electric chain saw, and tried it,

―― 直径10cmの樹木が3秒で裁断できる

"Trees of diameter 10 cm can be cut in 3 seconds."


This feeling is "to cut tofu."


It seems like a miracle because it has taken 20 minutes (including breaks).



This time, I could not get enough time since I bought a chainsaw just before I got home. However, during this year-end and New Year holidays,


"Erase the masterpiece of my father's life at all."


It seems to be busy with the work.



On the bookshelf of a convenience store in my company, I can see a book whose title is


"The book when you think "I am sunk!""



I get nervous about whether this book "is left" or "continues to be ordered."


I also get on my nerves about why the book is chosen.



Anyway, if you leave this book on your desk in the office and show the book title to your co-workers, this action will have something to appeal.


I don't know what kind of effect will be coming.



I lived in a boarding house during my college life. It is a distant area far from the university and has terrible transportation; for example, the departure time of the last bus is 15:40.

# これは当時の話です。数年前に訪ねてみたら、大きな新興住宅地となっており、地下鉄の路線が敷設されていました。

# This is a story of those days. When I visited a few years ago, it was a big new residential area, and the subway line was built.


I have never delinquent rent for a 4-year boarding period; in addition, in the landlord's favor, I was allowed to use the main house's bath every other day.


This is a story at the boarding house.



One night (around 23 o'clock midnight), the landlord visited and knocked on my room.


I got a consultation.


"My son wants to quit college. what should I do?"




I was an active college student at the time.



It was lucky that I had happy days. I could immerse myself in researching exciting subjects with friends motivated to study.

「大学を辞めたい」という気持ちは ―― その気持ちが「存在」することは知っていましたが ―― その気持ちを理解するには、当時の私はラッキーすぎたのです。

I knew the feeling of "wanting to quit university" "exists" and I understand that feeling. However, I was too lucky to understand the surface at the time.


And then, the words I spoke surprised me.


"Well. It would be better for your son to graduate from college."



I am still writing fun ideas and remarks in blogs and serial series.


However, as a college student, I kept on with words far more radical (extreme) and avant-garde than I am saying now.


The saying surprised me, "What commonsense, obsolete, and boring words are!".



I think the inside of my head at that time was like this.


(1) we can graduate by attending a lecture properly, taking notes, receiving tests, and writing a report (graduation thesis).


(2) Whatever the grades, once we can graduate from college, the title "Bachelor's Degree" comes along without fail.


(3)The "Bachelor's Degree" title is acceptable for anyone worldwide.


(4) First of all, what do the public think about human beings who have abandoned the above (1) while having good luck passing the university and a happy environment where students can continue their studies

―― 私(江端)なら許さん

"I will not forgive him/her."



Of course, I know that the concepts (1) - (4) above are too simplistic.


My girls taught me "hell" named "school" in a word that bleeds blood.


And I should have considered the hatred and feelings for the "school" that remains in mine.


When I receive consultation with these cases, I have to


"make judgments considering the qualities of the individual, human relationships, mental conditions, etc."



In conclusion, "I was an active college student. I was inappropriate as a consultant."



Well, I am repeatedly stating extreme remarks from my daily life. However, at the root, I am just a "petit bourgeois" being bound by


"common sense"


ですから、私ごときに ―― 「あまり過度な期待をされては困る」のです。

So, for me, "it is annoying to have too much expectation."



(Continuation from yesterday)


Well, quietly speaking, the Buddhist scriptures are,


based on the teachings of Mr. Goudama Siddhartha,


to deify him, and to pull him into the scriptures,


further to extend to the world view after death


"Secondary creations"



They are "secondary creations" so, the numbers of them are as many booths as the comic market.


These are "sects".

企業ブースクラスだけを挙げても、三論宗・法相宗・華厳宗・律宗・倶舎宗・成実宗・天台宗・真言宗・融通念仏宗・浄土宗・臨済宗・曹洞宗・浄土真宗・日蓮宗・時宗・普化宗・黄檗宗・修験宗 があります。

Even if you mention only company booth classes, there are Sanronshu, Housoushu,Kegonshu, Ritsushu, kushashu, Zyouzyutsushu, TTendaishu, Shingonshu, Yuuzuunenbutsushu, Zyoudoshu, RInzaishu, Soutoushu, Zyoudoshinshu, Nichirenshu, Zishu, Fukeshu, Oubakushu, SHugenshu.


If you enter circle participation (national, regional, regionally indigenous, fundamentalist etc.), you will not be counted.


Therefore, the Buddhist scriptures, are

―― ゴーダマシュッダルダさん没後、2500年オーダの時間をかけて創作され続けた膨大な物量の「同人誌」

"Doujinshi(fan fiction)" which are huge amount of materials, and has been revising over the period of 2500 years, after Goudama Siddhartha's death.


I believe that this my understanding is no bad.

ゴーダマシッダルダさんが、まったく想定すらしていなかった、死後の儀式 ―― 通夜、本葬、初七日、四十九日、N回忌(N=1,3,..50)は、「同人誌」の産物という訳です。

"Rite after death", for example, wake, main funeral, first seven days, nineteen days, N conclusion (N = 1, 3, .. 50), has been produced by Doujinshi


However, I do not intend to say, "This doujinshi .., correction, sectarian scriptures have no meaning at all".



For example, I suppose

―― 私の娘が不幸な事故や病気で死去したら、その私は、何もせずにいられるだろうか?

"If my daughter dies from an unfortunate accident or illness, can I be without doing anything?"



To my daughter who can not be revived, I think that what I am going to do as a parent, are


even if the possibility of being close to zero despairably, I am praying to cling about daughter's happy afterlife and reincarnation, and I bet on that.


almost every day, trying funerals of all religions all over the world, filling the funeral hall with flowers, continuing to chant infinitely words to pray for every and every happy death,


keep asking attendees to cling to attendees, saying "Do not forget her" not only for the first day, 1st anniversary, 3rd anniversary, 50th anniversary


逆に言えば、「葬儀」というシステムがなければ、子に先立たれて、残された親たちは、悲しみで狂ってしまうかもしれない ――

Conversely, without the system of "funeral", parents who preceded their children may be crazy with sorrow.




Doujinshi... correction, the Buddhist scriptures, are, even if they are secondary creations,


- during an enormous amount of time and observation of a huge number of people,


- to ease the living (x dead) human heart,


- the culmination of trial and error use case,


If I think, I can really understand exactly.

仏教の説く「死後の世界」とは、「死者の為の世界」ではなく、「現世で生き続けなければならない人間の心をラクにする為の『バーチャルワールド』―― "夢と魔法の王国"みたいなもの」です。

Buddhism's preaching "the world after death" is not "the world for the dead", but "the virtual world to make the heart of human calm". They are not for dead, but for living human beings, like "the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic".

(Although "the world after death" is also used as a "threatening system" of religion (I think that this is the main thing))


(To be continued)



(2) Greetings from the mourning of the funeral


"Thank you very much for your time, even though you are busy today."


"I appreciate your close relationship with my father, Kazuo Ebata."


"Now, I am looking at your faces today, and I think you are almost my family. So from now on, I would like to feel free to remember Father with you."



"My father seems to have been quite active, even from his son's view."


"For example, when I was a primary school student, my father pulled me through deep snow, brought me to the point of fishing around a river, and let me fish in the extreme cold. Though I was a child, I thought, "What on earth is he thinking ?"


"However, I knew well that he was overflowing with his mind, "he would like others to enjoy what he felt was fun."

『父を語る言葉があるとすれば、自分の思いを、真っ直ぐに ―― 時々迷惑だったりしましたが ―― 相手に届けようとする"誠実"。それが、父の本質であったと思います』

"If there is a word to express the father, it must be "honesty," to try to deliver his thoughts straight to the others --- sometimes it was annoying. I think that was the essence of my father.


"To be honest" often means a lot of losses. Especially for my father, who had operated the company, I think that it was not all good for him.


"However, in my life, I have come to know that "honesty" is never inferior to "not honesty."


"And I think my father's honest life is the utmost proof of what he got from all of you.


"I will burn it strongly to my heart now; I think I will keep it in my future life."


『さて、皆様には、父とのお別れの際に、父の顔をご覧頂くことになると思うのですが、・・・ なんとなく、父の顔、生前よりも"かっこいい"感じがして、私なんかは違和感を感じるんです』

"Well, I want you to see the father's face after my greeting. I am afraid my father's face feels "cooler" than before, and I feel a sense of incompatibility."


"So, I would like to ask you that you will take my father's memory with this father's picture, not that of the coffin.

"My father has a full smile face I have rarely seen.


Please remember this father's smile."



"It is easy; however, I would like to express my gratitude and greetings to you."


"Thank you very much for today."



It is continuation of the story of "International Society" of yesterday.



I am very particular about a presentation.


- my presentation materials of the conference will be revised at least five times even after entering the site.


- If I judge that it is impossible to explain with characters, even if it is the day before the presentation, I will rebuild from the figure.


- Even if there is an event such as reception, I quit the venue silently and return to the hotel.


- And I will continue practicing at least twenty times, from several hours to ten hours, at the hotel until we can completely memorize it.


Especially for English presentation, I will make me a automatical voice machine, even if my mind become a complete blank.

Because, I think that "any presentation is a love letter".



So, now I am burning with anger.


- Presenters who only project only texts to the screen, and just read it up

―― 未曾有の大豪雨の中にあって、この会場に辿りついた参加者に対して、「失礼」とは思わんのか?

"Do you think "impoliteness" to participants who came to this venue in the unprecedented heavy downpour ?"


- Presenters who just reads the paper on which the dialogue was written

―― お前は、この場で、一体、誰に対して、何を分かって貰おうとしているんだ?

"To whom would you like to tell what, on earth here ?"


- Presenters who keep on silencing my question

―― プレゼンテーションにおいて「沈黙」は「暴力」だぞ。分っているのか?

""Silence" is "violence" in any presentation . Do you understand?"



Unreasonable and nonsense English is good. Just putting words together is enough.


Talk something.


Do not keep silent.


Show the feeling of "wanting to talk" as an attitude to the questioner as a minimum courtesy.



To tell you the truth, I think that some of the presentations of Japanese students were terrible. (Of course, there were some good presentation).


(To be continued)



(Continuation from yesterday)

―― という話を、娘たちに語っていた時、長女は、ソファーに転がりながら、明らかに不愉快な表情をし、次女は、私に語り始めました。

When telling the story to the girls, the senior daughter(SD) rolled on the sofa with unpleasant expression apparently, and the junior daughter(JD) began to speak to me.


JD:"Daddy, is not that a bit too hight for a student?"


Ebata:"I do not think so, because the purpose of presenting is to" tell others about my thoughts as accurately as possible"


JD:"Well, that's right, but ..."


Ebata: "If they just read what you have written in the presentation materials, we don't have to gather at the conference venue. If we read the material, that is enough"


JD:"Well ..."


Ebata: "I think that presentation is like a "one-theatrical performance". It's a place and time to explain my idea to others with laughter and emotions in a few hours."


JD: "Well, I understand it. The other day, when I have to hear the presentation of university professor with reading paper and small voice, he really annoyed me.


Ebata: "Well, I guess so."


JD:"I decided not to go the college faculty at least"

江端:「だから、演出以前に、セリフもろくに言えない『一人芝居』なんて ―― はっきりいって『聴講者に苦痛だけを与える暴力』だと思っている」

Ebata: "Therefore, I think that "one-theatrical performance" is "violence that gives audience a pain only", if the performer can not be briefly spoken before the performance"



JD: "I see, I understood the claim of you ... By the way, did you have a presentation in English at the International Conference" when you were a student? "




JD:"What did you say? Did you make a splendid "one-theatrical performance" when you were a college student because you are criticizing them ?


Ebata: "No, I had just attended a domestic conference with Japanese only. As a student, I launched a research team,and there was no connection to the international conference at all.


JD:"Let me change the question. "Dad, if you had even the conditions, could you have achieved the ideal presentation at the international conference?"


Ebata: "Well, it was impossible for me, my English proficiency at the college, was more devastating than now ..."


JD: And another question. "Dad, if you had even the conditions, could you have entered an international conference?"


Ebata: "No way. Well it was impossible. I think that there was absolutely no idea of presentation in English at that time. "


JD:"Well, Do the students, you criticize, have "more high intelligence with spirits that you at the time ?"


Ebata: "Well... I admit. they are more competent and spiritual than me at the time, ."



At that time, the SD suddenly raised a shout!

長女:「よっしゃー!! 良く言った、<次女>!! ああ、すっきりしたぁーーーー!」

SD:"Good job! !!. Oh, I feel better!!"


Ebata:"What's happened?

長女:「さっきから、パパの偉そうな物言いに、本気でムカムカしていたからさぁ。いやーすっきりした! ありがとう、<次女>! これで、気分よく眠れるわぁ」

SD:"From a little while ago, I was seriously screaming about what you looked like to be great. Well I was cleared! Thank you, !! I will feel comfortable sleeping. "


While saying that, the SD passed by in front of me and disappeared in her room on the second floor.



- Going to attend the club of Ginza will be the status of that person


- Owning Benz will be the status of that person


- getting a greeting from the president of the ruling party will be the status of that person

―― 「という感じが、よく分からん」と嫁さんに話していたところ、

When I talked to my wife "I cannot understand their feeling", she said to me,


Wife:" "Showing their status" might not be their purposes"



Ebata:"What is it?"


Wife: "These behaviors may be just "tools" of as a platform of personal network to extend their work."



I see.


Personal activities must be limited, however, even if they can establish a cooperative relationship with other people, they might have valuable "tools".


But thinking about it, I don't have to care of it at all.

私にとって、その人を評価する『通貨』は何かと問われれば、―― 少くとも「人柄」「人徳」「優しさ」ではない。

What is my "currency" to evaluate that person is not at least "personality" "humanity" "kindness".


It is not a "hobby", and I will not evaluate anyone who shows off "knowledge" that I am not interested in.


"Belief" "Thought" etc. are out of the question.


私にとっての通貨は、―― 「技術力」ですね。

My currency is "technology power".


I feel overwhelming charm about "overwhelming technical power" that I do not have.


So, for me, "the telegram of the wedding ceremony from the ruling party leader" is just a piece of paper that does not become a calculation paper.


I would rather to give me "the telegram of the wedding ceremony written "solution search program code that realizes 1000 times faster speed than in the past".



(Continuation from yesterday)


Most of this problem comes to the teacher side, however I do not allow the excuse that "there is no such IT literacy for the teacher", "the teacher is busy and there is no such study time".


Because a teacher exists as "a existence that does not allow that excuse for students".



However, no matter how much I rebuked and inspired the teacher, actually I am afraid that improvement of IT literacy is difficult.

「読み、書き、ソロバン」を、「ワープロ、スプレッドシート、メール、スマホ」にするというのは、明治政府が、国民皆学を目指した時のような難しさがあるのは ――

Replacing "Reading, writing, Soroban" with "Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Mail, Smartphone" is the same as difficulties, such as the Meiji government aimed at studying for entire people in Japan.


No, is not it so difficult?