I have written about this before, but I was surprised to read a survey done in a foreign country.

『政府キャンペーン、行動グループへの貢献/参加を1年間行わなかった (Yes/No)』

"Did not contribute to/participate in any government campaigns or action groups during the year? (Yes/No)"


I (Ebata) have never been politically active in my life, and I cannot imagine anyone in Japan answering "No" to this question.


Well, these days, 'On social networking sites.', 'on a one-time-only basis.', 'on the spur of the moment.', "on the emotions," There may be people who tweet or even follow you, but that is probably not in the scope of the above survey.


I believe that the people of our country, myself included, are involved in politics by 'tacitly accepting government policies and only criticizing them if the results are bad.

別に批判しているのではありません ―― 私だって同じです。

I am not criticizing you -- I am the same.


And for many, 'political engagement' is like that.



Today, I went out for an unforgettable day, and unusually, I saw "street speeches" at several stations.

私より、10歳は上と思われる議員が演説をして、その母親と思われる人物一人が、おぼつかない足取りでビラくばりをしていました ―― 共産党の方のようでした。

A counselor, who appeared to be ten years older than me, was giving a speech, and one person, who appeared to be his mother, was limping and passing out leaflets -- He seemed to be a member of the Communist Party.


I saw a use case for "Aging Matters," I thought.

で、そのビラに目を通してみたのですが ―― 共産党だけでなく、どの政党のビラもそうですが、あいかわらず「数字」と「図表」がない。

So, I looked through the leaflet -- not just the Communist Party, but all parties' leaflets, and as usual, there are no "numbers" and "charts."


There is no mention of the security of financial resources, and the administration's condemnation does not include a compelling reason for the curse.


There are no sources or references to the underlying facts.

―― 羨しいなぁ

"I'm jealous."


I thought it.


I envy them from my current position here, where I have to do patent specifications and paper manufacturing equipment.


"I can make a political leaflet of this caliber in a minute with ChatGPT," is my honest opinion.



Of course, I am sure that politicians have incredible difficulties.


To begin with, a leaflet is not a thesis, so it cannot contain much information.

が、それにしても、「古色蒼然」というビラを見ていると ―― 政治は、デジタルからもっとも遠い分野の一つなんだろうなぁ、と実感します。

But then, when I see the "old-fashioned" leaflets -- I realize that politics is probably one of the fields farthest from digital.


But this 'backwardness' may be the essence of politics in this party or country.



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