In the latter half of last week, I spent several days attending conferences that were held late at night (ending at 3:00 a.m.), which completely threw off the rhythm of my life.


In addition, I spent the weekend writing for more than 12 hours a day to meet the deadline for my column.


However, over the weekend, the fatigue was so great that my writing had to be interrupted several times.


Then, as an insomniac, I would find myself in a vicious cycle that would accelerate my insomnia even further.


Last night, I took a sleeping pill (not stabilizer) for the first time in a long time, thinking "if I can get a deep sleep, I might be able to get rid of my fatigue," and I was able to get a sleep that felt like I was sinking into complete darkness.

―― 今朝、目が覚めた時、体の中に隠れていた疲労が、体の外側に全部出てきた

"When I woke up this morning, all the fatigue that had been hiding inside my body came out on the outside of my body."


I couldn't get up from the futon anymore.


I'm finally writing this diary after about an hour of moving my body little by little, wondering if this is what recovery from "cold sleep" looks like in science fiction.


(Source: "Goodbye Jupiter")



I think "I've always been able to handle this level of hard works", however, I was reminded of an old saying.


"I don't want to grow old."



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