1億を越える人間による「統計確率」に基づく作戦行動 ―― これに、私が「萌えない」訳がない。


新型コロナウイルス対応で、社会的な ―― マクロで、そして、ミクロな ―― 対応が求められています。

Corresponding to the new coronavirus, social "macro and micro" response is required.


That is a grand social experiment of "using only individual behavioral changes and statistical probabilities to achieve results comparable to overseas blockades"



Since 1560, when the feudal lord of a region called Oda Somehow started a successful surprise attack in Okehazama, Japan has been, we Japanese people have loved


"a strange strategy"



Looking back in history, there are some success stories such as the attack on Pearl Harbor, the defeat of the Baltic fleet, the occupation of 223 Kochi, and the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.


However, there is also a huge number of failed operations behind it.


Anyway, the operation has already been activated.


Since it was activated, this fight is meaningless unless we get "victory".


This "victory" means in my sense "to endure for two years without disintegrating medical care", not to "eradication of COVID-19".



However, if this operation succeeds, it will remain in world history as a result that far surpasses at least the "largest operation in history" that mobilized 2 million soldiers, "Normandy landing operation". I'm sure.

―― なにしろ、作戦動員数が、1億2650万人

"After all, the number of operational mobilization is 126.5 million people"

―― 戦術はソーシャルディスタンスとステイホーム

"Tactics are social distance and stay home"

―― 武装なし(特効薬もない)

"No armament (and no silver bullet)"


Well, I don't like sayings such as uplifting national power,

1億を越える人間による「統計確率」に基づく作戦行動 ―― これに、私が「萌えない」訳がない。

Operational actions based on "statistical probability" by more than 100 million people --- I can't help getting excited.


After the success of this operation, I believe that


- Restoration (?) Of mathematics (in particular, probability and statistics),


- Simultaneous purge of intellectuals who have advocated the theory of unnecessary mathematics



By the way,



Even the Ebata family is under pressure to make various changes to support the new corona.


For example, the day before yesterday, I added wireless LAN access points.


Until now, there was a poor wireless LAN connection in the house, especially in the children's room, but I was not serious.


However, I heard that this had an impact on my job hunting activity (remote interview) for my eldest daughter and school attendance (online lesson) for my second daughter, and this response jumped to the highest priority.


15 years ago, when I built this house, the LAN cable (100 Mbps) that was secretly stored inside the house will be demonstrated at this last minute.


At the day, a new WiFi access point I ordered to Amazon is coming, I pulled out the LAN cable from the LAN modular jack on the back of the closet in the children's room, and installed it on the ceiling of my eldest daughter's room.

15年前には、PCによる就職活動や、オンライン授業は ―― そういう「話」は山ほどありましたが ―― 実施例は、ほぼ絶無と言っていい状態でした。

Fifteen years ago, there was a lot of talk about job hunting and online classes using PC. But the practical examples were almost inexhaustible.


Even if we, IT engineers, have been asking for more than 20 years, a society has not changed at all. However, society is going to change dynamically in the last 1-2 months.


After all, "surviving" means being "strong" like this.


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