Like many young people, I used to 'strum' the folk guitar in junior high school.


When I say 'I was 'strumming,' I just 'strummed'... I could hold down an F code, the upper limit of my guitar skills.


One of my friends once asked me if I would like to perform in a live concert.


Of course, I was a 'fool' of my stature then, just like anyone else.


However, as expected, I had enough sense to think that it would be "strange, no matter how you think about it," to invite someone who can only "hold the F code" to perform live.


Naturally, I refused. No matter how stupid I was, I could at least judge whether I could perform in public.

なんで、こんなことを書いているかというと、Amazon Primeで「ぼっち・ざ・ろっく」をぼんやりと眺めているうちに、ふと、このことを思い出したからです。

I am writing this because I suddenly remembered this while idly watching "Botch the Rock" on Amazon Prime.



Now that I think back on it, maybe it was something like a

―― ライブ詐欺

"Live scam"


Maybe it was like that.


Live scam" is a term I just came up with, but wouldn't it be enough if the scam was, for example, 'forced to sell a quota of live tickets'?


Moreover, I was just a junior high school student without any law knowledge. I could have easily fooled them.


I thought it was strange then but didn't think it was suspicious.

『眩しいくらいに無垢で純粋な私(江端)』 ―― 今の私からは想像もできないような私が、当時は、確かに存在していたのです。

I was 'dazzlingly innocent and pure (Ebata)' - I certainly existed then in a way that I can't even imagine from what I am now.



Once again, I think,


"It's so easy to cheat a child."


I am now deeply aware of this.


I thought that in the future, when I am out of work, hungry, and in real trouble, I will become an "adult who targets children.


To be frank, this is easy.


After all, the people you are cheating do not know the law and are not even aware that they are the victims of a crime.



Therefore, I think that adults who force children to engage in sexual acts or scam them out of money should be 'removed from this society.


I think we can divide offenders dealing with children from other offenders. I don't think they should have a chance for rehabilitation."


If that is not possible, I believe that even if we apply the general law, we can permanently record criminal records as digital tattoos on the personal number card.

『子どもに手を出した奴に、未来はない』 ―― それでいい、と思う。

'There is no future for those who commit crimes against children' -- that's fine, I guess.


I support the fact that the law is slowly changing in that direction.




When I was in university, I went to a course for a suspension (license suspension), and the police questionnaire tabulation system pointed out that I was not law-abiding.

江端さんのひとりごと 「遵法精神って何?」


I believe that law-abiding spirit refers to a policy of compliance with the law, but I do not see it as 'acquiescing to the law.'


I believe the law is a 'rule' but not necessarily 'justice.'


When I was a student, a senior student told me, 'If smoking is dangerous, then it must be dangerous whether you are an adult or not. It is unreasonable to prohibit it only for young people.


Of course, this is an extreme view. I believe that the state must restrict smoking to minors who are still in the process of physical development.


However, I think that 'adhering stubbornly' to it is a kind of 'slavery to the law' and a dangerous sign for society as a whole (it could accelerate totalitarianism).



Ebata's interpretation of 'law-abiding spirit' means 'to make it appear to the "world" that one is obeying the law.'


Smoking and non-smoking are also 'not a matter for the law' as long as they continue to be kept secret as individual acts, to the extent that third parties do not externally detect them.


As long as you keep it completely confidential within your sphere, you are not disrupting the social order, and the health problems caused by smoking and smoking cessation are your problem.


(Although, if you bring up the burden of medical costs, it is not entirely a personal issue.)


As an adult, I can say, 'Do it well so you don't find out. But as long as I find your fault, I have to behave like one of the law-abiding adults.



Children do not understand these 'painful and troublesome positions' of adults.

大人としては、『なんで、我々大人にバレる態様で、喫煙や飲酒をするんだ、このバカ! 』と叫びたいことでしょう。

As an adult, I may want to shout, 'Why are you smoking and drinking in a manner that we adults can see, you idiot? '.


And I would shout at her, 'Are you so low that you can't even give that level of consideration and ingenuity?


(Well, I don't deal with stupid teenagers who proudly show smoking and drinking to others, as I identify them as 'uncorrectable idiots').



As a teenager, I used to have a plum wine evening with my mother a few times a year.


Had this been made public, my mother would have been subject to fines, detention, and imprisonment under the Underage Drinking Law for "encouraging a child to drink," and she may have also been subject to injury charges for abuse.


As a night-time drinker, I could also have been in trouble with the police and suspended or expelled from school.


I also used to force myself to pour beer down my throat before university exam days because I couldn't sleep. I didn't think beer tasted good at the time (I had had insomnia since I was a teenager).


But I didn't do anything stupid like tell anyone about it, much less brag about it.


It is an example of a way of life that makes me appear law-abiding to 'the world.'



Incidentally, a diet member said, 'What's the fuss over a mere cigarette? It's not a drug!" But this opition is wrong, to begin with.


Tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, and methamphetamine are all 'drugs' in terms of being addictive and damaging to health.


It is just that tobacco and alcohol consumption above a certain age is considered legal by our country.


Tobacco and alcohol consumption are legal solely as a compromise between tax revenue, health hazards, and social order.

飲酒を嗜む人にとっては、我が国は「天国」ですが ―― 断酒中の人間にとっては、「地獄」と言えます。


In the first place, I doubt that we can divide tobacco from cannabis from the science viewpoint.

―― 大麻を試したいなら、なぜ、栽培、乾燥、製粉までの全行程を、DIYで実現しようとしないのか?


I am aware that it is a historical fact that 'cannabis caused a sharp increase in opium addicts and succeeded in significantly reducing the productivity and workforce of Chinese society (Opium War (1839-1842))', and that with tobacco it is only 'now, I have not confirmed that.'


As for alcohol consumption, think 'the tax revenue is delicious for the state.' (From the 1890s to the early Showa period, alcohol tax accounted for about 30% of the national budget. Incidentally, it is now around 1% (still 1.18 trillion yen).)


てなことをトータルで勘案すると、オリンピックに出場する未成年の選手が、飲酒と喫煙で、出場停止にさせられるというのは、厳しい措置ではありますが、私は、妥当であると思います ―― 少なくとも、失当ではない、と思う。

Taking all of the above into consideration, I think it is a harsh measure to suspend underage athletes from the Olympics for drinking and smoking. Still, I think it is reasonable -- at least not unjustified.


Of course, this would be a desperate and frustrating measure for the individual who sacrificed much of their life and efforts.


But do you think allowing a party violating national law to represent a nation in an international event is possible?


That's impossible. It is also a matter of pride as a law-abiding nation.


And, as an adult, I am also tempted to say, "Why didn't she do it privately, in secret, so that she hid? I also feel like stamping our feet.

―― 泣いて馬謖を切る(by 三国志)

"To make a costly sacrifice in the course of justice" (by Three Kingdoms)


The word fits perfectly (if you don't know it, please look it up).


Please help us teenagers not to allow such cruel measures for us adults. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


"If you're going to do it, do it quietly, alone, and without being noticed. Do not associate with others. If you can't stand it, do it privately and quietly. "


Please be thorough in this.


It is a request from Ebata as an adult.




What I resent is that when high school baseball players or college football players drink, smoke, or use marijuana, they "always do it with their friends.


'If you want to do something illegal, do it alone. If you are too chicken to do it, you can't do it in the first place! I want to yell at him.

『私(江端)のやり方を見習え』 ―― とまでは言いませんが。

I don't want to say, 'Follow my (Ebata's) example.


『日本の夏が、私たちを殺しにきている』 ―― が、全く大袈裟に聞こえない夏になりました。

The summer of Japan is coming to kill us - it does not sound like an exaggeration at all.


Last summer was generally bad, but this summer is just as bad, if not worse.


Yesterday, on my way home from university, I dropped in at a drugstore in front of the station and was delighted to see that they had the traditional red bean condensed milk shaved ice (95 yen).

くらしモア 練乳入りあずき氷 160ml(くらしモア(日本流通産業))の販売価格と購入店舗 | ものログ


I was pleased to find that these simple shaved ice products have recently disappeared from convenience stores, and I have been looking for them for a long time.

―― かき氷って、こんなに美味しい食べ物だったけ?

"Has shaved ice ever tasted so good?"


I was happy 'walking shaved ice' under the sun's scorching rays.





At 14:00, the hot light almost crushed me,


At 16:00, the hot air makes it hard to breathe,

18時には全身が温水プールの中に水没し呼吸困難になる ――

By 18:00, a heated swimming pool submerges our whole body in a heated swimming pool, and we breathe hard.


Such is the summer, which seems to change its aspect by the hour.


I don't need this kind of summer. I want to ask someone to return to the traditional Japanese summer."



In November 2022, the Government took the helm to restart nuclear power plants.


At that time, there were, understandably, many protests against the Government's decision.


I accepted the change of policy on the condition that 'all citizens are prepared to be victims (hibakusha) of one or two nuclear accidents in their lives.'

―― 日本国内において、生涯で2~3回は原発事故に遭遇し、最低1回は放射能汚染被害を受ける


However, if the Government were to take this decision, it would have been better to take it in the 'boiling summer (now)' or the 'freezing winter (maybe this winter).'


It is a fact that a stable electricity supply protects people's lives.


However, I don't think Japan has ever had a summer that 'scorches the people to death.'


Until a technology that will allow us to survive this extraordinary summer and winter in our country with renewables (or another type of energy), we will have to accept any energy.


Because of 'nuclear power' and 'summer,' we have known that both are 'barter with life,'


『マンション爆発「自殺図りガス栓開けたが換気 タバコで爆発」』というニュースを見ました。

I saw a news report titled “Apartment Explosion: ‘Attempted suicide: Gas Tap Opened, Ventilation Cigarette Caused Explosion.’”


I know that human beings cannot act logically in the process of committing suicide.


Therefore, ordinary people may have many thoughts about this news.


I can only guess they would feel the opposite of “sorry” or “pity.”



There is one person, however, who cannot make a fool of him for this attempted suicide.


It is me.

江端さんのひとりごと 「危ない漂白剤」



TC(Traffic Controller)で、帯域5M、パケットロス10%、遅延1000msを セットするコマンドを教えて下さい

# qdiscの設定をクリア
sudo tc qdisc del dev eth0 root

# トークンバケットフィルター (TBF) を使用して帯域幅を制限
sudo tc qdisc add dev eth0 root tbf rate 5mbit burst 10kb latency 50ms

# ネットエミュレーション(netem)を使用して遅延とパケットロスを追加 sudo tc qdisc add dev eth0 parent 1:1 handle 10: netem delay 1000ms loss 10%

TC(Traffic Controller)のコマンドの一つとして使われている"latency"と"delay"の違いについて教えて下さい。


"latency" は、トークンバケットフィルター (TBF) などのキューイングディシプリン(qdisc)で使用されます。ここでの "latency" は、バッファ内のパケットが許可される最大遅延時間を示します。つまり、指定されたバッファサイズ(burst)が満たされている場合に、パケットがそのバッファ内にどれだけ長く滞留できるかを示します。


"delay" は、ネットエミュレーション(netem)で使用され、パケットに対して指定された遅延を追加します。この遅延は、ネットワークの遅延やラグをシミュレートするために使用されます。


  • latency: TBF などのキューイングディシプリンにおいて、バッファ内での最大滞留時間を指定します。パケットの滞留時間が指定された latency を超えると、そのパケットはドロップされる可能性があります。バッファ内の滞留時間であり、ネットワーク全体の遅延を反映するものではありません。
  • delay: netem などで使用され、パケットに対して指定された遅延を直接追加します。ネットワーク全体の遅延やラグをシミュレートするために使用されます。





I continue to work remotely and am beyond chronic; instead, I'm the ultimate exercise weaker.


The only daily exercise I do is 30 pull-ups with iron bars (pull-ups where you touch your head to the ceiling),



And 40 sit-ups with equipment (because I have no one to support my legs).


Total exercise time: less than 3 minutes.

―― 1秒でも「つらい」と感じる運動は続けられない

"Exercise that feels ‘hard’ for even one second cannot be continued."


Based on my belief, I only do less than three minutes of exercise a day.



At present, what I am lacking is ‘walking’.


However, this is time-consuming, and during the daytime this summer (beyond the level of extreme heat), it is a ‘life-threatening act.’


Walking is ‘hard’. So, I dismissed it immediately.


Then, I can select the option of indoor walking.


A quick and easy way is to do ‘step-up and down exercises.’


At first, I thought I would quickly make the elevating platform myself, but when I thought it would have to support my weight daily, I decided it would be dangerous for an amateur artisan to do it.

自作の昇降台で転倒骨折したら ―― "バカ"としか言いようがありません(この年齢では、"死亡事故"になる可能性すら否定できません)。

If I fall and fracture my bones on a homemade platform - I will be a ‘fool’ myself (at my age, I cannot even rule out the possibility of a ‘fatal accident’).

で、量販品を探したのですが ―― 値段はさておき、置き場に困るものばかりです。

So I looked for mass-market products -- price aside, they are all difficult to install in my room.


To begin with, my day starts with taking my sofa out of the room where I slept.


That's how much stuff I have (mainly computers and displays) in my room. And there is no place to keep all this stuff, and it looks heavy to move.


I had no choice but to buy a lightweight lifting platform made of reinforced cardboard.


In short, it had to be (1) capable of lifting and lowering exercises, (2) strong enough to support weight, (3) with a height difference of about 30 cm, and (4) light and not bulky.


Then, while I was taking a bath, I noticed a thing.


I canceled the above cardboard and bought this instead.


It was a blind spot. This should be very stable in terms of strength and safety. After all, it is used in the bathtub.


So, I've been doing ‘step-up and down exercises’ for up to 15 minutes a day while watching anime on NetFlix since yesterday.


The important thing is to be lazy.


Ultimately, the plan is to ‘extend the viewing time to one animation,’ but ‘no longer than that.’


Incidentally, this bath chair is a bit narrow for me, with both feet just barely riding on it, but if you exercise with the image of only half of your soles on it, you will have no other problems.



Even in an air-conditioned room, 15 minutes of elevation exercises can tire you.


If I can make it a routine to ‘step up and down’ and then shower to work up a sweat, I can solve the problem of insufficient walking for the time being.


Again, the crucial things to keep going are ‘zero pain’ and ‘laziness.’


At least, with this policy, I have not missed a single day so far, only pull-ups and sit-ups. They last for three minutes at most, so they are completed with plenty of time to spare.


I don't know if you can say I've ‘exercised’ with this, but when I hang from the bars, shake my body, and hear my bones jiggle, I feel like I've ‘reset my body (bones).’



Today's diary continues the story of the ‘Three Bodies’ from the other day.

『「三体」というSFが凄い』という評判を聞いて、以前、図書館から借りて読んだことがあるのですが ―― さっぱり分かりませんでした。


Parts of this video are available on YouTube.

この画像の内容は、現在のコンピュータ(◯非ノイマン型 ×量子コンピュータ)の概念として正しいです。

The content of this image is correct for the current concept of computers (◯ non-Neumannian × quantum computer).

"NANDロジックさえあれば、全てのコンピュータのロジックを作れる" ―― 情報工学の講義で、私が衝撃を受けた事実の一つです。

‘As long as you have NAND logic, you can make all the computer logic’ - one of the facts that struck me in my lectures on information engineering.

この映像より若干ショボい規模(映画では3000万人、私は8人)で、これと同じことを、当時のPC (PC-8001MK2)でプログラミング(かっこよく言えば、8ゲートの仮想コンピュータを作った)のですが、思うように動かなくて、もの凄く苦労したのを覚えています。

On a slightly smaller scale than this film (30 million people in the movie, 8 for me), I programmed the same thing on a PC (PC-8001MK2) at the time (to put it coolly, I created an 8-gate virtual computer). Still, it didn't work as well as I wanted, and I remember having enormous trouble.


The tricky part was designing the ‘clock (synchronization).’


The above image does not seem to contain the concept of a ‘clock.’

私なら、"太鼓の音"とかの場面を一つ加えるだろうな、とか思いました ―― が、そうすると映画のテンポが悪くなるだろうな、とは思います。

I would have added one scene with ‘drumming’ or something, but that would have slowed down the film.


If you want to go into detail, registers, CPU, memory, and many other things come into play, but there is no end to what can be said.


このような、大量の人間を使った計算方法は、コンピュータが登場する前(100年以上も前)に、ルイス・フライ・リチャードソン(Lewis Fry Richardson)によって提唱されていました。

Lewis Fry Richardson proposed this method of computing with large numbers of humans before computers came along (more than 100 years ago).

「64,000人の計算者を巨大なホールに集めて指揮者の元で整然と計算を行えば実際の天候の変化と同じくらいの速さで予報が行える」―― 「リチャードソンの夢」と呼ばれるもので、この原理は、現在も、コンピュータシミュレーションの主流です。重力、磁力、磁力、水流や航空力学では、避けて通れない計算手法です。

The principle of ‘Richardson's dream’ - that ‘if you put 64,000 calculators in a huge hall and run them in an orderly fashion under a conductor, you can forecast as fast as the weather changes in real life’ - is the principle behind computer mainstream simulation. It is an unavoidable computational method in gravity, magnetics, magnetic forces, water currents, and aerodynamics.


I also use this principle to simulate human behavior change (on a computer, of course. I do not use human power).



I am deeply aware that I am lucky to have been born in an age when ordinary people like me can use abundant computer resources (computing power).

『「初音ミク」の映像や音声を作り出すコンピュータリソースは、私が在学していた当時の大学にあった大型計算機センターの全能力を軽く越えているでしょう。(「笑う人工知能 ~あなたは記事に踊らされている~」 より抜粋)』

The computer resources to produce the images and sounds of ‘Hatsune Miku’ would quickly exceed the total capacity of the enormous computing center at the university where I was studying. (Extract from ‘ Laughing Artificial Intelligence - You are dancing to the tune of the article )




Yesterday, my wife and I were watching a news report on the attempted assassination shooting of a former US President and current US Presidential candidate.



My wife asked me, "What is the rifle range?" and I searched my mind.


I remembered a scene from Kaoru Takamura's God's Fire where the protagonist is practicing shooting.


Me: "I think it was a thousand metres or something."

嫁さん:「今回の犯人、"しろうと"なの? (今回の暗殺未遂事件は、射程距離150メートル)」

Wife: "Is the shooter this time an 'Amature'?" (This assassination attempt has a range of 150 meters.)"

私:「そういうことになるのかな? 知らんけど」

Me: "Is that what it's supposed to be? I don't know."



I looked into rifles.


There are many different types of rifles.

■小口径ライフル : 有効射程距離: 約100メートル 最大射程距離: 約1.5キロメートル
■アサルトライフル : 有効射程距離: 約300-600メートル 最大射程距離: 約3キロメートル
■バトルライフル : 有効射程距離: 約600-800メートル 最大射程距離: 約3.5キロメートル
■狙撃ライフル:有効射程距離: 約800-1,500メートル 最大射程距離: 約4-5キロメートル
■大型狙撃ライフル: 有効射程距離: 約1,500-2,000メートル 最大射程距離: 約6キロメートル

- Small-calibre rifles: effective range: approx. 100 m. Maximum range: approx. 1.5 km.
- Assault rifles: effective range: approx. 300-600 m, maximum range: approx. 3 kilometres
- Battle rifles: effective range: approx. 600-800 m. Maximum range: approx. 3.5 km.
- Sniper rifles: effective range: approx. 800-1,500 m. Maximum range: approx. 4-5 km.
- Large sniper rifles: Effective range: approx. 1,500-2,000 m Maximum range: approx. 6 km


I am not a milliota (military geek), so I don't think it's a good thing that I am not familiar with these things.


"I think it would be helpful if you could make a story, such as Golgo 13, that mentions the difference between rifles (tanks, missiles, and other things).



When I read "Marginal Operations" earlier, I was surprised to hear that the price of one surface-to-air missile is 20 million yen. (This still seems to be the cheapest missile available).



Our home's current property value is less than two surface-to-air missiles.


I realized that weapons are incredibly costly.

戦争映画の上演中に、テロップで兵器コストの総計をリアルタイムで表示してみたらどうなるだろうか、と思いました ―― 映画が白けて、楽しめなくなること、必至です。

I wondered what would happen if, during a war film, a ticker showed the total cost of weapons in real time -- it would make the movie bland and unenjoyable, inevitable.



In Japan, the issue is 'politics and money,' whereas in the US, 'politics is money.'

「拝金主義」というと聞こえは悪いですが、米国では「"金を持っている" = "努力した or 自分の才能を活用した" = "権力があるのは当然"」という考え方が、かなり寛容に受け入れらています。

Although "usury" sounds terrible, the idea that "having money" = "working hard or using your talents" = "deserving to have power" is relatively tolerated in the USA.

米国では「"いままで努力してきたからお金を持っている" → "お金があるから権力がある" → "強力な弁護団を結成する" → "無罪を勝ち取る"」 というプロセスが、普通に受け入れられています。

In the USA, the process of "I have money because I have worked hard so far" → "I have power because I have money" → "I form a strong defense team" → "I win acquittal" is usually accepted.

「"貧乏でも真面目に生きている" → "民意と行政システムは弱者に対しても公平に機能する" → "正義が勝つ" → "無罪を勝ちとる"」という、日本人の価値観とはかなり違います。

This fact is quite different from the Japanese value system of "poor but serious" → "the will of the people and the administrative system work fairly for the weak" → "justice prevails" → "we can get the innocent."


Justice is crucially different in that it is not "something as is," that is, but "something that we have to go to get."


There is a difference between the American value system, in which "effort is only a process and the output is valuable", and the Japanese value system, in which "effort itself is also valuable".


I dare to exaggerate, but there is no doubt that this is just the trend, which is not about 'good or bad.'


In this sense, politics in the US is about appealing performances (be they achievements), as seen in the US presidential election and other elections.



The US presidential election is affecting the world. This fact often makes me uncomfortable, but it makes sense that 'the country with the money is strong.' Not "justice is strong," but "money is strong."


Yesterday, there was an assassination sniper attempt on a former US President and current US Presidential candidate.


I considered writing extensively about this, but I refrained because I thought, 'If I just sit back and wait for two weeks, I'll get the whole picture, so there's no need to rush into unfounded speculation now.'


Especially as I am a well-documented blogger, I don't want to be ridiculed later for making a wild guess.

まあ、そのような場合、後で記事を消せば良いのですが、それをしないのは、私の矜持 ―― いや、そんなカッコイイものではなく、単なる「こだわり」です。

In such a case, I could delete the article later, but I'm proud that I don't do that - no, it's not that cool; it's just an "obsession."




『「三体」というSFが凄い』という評判を聞いて、以前、図書館から借りて読んだことがあるのですが ―― さっぱり分かりませんでした。

I had heard that the science fiction book " Three Bodies " had an excellent reputation, so I borrowed it from the library and read it before - but I had no idea what it was about.


As a first principle, I am aware of the fact that my reading comprehension is weak. I am also mindful that I am a typical sample of 'the fact that the amount of reading is not proportional to reading comprehension.'


Secondly, my reading comprehension of foreign-translated books is even weaker. One of the significant factors is a critical weakness: the names of people do not enter the mind.

例えば、ヴェラ・クレイソーン(Vera Claythorne)、フィリップ・ロンバード(Philip Lombard)(クリスティの「そして誰もいなくなった」)など、名称が人物と一致せず、何度も読み直さなければなりませんでした。これは結構な苦痛です。

Names did not match people, for example, Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard (Christie's "And Then There Were None"), and had to be re-read many times. It was "quite a pain".


And when it came to Ye Wenjie, Wang Miao, and Luo Jie in The Three Bodies, I could not fully identify the characters and could only picture them as 'they are Chinese.'


However, I could only get an image of these 'three bodies' being called 'awesome' by many people.


The author emphasizes theories based on physics and astronomy. In particular, I am ashamed to say that I knew nothing about the 'three-body problem' (the problem of predicting the motion of three celestial bodies) in physics.

文明の存続、宇宙における生命の意義、技術と倫理などの深遠な哲学的テーマが取り扱われて、数十年から数百万年に渡る時間軸で展開される壮大なスケール ―― ということは、理解できましたが、それだけです。

I could understand that profound philosophical themes such as the survival of civilization, the significance of life in the universe, technology, and ethics are dealt with on a grand scale, unfolding over decades to millions of years—but that's all.

"読んでいて、楽しくなく、むしろ苦痛" ―― 判っています。この問題は、100%私の読解力というリテラシーに依拠します。私には、作品を批判できる資格すらないのです。

"I don't enjoy reading it, it's rather painful" - I know. This problem relies 100% on my reading literacy. I am not even qualified to criticize the work.



The NetFlix original Three Bodies is now showing.


I finally have a fuller picture of this science fiction with this film adaptation.


Well, this is 'great'. I understand that this is science fiction that the world admires.


It is surprising how easy it is to understand the characters simply by identifying them through visualization.


Visualization is the most effective way for people with low reading comprehension skills to understand complex content.


So, if you are a 'Three Bodies' failure like me, why not try paying for NetFlix for a month just to watch 'Three Bodies'? The cheapest menu (with ads) is enough.

私、映像にも本当に感動しています ―― 正直、"NetFlix映画館"なるものができたら、そっちに出かけても良い、と思えるくらい、高品質なコンテンツです。

I'm also really impressed with the visuals - honestly, the content is of such high quality that if there were a "NetFlix cinema," I'd be happy to go there.


Some people also criticize this NetFlix content due to the issue of altering the original story. Still, I was lucky this time that I 'was a low-level reader who didn't understand the original story.'



The images of the Chinese Cultural Revolution that appear at the beginning of the first episode are the most faithful recreations of the 'Cultural Revolution' that I have seen and heard so much about.


I wonder if this is being broadcast (or censored) in mainland China.


I recommend that you watch it.


今調べたら、別の「三体」のコンテンツがAmazon Primeでも出ていました。

I have just checked and found that another 'three bodies' of content is also available on Amazon Prime.


In many ways, I am under-researched.