At the weekend, I went to the public swimming pool with my wife after checking the website for opening times and hours.


However, I was told at the facility's office that they are closed on weekends.


Knowing it was useless, I complained, "we came to check the website" and then we were forced to go home.


In fact, I had already sent an email to City Hall protesting the change in the pool's hours of operation, as it hadn't been updated previously.


I was "dumb" for believing that "City Hall has already handled it.



The city hall must be busy with measures to deal with the corona epidemic, and I can understand the difficult situation that they have not been able to update their website.


However, I think there is a problem with not taking advantage of the occasional "citizen's notice".


But I know the reason for this.

『ホームページの更新なんぞ、3分もあれば足る(あるいはコロナ対策ページに誘導するリンクを1行付ければ足る)』と思うのですが ――

It would take me 3 minutes to update the home page (or one line of link that takes people to the anti-corona page).


As a matter of fact, City Hall employees have to go through a professional contractor to update their website.


To be exact,


(1) The staff does not have the authority to create the website due to a request for approval (or contractual issues).



(2) Staff do not have the skills to create a website.


Either or both.



I'm terribly worried about it.


From now on, if a typhoon, flood, or earthquake occurs, disaster and evacuation information on the city hall's website will be the last line of defense for the citizens.


The latest information on the website needs to be updated on a minute-by-minute basis, by the field personnel at their discretion.


But will City Hall be able to respond properly to real-time website updates?



Honestly, I wish the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) would include "creating html files (or text files)" and "uploading to the server" in the educational guidelines rather than "programming education".


I don't expect City Hall employees to improve their web site development skills in any way.


At the very least, I hope that they should be able to send out text-based information.


This is not the time to be cool.


I will not be able to even cry with the administration's poor disclosure literacy by a lack of information, disaster, death, etc.



Well, I, I emailed the above complaint to city hall today and added, "please email me when you're done responding".

さあ、この対応、何日で返事がくるか? あるいは黙殺されるか?

Now, how many days does it take to respond to this response? Or will they ignore me?


The results will be announced soon.


以前、「臨場感システムを作る」という話をしました ―― が、すでに作られていました("#ひとり大声援"で検索)

I talked about the "realistic sensations presence system" before -- but it was already in the works ("#Loud Cheer")


by not a professional engineer but an amateur.


However, this system is not a "realistic sensations presence system" in the proper sense of the word.


The system is not bidirectional or real time, but simply synchronizes and composes the cheering video.


Still, the cheering video will be displayed on an electronic billboard at the baseball stadium, which will be held in an unattended audience.



The impact this system has had on me has been tremendous.


What shocked me was not the "technology" but the "inspiration".


I could only think of a two-way, real time, neatly closed system, and I could not come up with the idea of "delivering a one-way cheer" at all.


Of course, I could have created the same level of systems and content, but that's not a big deal.

「一方的に応援歌を届ける」という野球ファンの思いと、そしてそれを感謝を込めて受けとる球団の思いを、私は、1mmも気がつくことできなかった ――

I couldn't have noticed that both the desire of baseball fans to "deliver a one-sided cheer song", and the thought of the team receiving it with gratitude.


This is a fatal flaw for researchers who have to think about social systems.



I don't think the company would have been able to develop this system on a business basis (because it wouldn't pay).


I also don't think I would have been an development contributor in weekend engineer mode (Because I'm not interested in professional baseball).


But for this case, I am completely defeated because I couldn't have the idea of a "gratuitous act".



(Continuation from yesterday)


My basic stance is "If you get hit, hit back", "I will take on the enemies of Edo, not only in Nagasaki, but anywhere in the world", and "I will shoot him in the back after he shoots me in the back".


This lousy policy may seem to only lead to an "endless chain of retaliation," but it's actually quite a bit of "restraint on myself" as well.


(1) There must be more than a few people who think like me.


(2) If I criticize people in a way that causes resentment, I don't know where I am going to get retribution.


(3) Therefore, I should explore the circumstances and social conventions of the time and the mental picture of the other person, as much as I can. criticize people with the utmost care, logically and with evidence (numbers, etc.).


In other words, I can create motivation to be a good (and cunning) critic by using the "demon" in you well.



I'm a pretty "lousy person", whenever I'm criticized I feel uncomfortable and immediately go into combat mode even if the criticism is right.


However, there is something to be gained by getting to the bottom of that "minimum".

私は、無理して「いいひと」を目指しません ―― そもそも、私、そういう努力はできません。

I'm not going to force myself to be a good person -- To begin with, I can't make the effort like that.


I will continue to be a clever, logical, cool "lousy person" and continue to "shoot the guy in the back who shot me in the back some".



Recently, there have been a number of articles and comments criticizing those who have advocated and implemented a specific response to the new virus.

これらの記事やコメントは ――

In response to these articles and comments,

『燃えさかる家屋の前から逃げ去った奴が、その後、現場検証の時、消火の手順に難癖を付けるような』 ―― すさまじい下品さを感じます。

A person who ran away from a burning house, says "difficulty with firefighting procedures" during a subsequent site inspection. I feel that it's tremendously vulgar.

―― 全てが終った後で、安全なところから、闘ってきた人の背中を撃つ

"Shooting someone who has fought back from a safe distance, after everything is done"


This is exactly it.



Well, in my experiments, I was once forced out in front of a burning house. And I've had the same experience of "I've managed to put out the fire, and after that I've had a difficult time with it".


I am determined to never forgive these "shoot me in the back" people for the rest of my life.


Of course, I'm a working man (and I was a theatergoer in my youth),so in daily life, "Fair face, foul heart" is a thoroughgoing practice.



However, it's also true that even if these are "shots in the back" acts, you can't make things better if you stop all the criticism.


According to my columns, I think criticism of others makes up half of the content.


In other words, it is me who "shoots people in the back who have been fighting".

しかし、私は「他者の批判を行っている者(私)は、他者からの批判を甘受しなければならない」 などとは、1mmも思っていないのですよ。

But I don't believe at all that "those who are criticizing others (me) must indulge in criticism from others".


(To be continued)



I continue to work at home and cook my own lunch at home.


These days the whole family is home more and more often, and we have much more opportunities to eat dinner together.


However, as for lunch, each of us cook and eat what we want at our own time.


It's inevitably going to be a simple noodle dish, and I get bored indeed.



In the Ebata's house, my wife put the stocked emergency foods, which are past their expiration date into baskets and place them in the kitchen.


My family takes what they want out of it and eats it. Due to the nature of preserved foods, they are retort foods.


Speaking of retorts, curry and rice would be the best.


When I make a curry from a curry roux, it's a very hot curry that no other family member can eat except me.


However, for me, the retort curry is not "spicy" at all.



And, well, I have my own take on retort curry.


In a frying pan, lightly fry the chilies and chopped garlic, then add about 100g of Cut the chicken and eggplant into bite-sized pieces and throw them in.



After the chicken is cooked, pour the retort curry on it and mix it with the ingredients, cut the spinach into strips by hand and fry it until it becomes soft, and finally, throw in the Bavarone sauce.

まあ、それでも、レトルトカレーの域を出ることはないのですが ―― 結構、いけます。

Well, still, it's never out of the range of retort curry -- it's pretty good.


If you work at home and are in a lunch rut, give it a try.

マリーシャープス ハバネロソース HOT 148ml



Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

踊るバズワード ~Behind the Buzzword(3)量子コンピュータ(3):

量子ビットを初期化する ~さあ、0猫と1猫を動かそう

Dancing Buzzword-Behind the Buzzword (3) Quantum Computer (3)

Initializing the Quantum Bit - Now let's move the 0cat and 1cat!


いずれ、娘たちが、我が家を去る時がくるはずです ―― 就職か、結婚か、あるいは別の理由かは分かりませんが。

The time is coming when our daughters will leave our home -- whether it's for a job, marriage, or some other reason. I don't know.


The children must leap in the opposite direction of the parent, abandoning the parent as a stepping stone.


Parents finish their charge by being used up as energy for their children to fly.


Just as I have used my parents as a stepping stone in the same way.

―― とまあ、それはさておき。

Aside from that.



After my senior and junior daughter are gone, our house will have quite a bit of space.


I'm wondering if I could set up a "quantum computer" in the children's room if I busted out the wall.


For now, as for space.



Recently, I deployed misinformation about the new Coronavirus Contact Confirmation App (COCOA) and (I clarified the error in the original article).


Here's what I've found out after (which I believe to be correct)


(1) The source code seems to be here.

(2)Mozilla Public License Version 2.0でライセンスされているようです。

(2) Licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0


(3) Is it developed in C#?


I was quite surprised to see that they are developing a smartphone app in the "C" language system. Of course, for me, C is a welcome addition.


The server system... is notreally. COCOA is a native smartphone app, to begin with.


(4) It's unlikely to register as a malicious (prank) infected person.


If you don't put in the ID number given by the health department, you will not be registered as an infected person.


Even if you put in a bullshit number, it will say "registered", but it won't actually register.


(5) After 14 days, the information on the infected person's registration will disappear.


After 14 days, you will no longer be treated as an infected person. It is a reality.


(6) Infection information is not tied to the solid number of the device (smartphone).


The app hack will not be able to identify the infected people.

私なら、Public Address(EthernetのMACアドレスのような)のハックができるかもしれませんが、そこから機種を探しだし、個人に至るのは、無理だと分かります

I might be able to hack the Public Address (like Ethernet MAC address), however, I think that it's impossible to find a model and get to a personal identification.


How impossible can it be? It requires a lot of annoying works, like, asking each person on your side of the line, and saying "Excuse me, can I borrow your phone?" and work on the analysis with the radio analyzer.

仮に、それを強行したとしても、普通はスマホが自動生成するRandomアドレスを使うので、固定のPublic Addressを読みとることは、できないだろうと思います。

Even if you were to force it, I don't think it would be possible to read a fixed Public Address, because it would normally use the Random Address that your phone automatically generates.


It's not "full security," but "no worth to hack it"


(To be continued)




「新型コロナウイルス接触確認アプリ(COCOA) COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application のソースコード(?)のざっくりレビュー」

I wrote the review of the sorce codes(?) of "COCOA: COVID-19 Contact Confirming Application"



If you are interested in that, please read on.




となっなっており、以下の「まもりあいJAPAN」のコードと同じか、ベースとしている という、以下の記事は間違っております。訂正してお詫び申し上げます。





This was a continuation from yesterday


My senior daughter muttered

―― この映画、小学生の時に見ておくべきだったな ・・・

"I should have seen this movie in elementary school"




彼女に何があったのかは知りませんが、まあ、何かあったのでしょう ――

I don't know what happened to her, but, well, something have happened to her.


I didn't ask her.



I think I've written about this somewhere before, but I couldn't find it in my homepage, so I'm going to state this again, at the risk of spoiling the story.


I was assigned to Fort Collins, Colorado, as an engineer for two years, starting in 2000.

毎週、コロラド州立大学の、第二外国語(英語ですが)の授業(ESL:English as a Second Language)も受講していました。

Every week, I had taken classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) at Colorado State University.


I had the opportunity to give a speech to that class, that was "Tell us about the movie you enjoyed the most".


The men in my class were saying things like "Star Wars" and "Back to the Future", and in my turn, when I said

Let me see... It's "Scent of a woman" (セント・オブ・ウーマン(邦名「夢の香り」)

Let me see... It's "Scent of a woman"


All the women in the class looked up in unison and looked at me.


"That was a great movie!" The class suddenly got very noisy with their voices and I also felt the respectful look in his eyes for me.


The men had a look on their faces like they didn't know what was going on.


この映画は、嫁さんとデートしていた頃に、何の気なしに入った映画館で、たまたま見たものだったのですが(別に前評判が高かったという訳でもない) ――

I happened to see this movie in a movie theater without thought when I was on a date with my wife. (Not a great reputation before).


In hindsight, I feel like this movie was an important landmark in my marriage to my wife, and it's still a memory that we both will never forget.

で、今夜、前回の「シンドラーのリスト」に続き、Amazon Primeでの上映会と相成りました。

So, as the next movie of "Schindler's List, we decided to watch this movie on Amazon Prime.


"This is the only movie that will never be dubbed in Japanese" I insisted, and I decided on my own to watch the subtitled version.


視聴後 ――

After watching...


I've been impressed with the movie for a while now, and my senior daughter, on her first visit, said and said, "Cool~! in the living room.


At a great rate, she was putting "alpacino" in the search key on my phone and looking them up.


I won't go into the content here, but I can assure you that you'll be at the mercy of three major waves of emotion in "Tango," "Ferrari," and "Speech,

そして、結婚前には、全く感じられなかった感情 ―― フランク・スレード中佐の深い絶望を、実感できる年齢になっていました。

And the emotions I didn't feel before I was married. I was old enough to realize the deep despair of Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade.



I wonder why they don't broadcast such a masterpiece on terrestrial television, but you'll understand the reason soon.


It's not possible to broadcast on terrestrial television.


It wasn't a problem in 1992, but it can't be done now in 2020.

その無理というのは「正しい」のですが ―― それでも、「正しい」だけで、このような名作を見逃すことは、本当に「もったいない」と思います。

It's the right thing to do, however. still, it would be a real "waste" to miss out on such a masterpiece just because "right".