・・・ おい政治家ども、お前ら、国民舐めとんのか?

「政治資金収支報告書をオンライン提出 20億円投入も利用は1%」

Users of the "2 billion online political fund balance system" are 1%.

・・・ おい政治家ども、お前ら、国民舐めとんのか?

Hey, politicians, Are you messing with the people ?



IT dumb politicians, political party leaders and their secretaries. Listen to me.

一般の企業では、管理部門から押しつけられるシステム ――

In a typical company, the system imposed from the management department, that is


- really hard to use and forces the use that is against the user's sensibilities


- easily reverted by a minor typo, Forced to redo the flow of the approval process from the beginning


- make me sick to my stomach for the delays in handling the flow of supervisors and executives


- required complicated process , confused by "unfamiliar terms"


We have to continue to use every day that makes us want to cry.



You politicians are the leaders who are going to lead the push for digitalization.


What are you doing, even more so, in the midst of this corona disaster, going to the window and taking the lead in the production of "3 dense".


窓口への書類提出はラク ―― 私だって、そんなことは知っています。

Submitting paperwork to the counter is easy -- I know that, too.


It's enough to impose on the office staff to do the troublesome things and say, "Just make it work"


I know well that politicians can use easily ability to exercise such "analog pressure".

だからこそ ―― 政治家のあなたたちが、今の今、この気が狂いそうなほどの「デジタルの面倒くささ」に、立ち向かわんで、どーする。

So why not --- you politicians, right now -- you can't stand up to this crazy "digital hassle" right now.



Use first.


After using and complain it.


Complain and the IT system will be refurbished.


That's what IT systems.


Don't let a single systems engineer tell you these obvious things! these idiots!



"I didn't think about online submissions. I'm just doing it because I've been submitting on paper for some reason, it's just a matter of 'getting used to it,' so to speak."


"I didn't know that I could submit online"

―― なるほど、私に喧嘩を売っているんですね。ならば、高く買おうじゃないですか。

I see, you're trying to pick a fight. Then let's buy high.


The political group of Minister of Digital Reform Hirai, who is in charge of promoting digitalization, did not use it either," is just staggering and speechless.


以前、「桜井」という名前の政治家が、これほどのIT音痴を晒した時点で ―― 例えば、

When a politician by the name of "Sakurai" was previously exposed as being so IT illiterate -- for example


"The words 'competent' and 'hardworking' do not apply to a minister who can't handle PC."

―― 我が国は、あなたを必要としていません。

"Our country doesn't need you "


At that time, those who had the possibility of entering the cabinet had a chance to respond. So I don't think it's necessary to defend it.


Besides, this is as good as 'smashing the face of the incumbent prime minister who created the Digital Agency'.


Is it okay?


As a businessman, I can't, in a public capacity, smash the president's face in.


(To be continued)


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