―― "AI"に人類を滅亡させる能力はないけど、人類を滅亡させるアプローチを、"人間"が、AIとの議論の中で見付け出す可能性は高まってきている


I once described an AI technology using the "divination" paradigm.


In this column, I concluded,


(1) The business of "fortune-telling" is a collaborative creative activity based on a conversation between a "fortune-teller" and a "customer who is going for a fortune-telling session.


(2) In (1) above, the expected output and process "is to derive 'the answer that the customer who comes for a fortune-telling session wants.



I am still confident in this conclusion, so please dispute it if anyone has a problem.


When I see a self-proclaimed "fortune teller" speaking on a TV program, I immediately walk away from the TV.


It's because I feel like my eyes are dirty, my ears are rotten, and I've lost time (even if it's only for a few seconds).

しかしながら、私には、「こういう番組を『楽しい』と思う人の気持ちまでも、害する権利はない」と思っています ―― 特に、それが自分の家族であったりする場合などは。

However, I do not believe I have the right to "harm even the feelings of those who find these programs 'enjoyable' -- especially if they are my family members.


So, the right thing to do in these situations is to "walk away quietly.




On page 5 of the column introduced in this issue, I have compiled a table of past incidents that led to the "near extinction of the human race.


And, well, all of this is human error and has nothing to do with AI technology.


Recently, however, I have felt that "AI technology" has caught up with me to the point where I cannot ignore it.


ごぞんじの通り、最近の私は、ChatGPTやGitHub Copilotを使い倒しています。

As you know, I have been using ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot a lot lately.


And the way it is used is just like a Copilot.

相談を持ちかけて、その応答を受け、その内容の一部について、さらに議論をふっかけて、その回答を得て・・・という繰り返しを続けることによって ――

By offering advice, receiving a response, and then engaging in further discussion of some of the content, getting a response, and so forth, and so on and on...

―― 自分の中に潜んでいた思考が、言語化/具象化されて出現する

"Thoughts lurking inside I emerge as verbalized/embodied."


I can achieve the above.


Two important things are,


(1) AI technology is not the main focus; it is my partner.




(2) The ability to keep "repeating" as many times as possible.


ChatGPTやGitHub Copilotは、どんなに長く使っても「疲れることがありません」(疲れるのは私だけ)。

ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot "never get tired" (I'm the only one who gets tired), no matter how long I use them.

もちろん、ChatGPTやGitHub Copilotも、20回以上もつっこんで議論していると、その論法が自己矛盾(というか「循環論法」)に陥いることがあります。

Of course, ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot can also be self-contradictory (or "circular argument") in their arguments after 20 or more times of poking and prodding.

で、この自己矛盾や循環論法は、(現時点では)ChatGPTやGitHub Copilotも自力で気がつくことができないようです。

This self-contradiction and circular argument seems (at the moment) to be something that ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot cannot even notice on their own.

これに気がつき、質問の内容や設定の背景を変えるなどして、議論の舞台を取り替えるのは、人間様である私の役目 ―― となっています(現時点では)。

It is up to me, the human being, to notice this and change the stage of the discussion by changing the content of the question or the background of the setting -- for now.



What I am trying to say is,

―― "AI"に人類を滅亡させる能力はないけど、人類を滅亡させるアプローチを、"人間"が、AIとの議論の中で見付け出す可能性は高まってきている

"AI" cannot destroy humanity, but it is increasingly likely that "humans" will find approaches to destroy humankind in discussions with AI."


This is what I 'feel'.


What is essential is that the above phrase is not something I derived by "logic" but something I actually "feel" as I am confronted with AI daily.



Frankly, this reality is quite "uncomfortable" for me.

なぜ、不快と思うのか? ―― それは、"生成AI(ChatGPTとGitHub Copilot)"と"私"の関係が、私がバカにしくさっている、"占い師"と"占いにやってくる客"の関係と同じであるからです。

Why do I find it uncomfortable? -- It is because the relationship between the "generated AI (ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot)" and "me" is the same as the relationship between a "fortune teller" and a "customer who comes for fortune telling," which I make fun of.


Of course, I believe that fortune-telling is incomparably more "vulgar" in its character and significance.


However, even if we limit ourselves to the relationship and approach, I think it is not too much to say that the two are not "similar" but rather "joint."


The only difference is that the object of belief is either a "fortune teller" or a "generative AI."


This fact now makes me feel intensely uncomfortable.


Posted by ebata