―― 偏差値主義を批判するのに、異世界ファンタジーの能力比較に数値を用いるのは、いいのか?


As far as I can remember, Dragon Ball was the first manga comic to introduce the concept of "numerical values" for character strength.


I only read the first episode, but I didn't like the idea of putting a "numerical value" on a character's abilities there, so I just stopped reading.


Yes, I understand.


■ I've been doing a lot of numerical simulations,


■ Deviation is the fairest measuring device ever created by humanity.


I have been saying this for a long time. So it is only natural that there will be criticism, "What are you talking about?


The fact that 'Dragon Ball' is read worldwide (probably with a circulation rivaling that of the Bible) makes it clear that my thinking is out of step with the rest of the world.


Besides, this 'quantification of abilities' makes it almost impossible to find content in the recently fashionable worldly fantasy' that does not quantify abilities.

―― 偏差値主義を批判するのに、異世界ファンタジーの能力比較に数値を用いるのは、いいのか?

"Is it okay to use numbers to compare abilities otherworldly fantasy to criticize deviationism?"


I am wondering it.


It seems somewhat distorted that "F-rank" and "A-rank" are used for adventurers in other worlds without any problems but are criticized when spoken of in terms of university pass rates or company rank.



(1) There was previously a significant problem when job application websites were found to be automatically filtering by university of origin.


(2) There was also a situation in which a medical school was found to have unfairly manipulated the passing scores of female candidates, which put the university's survival in jeopardy.

# 真偽は分かりませんが、不当な操作をしないと合格者の大半が女性になる、という話を聞いたことがあります。『学力試験においては、女性の方が優秀である』というのは、私のこれまでの人生経験と合致しています。

# I have heard, although I do not know if it is true, that 'without unfair manipulation, the majority of successful candidates would be women.' 'Women are better in academic exams,' which aligns with my life experience.


Anyway, these criticisms are justified in (1) and (2) above.


Because our country has made it a national policy to ensure complete impartiality in determining pass/fail on a one-shot test only, with complete disregard for other circumstances (economic strength, experience, potential, connections, etc.).


Of course, we do not know if this is 'true fairness.'


However, this bloodless and outrageous 'fairness' is elementary to understand, easy to accept, and cheap to operate.


Aside from that.



As for "requests that only A-rank adventurers can accept," one sometimes wonders if this is "unfair" to the guild's operation, but this may be unavoidable due to the story structure, where "F-rank adventurers play an unexpected role in the story."

ただ、これを「不公平だ!」と叫んで炎上したという事例は、私は知りません ―― 1人くらいは、そういう変なヤツがいても良さそうだ、とは思うのです。

But I don't know of any cases where people have flared up shouting, "This is unfair!" - I think there should be at least one weirdo like that.


Also, there's content titled "X inferior students" or something like that,

―― なに言ってやがる。あいつら全部、国家レベルのエリートだろう

"What are you talking about? They're all national elites."


I think.

実力のあるエリートが、大衆の正義を掲げて、悪の組織を簡単に倒しまくるコンテンツは ―― まあ面白いのですが ―― 同時に不快感もあります。

Content in which a competent elite easily defeats an evil organization with the righteousness of the masses is -- well, interesting -- but at the same time offensive.


'After all, we lowly ones live under the protection of the elite, don't we?


I think, for example, that if you're going to call yourself an 'X inferior student,' you should behave accordingly.


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