EE Times Japanで、ずっと私のコラムの面倒を見て頂いているMさんのコラム

The column by Ms. M, who has been taking care of my column at EE Times Japan,


"After the second dose of vaccine, I had a 'full combo' of adverse reactions."


is very powerful.


After reading it, I thought

―― 副反応の個体差って、凄いな

"Individual differences in adverse reactions are amazing"




The Ebata family's (mine, my wife's, and my second daughter's) adverse reactions are as described here.


By the way, my wife and I was able to get an appointment for my senior daughter at a large vaccination site this time.


My wife and I did not have any adverse reactions that interfered with our lives in both the first and second rounds, and my second daughter's reactions are that she had something like the flu but had a good appetite.


In comparison, Ms. M's adverse reaction seems to be much worse than ours.


Incidentally, "moderate" for the new coronary infection means that in addition to the symptoms of this adverse reaction of Ms. M.

―― 自分の両手で、自分の首を力強く締めつけて、呼吸困難にした状況を、1週間~2週間以上も続ける状態

"A condition in which one's own hands are used to forcefully tighten one's own neck, making it difficult to breathe, for more than one to two weeks"




I used to have asthma, so I know it well. Asthma, in a nutshell, is a disease that makes it impossible to breathe.


In the past, each asthma attack has lasted less than two hours for me.

しかし、あれが、1週間~2週間以上も続くかもしれない ―― それは、私に自殺を考えさせることができるくらいの「拷問」です。

But that thing could go on for more than a week or two -- that's so much "torture" that I could consider suicide.


Mさんの症状が、いわゆる「コロナの軽症」に相当するものです ―― 『軽い風邪?』 バカいってんじゃないですよ。「軽症」ですら結構な地獄を味わえます。

Ms. M's symptoms correspond to what is called a "mild case of corona" -- "like a mild cold?" Don't be silly. Even a "mild case" can be quite a hell.


In addition to this, "moderate corona" is a high fever and neck tightness that lasts for more than a week or two.


When you have "severe corona," it's not about the pain anymore. It's about losing consciousness. And once you become severely ill, you have to leave life and death to your own "luck".



The reason why I refrained from going out (only late night walks) and completed my two doses of vaccine early was because only


"To avoid this hellish pain (and death)"



To put it bluntly, "prevention of infection to others" is a petty reason that is about 1000 steps backward from this purpose.


I honestly don't care if other people (except for my family) suffer or die.



I will continue to do everything I can to 'avoid my hellish suffering (and death)'.


If you don't want to get vaccinated because you are afraid of adverse reactions to currently known or as yet unknown vaccines, that's fine, however,

―― 自分の両手で、自分の首を力強く締めつけて、呼吸困難にした状況を、1週間~2週間以上も続ける状態

"A condition in which one's own hands are used to forcefully tighten one's own neck, making it difficult to breathe, for more than one to two weeks"


If you are suffering from those symptoms, I will not help you.


(Unless you're like my mother, who was stopped by her doctor from giving her a second shot because it was seriously dangerous.)



Finally, there is the matter of the "president of some housing company" who appears in this column.


If this is true, then the president fits my previous definition of a


"lowlife terrorist"



It can be said that the president of the company himself is "power harassing" his employees to prevent them from getting vaccinated, putting their lives in danger.



I was given a powerful example of "Ignorance is violence" and "Low ability is the strongest".


Posted by ebata