My senior daughter is now working part-time as a delivery driver on a motorcycle.


I, too, was a motorcycle rider, but I have never done anything to earn an income from it.


When I was a student, I had a lot of indoor part-time jobs, such as cram school teaching and computer instructing.


Compared to that, I am impressed that my daughter is doing quite an activity part-time.


As a father, I'm worried about my daughter's motorcycle accident.

―― 犯罪以外のアクティビティは、止めない/止められない

"Non-criminal activities are not/can't be stopped"


This is our family's (or rather my) policy.


I keep telling my daughter about my "lineup of motorcycle accidents in my past".


That aside.



My senior daughter said that the most difficult thing for her when she is making deliveries is that there is no nameplate or she cannot read the nameplate.

特に、―― 何がかっこいいのか分からないけど ―― 読めないくずし字や、見たこともない書体の横文字、小さい文字

Particularly -- and I don't know what's cooler -- unreadable crappy characters, horizontal letters in a typeface I've never seen before, and small letters.


Above all, she said, the most annoying thing is a nameplate without an address on it.



To begin with, the nameplate is an identification sign that shows the name and residence of the owner of the real estate.

本来の機能を果たさずに、意匠(デザイン)のみに固執する表札を掲げる奴は ―― 私の私感ではありますが

Anyone who trys to use nameplate that is only concerned with design without fulfilling its original function -- in my opinion

―― 自分の子どもに、称呼不能なキラキラ名を付けて、自分の子どもの人生に不利益を与える保護者

"Parents who disadvantage their own children's lives by giving them glittering names that nobody cannot call"


I feel the same level of ignorance of that.


As same as trademarks, the primary functions of both address and name are "identification of oneself and others (x products)" and "indication of origin" (x quality assurance function, x advertising function).


What are we going to do with nameplates and names that interfere with these functions?



I've been saying this for a long time.


"Cancel the zip code system and include location information"


I have been asking for this system to be introduced (or, if possible, legislated).

いわゆる、"35.646010403376586, 139.7767025657232" です。

So-called "35.646010403376586, 139.7767025657232".


If you put this number into a search engine, you can quickly identify the location and see how helpful it is to the delivery service people. The cost of delivery would go down dramatically.


With these coordinates, we can pinpoint not only the location of the warehouse, but also the location of the front door, and the possibility of wrong delivery can be reduced to near zero.


In Japan, the Quasi-Zenith Satellites can keep the error within one meter, and if RTK (Real Time Kinematic) can be used, the error will be a few centimeters.


(I haven't been following it lately, but I'm sure the method that uses the radio phase of GPS could be even more accurate.)





The picture of your front door is being shown to the world, and a drone is passing by, circumventing your own home's air rights. In this day and age, what's the privacy?



With a little effort, anyone can easily find out the location of their home.

ならば、積極的に、"35.646010403376586, 139.7767025657232" を公開して、「あつあつのピザ」を、早く食べられた方がいいに決まっています。

If so, it would be better to publish "35.646010403376586, 139.7767025657232" and eat the "hot pizza" as soon as possible.


Anyway, for my daughter, I do say


"If your house can't even get a proper nameplate, don't use any delivery service.



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