―― AIによる世界支配の方が、まだマシじゃね?


Yesterday, I was working while playing the anime "Youjo Senki."


Episode 8, "Trial by Fire," depicts a campaign of extermination (massacre) against an entire city, using as its legal basis the construction of a legal logic that allows ground warfare in the city, including non-combatant civilians, to eliminate the resistance (militia) that has hidden in the city.


(Don't be cheated by the name "Youjo Senki." That is highly sophisticated political fiction, written about war strategy and tactics, politics, economics, law, and technology.)


Incidentally, I had noticed that the story was based on the "bombing of Dresden" by the U.S. and British Allied forces.


The "Bombing of Dresden" refers to the massive air raid on the German city of Dresden (commonly known as the "Pearl of the Elbe").


The raid devastated the city of Dresden, killing many of its citizens and making the event a controversial war crime.

ちなみにこの話(「火の試練」)は、イスラエル軍の、ガザ地区侵攻の話ではありません ―― が、同じ話です。

Incidentally, this story ("Trial by Fire") is not about the Israeli army's invasion of the Gaza Strip -- but it is the same story.



'Is there such a legal loophole (combat that allows civilians to be killed as collateral damage)?' I asked ChatGPT.




And thus, I was scolded by ChatGPT.


As a follow-up, ChatGPT gave me a lot of information when I asked for specific examples of laws prohibiting the killing of non-combatants (civilians) as collateral damage in urban warfare.


This will be developed at a later date.



Still, to think that at least that and that country are engaged in an ongoing battle/war that (1) is prohibited by numerous international laws and (2) would be scolded by the generating AI (ChatGPT),

―― AIによる世界支配の方が、まだマシじゃね?

"Wouldn't world domination by AI still be better?"


I think it is a good idea.



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