On June 24 (Thursday), my wife, who works as a restaurant worker, told me that the vaccination coupons will be delivered from the city office today, so watch the mailbox every hour.


That morning, I found the vaccination coupon in my mailbox.


Immediately, I accessed the city hall's website and searched for nearby clinics, only to find that the earliest appointment would be a month later.


Also, the large vaccination center had already stopped accepting applications for the second round of vaccinations due to priority.


I wasn't in too much of a hurry because I work from home, but my wife, who works in the food and beverage hospitality industry, was in a great hurry.



After listening to my brief explanation of the situation, my wife tried to access the phone directly.


The man at the call center said, "It's a long way from here, but...," but we both shouted, "We'll go anywhere!"


But it was really far. According to the search results, it was a 70-minute drive one way, all the way across the city.


It was a small clinic located in a housing complex.


The Google Street View photo showed an old lady and a cat.



For our 15:00 appointment, we arrived at the designated clinic by private car around 13:45.


The parking lot for cars (about 7 cars) was full, but after 5 minutes of waiting, the parking lot became available.


I was writing my diary (this) on my laptop in the car. Around 14:30, the number of people waiting outside was decreasing, so we submitted our medical questionnaire and got a clear file with numbers "1" and "2".

一応自宅で検温はしたのですが、3本の体温計が、それぞれ 35.2度 36.3度 35.5度 とバラバラの結果になり、どれも信用できません。

I took my temperature at home, but all three thermometers gave different results, 35.2 degrees, 36.3 degrees, and 35.5 degrees, respectively, and I couldn't trust any of them.


However, when I took my temperature at the clinic, I was surprised to find that it was 36.9 degrees Celsius.


(The results of my wife's temperature checked at the clinic were too difficult to be described here, so we asked them to adopt the results of her temperature check at home.)



We were sitting in a chair in the waiting room of the clinic, and after a brief explanation by the doctor in charge, the doctor and the nurse suddenly came over to us, without asking any questions, and started crunching away at us from one end to the other.

診察室に入ることもない、待合室での接種 ―― 生まれて初めての体験でした。

It was the first time in my life that I was inoculated in a waiting room without even entering the examination room.


The injection time was about 5 seconds per injection, and the response time per patient was less than 30 seconds.


I don't know what kind of needle they use, but I was surprised to find out that it didn't hurt at all.

そんなこんなで、本日 14:48に、第一回接種完了。

So, at 14:48 today, the first round of vaccination was completed.


After 15 minutes of anaphylactic observation, we left the room.


It may sound like 'livestock handling' when I describe it like this, but it is very efficient and well-designed.

正直、感動しました ―― 『場数を踏めば、システムは精錬されていく』をライブで見た、という気持ちです。

To be honest, I was very impressed -- I felt like I had seen a live performance of "The more times they do it, the more refined the system becomes.



Currently, I have not had any adverse reactions and am back to work (writing patent specifications).


I will keep you posted if there is anything else.


Posted by ebata