なぜなら、我が国最大のサービスプラットフォーマ日本国政府(*) ―― 名付けて"Japazon(ジャパゾン)" (江端命名) ―― とのサービスメニューは、膨大だからです。



(Continuation from yesterday)


Honestly, we are one of those households that strongly supports Amazon's monopoly.


- Most of our purchases, except for groceries, are made on Amazon

■配送費無料となるAmazon Primeサービスの濫用(最近は過剰包装も改善されつつある)

- Frequent use of the Amazon Prime service, which offers free shipping (excess packaging is improving these days)


- Most of the items I order can be returned (albeit formally, however, in principle) for any reason. Amazon owns the cost of returning the item.)


- When it comes to book purchases, I'm almost 100% dependent on Amazon. They are outpacing the e-book (Kindle version) by more than the paper book.

■Amazon Prime会員の無料サービス、Amazon Prime Videoのメニューが抱負。話題の映画も無料で公開されることが多く、地上波と同時にアップされているコンテンツも多い(最近はテレビではなくPCで見ることが多い)

The Amazon Prime Video menu, a free service for Amazon Prime members, embraces. Many of the hottest movies are released for free, and much of the content is up at the same time as terrestrial content (these days, I tend to watch them on my PC rather than my TV).

■会社の仕事での、Amazon Web Service(AWS)の利用は、避けて通れなくなっている

- The use of Amazon Web Service (AWS) at work has become unavoidable.

■最近はAmazon Lightsaiなどのように、500円/月で、個人運用のインターネットサービスがある。ビジネスで使うに足る十分な性能と機能を持っている。

These days, there are internet services like Amazon Lightsail and others that allow you to operate your personal Internet service for $500/month. They have enough performance and features to be used for business.


Conclusion: Without Amazon's services, the Ebata family's services (but only logistics, education, entertainment, and work) would not be possible.




By the way, it's unfair to say that the Japanese government, which is supposed to be our country's largest service platformer, is losing ground to Amazon, which I mentioned yesterday.

なぜなら、我が国最大のサービスプラットフォーマ日本国政府(*) ―― 名付けて"Japazon(ジャパゾン)" (江端命名) ―― とのサービスメニューは、膨大だからです。

Because the menu of services with our country's largest service platform, the Japanese government (*) -- named "Japazon" (named by Ebata) -- is enormous.


(*) In this context, it also includes local government services


Broadcasting, education, electricity, environmental protection, firefighting, city gas, health care (publicly funded health care, national health insurance, etc.), military, police, courts, libraries, transportation, housing, telecommunications, water... Anyway, It doesn't compare to Amazon.

もっともAmazon Prime(4900円/年)と違って、"Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービス利用料金は、もの凄く高いです。

However, unlike Amazon Prime (4,900 yen/year), Japazon's service fee is very high.

先日試算してみたら、江端家の収入の1/3以上が、Japazonへの"課金" ―― "課税"とも言いますが ―― に持っていかれています。

I calculated the other day that more than 1/3 of the Ebata family's income goes to "charges" -- also called "taxes" -- on Japazon.


In Japan, the people in charge of operating Japazon are elected by the users of the Japazon service (the people).


The policy development and monitoring of the operation of the Japazon service, as well as the cost of operating the service, is checked by an "auditing body" called the Parliament.


And this "elections" and "monitoring" cost an enormous amount of money, which is included in the bills (taxes).



In other countries, the operation of the service is "entrusted to a specific person or entity to operate the service for an indefinite period of time" (usually without user consent).


Such a form of service operation is called "dictatorship".

例えば、「日本の北に位置する半島のさらに北半分の国」 ―― ええい、面倒だな。

For example, "a country in the northern half of the peninsula located in the north of Japan"... it's a hassle.


Directly stated. North Korea and China.


For both countries, "dictatorship" is not a bad word.


After all, both countries have an official "dictatorship" in their constitutions and other documents.



What I'm trying to say is,

―― "Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービスが、ユーザメリット(正確には"江端家"のメリット)を最大にするのであれば、サービスプロバイダが誰であっても構わん

"As long as the "Japazon" service maximizes the user benefits (more precisely, the "Ebata family's" benefits), I don't care who the service provider is"



So, while I know that the Japazon service is very difficult to operate, I can't help but think the following.

―― "Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービスって、もっとAmazonレベルの満足度に近づけられないのか?

"Can't the "Japazon" service get any closer to Amazon level of satisfaction?"



(To be continued)


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