I do not forgive those who have used this Tokyo gubernatorial election as a medium for vapid advertising, the display of pornographic photos, and the posting of resale notices.

しかし、by nameでは、批判しないようにしています。

However, "by the name," I try not to criticize them.


I know very well who, against human nature, used loopholes in the law (the Weimar Constitution) to seize power, then legally established a dictatorship and murdered his people and those of neighboring countries by the millions (as an administrative process under national law).


The historical fact that these 'immoral, insane, and unpleasant people can seize power' can be found in abundance if you watch NHK specials and the like.

----- 今回、うかつにby nameで批判して、権力を奪取された後に、やつらに絶滅収容所に送り込まれたら、シャレになりません。

----- If I carelessly criticize them by name this time, and they send me to an extermination camp after they seize power, it would be a disaster.


These and other things make NHK's content educational.



I'm always busy, but for the last two years, I have been able to watch TV only between meal times.


I, therefore, have to be selective about the programs I watch.


Therefore, I must be biased towards NHK General or NHK-BS programs (recordings).


Of course, I like variety and stuff (I'm not interested in sports), but I blog daily, so I need stories.


In such cases, the material provided by NHK's programs is still very lively and very helpful.




If someone asked me, "Are NHK's news sources free from bias?" they are.


If there is such a thing as an unbiased news source, I would love to know about it.



I also write columns, so double-checking news sources is a normal part of my job.


In the course of this work, the tendency of NHK news to be biased (depending on the case) is (for me) currently acceptable.



NHK Radio English has been a constant companion since I was in junior high school, and I always set my radio to the NHK channel in case of an earthquake.


Even in recent memory, I remember switching on three times immediately after I felt the earthquake and heard the latest breaking news.


Without a doubt, I would say that I am an active user of NHK broadcasts.



'I think people who pay NHK fees are idiots,' someone writes in the Election Gazette.


I see. I'm an idiot.


Well, it's OK, but I'm an idiot.

でも、不思議なくらい、腹が立たないんですよね ―― この人たちに言われても。

But strangely enough, I don't get angry -- even when these people tell me.



When I was younger, I was involved in the campaign for the non-payment of NHK subscription fees, so I am probably more familiar with the logic of 'NHK subscription fee payment' than these people. If I could talk about it in terms of numbers, I am confident that I would never lose.


So I genuinely believe that 'those campaigning for non-payment of NHK subscription fees should continue their campaign based on their beliefs.'

NHKの受信料に不平を感じている人は、闘うべきでしょう ―― というか『闘え』。

People complaining about NHK's subscription fees should fight - or rather 'fight.'


Now, I pay NHK's subscription fees based on the principle of beneficiary-pays.


If you look at it another way, I am an unjust beneficiary who unfairly takes money from you, the people fighting against NHK non-payment.

私は、NHKと併わせて攻撃される対象です ―― ですので、『一体、お前ら、何やってんだ?』って、首をかしげたくなります。

I'm the target of an attack in conjunction with NHK - so I'm like, 'What the hell are you guys doing?' I want to shake my head and say, 'What the hell are you doing?


私にとって、NHKは、NetFlix, Amazonと同列のコンテンツプロバイダ + α((1)ファクトチェック装置 + (2)語学学習装置 + (3)ブログネタ元 + (4)災害対策インフラ)です。

For me, NHK is a content provider in the same league as NetFlix, Amazon + α ((1) fact-checking device + (2) language learning device + (3) blog source + (4) disaster response infrastructure).


The loss of NHK, especially as a disaster preparedness infrastructure, is tremendously frightening. In this sense, NHK can be seen as a tyrant monopolizing the people's lifeline in times of disaster.


So, if a non-NHK, direct-to-government broadcasting organization operates as an alternative disaster response infrastructure to NHK, I am OK with that.

ただ、権力御用達メディアが、どういう態様になるかは ―― 旧東ドイツや、現在なら、ロシアとか中国(特に香港)見てれば、明らかだと思うんですけどね。

But I think it's clear what the attitude of the power media will be - if you look at the former East Germany or if you look at Russia and China (especially Hong Kong) at present.


『NHKに受信料を払っている人は馬鹿だと思います』より、『NHK以外の、災害対応放送インフラの設立』という方が、私にはヒットするんですが ――

'Establishment of a disaster response broadcasting infrastructure other than NHK' hits me more than 'I think people who pay NHK fees are idiots' -- however, 

でも、まあ、by nameの個人攻撃は止めておきます。

Well, I'll stop the by-name personal attacks.


Because I don't want to go to an extermination camp.

―― NHK(地上波)だけが表示されない


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