―― AI技術を使った研究をする研究員が、自力でAI技術のコーディングをやらない


I have given a one-hour lecture on AI technology in English for international students.

「正確な英語」で「TOEICでハイスコアを出すため」に時間を費すより、「デタラメな英語」で「外国人留学生にAI技術を伝えるため」に時間を費すほうが ―― 少なくとも、私は、有意義だと感じます。


Naturally, this is the first story I discussed at the beginning of this lecture.


This is what I have been saying and will continue to say.


That aside.


Before the lecture, I had a short talk with the students.


The contents are as follows.


(1) They usually don't do programming.


(2) When they use AI technology, they use packaged software.


(3) They only did "Pascal" in a lecture in college.


Frankly, I was quite shocked to hear the story.

―― AI技術を使った研究をする研究員が、自力でAI技術のコーディングをやらない

"Researchers who do research using AI technology do not code AI technology on their own"


This is the same situation as in the country I belong to (Japan).


And now that I know that the same situation exists outside of Japan, I honestly can't believe it!

("Pascal"? それは、30年前のパラダイムだ。最低でも、Pythonを教えてあげるべきだ)

("Pascal"? That's a 30 year old paradigm. At the very least, they should be taught Python.)



'How are they supposed to understand AI technology without tracing and debugging the programs in the first place?' I could not hide my shock.

そういえば、以前、そのような会話を後輩としたなぁ、と思い出していました ―― 『彼らにとって、パッケージソフトの出力が最終解であり、それ以上のことは考えない(*)』と言っていました。

I remembered having such a conversation with a junior colleague once -- "For them, the output of packaged software is the final solution, and they don't think beyond that(*)," he said.


(*) I could not find the page in my column If you find it, please let me know.



Programming education in our country's compulsory education process is simply a waste of time."


This "apprehension" of mine has now risen to the level of "certainty".


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