―― NHK(地上波)だけが表示されない


The other day, I wrote the diary about "The TV at the living room had not worked, and after that the parts of function has recovered by a cool air from of an air conditioner"


One of the un-recovered function by the air conditioner, is

―― NHK(地上波)だけが表示されない

"Only NHK(surface wave) is not displayed"



To be precise, the trouble is "Scrambled video displays and nothing sounds in the NHK channel"

昨今のNHKの受信料問題で揺れる最中の、この故障は ―― なかなか、興味深いテーゼを発生させてくれた、と思っています。

Now we dispute NHK's fees for television viewers, so I think that this un-recovered function gives me rise an interesting problem.



You know, The Ebata's pay for NHK's fees for television viewers.

日常的に、NHKの番組を視聴しているから ―― つまり「受益者負担の原則」に基づいて支払いをしている訳です。

The reason why the Ebatas pays is that we watch the NHK programs based on a "benefit principle".


Well at the present, both NHK and the Ebatas cannot go the "benefit principle" by getting a new TV.


I think that it corresponds to "the installation of the television receiver" in the broadcast law, but it is the situation where I can not watch any NHK program completely.


I don't know how we should manage the fee in the eye of the law.

しかし、故意でもなく、過失でもなく、NHKの放送が受信できななくなった機器に対して、NHKの受信料金の支払い義務は発生するのか ―― 誰かご存知でしたら教えて下さい。

I hope you will give me whether the Ebatas should pay for the fee about the device that cannot receive NHK contents at all, liability without fault.


Posted by ebata