I've been messing around with the idea of writing a book (or report) using only Markdown, but I've managed to finish it.


I used SAI and PowerPoint for covers and drawings, so 'Markdown only' may be an exaggeration, but, it cannot be helped.

今回のMarkdownを使った執筆活動では、Visual Studio Codeというフリーのエディタ(?)と、プラグインの、Markdown-PDF, Markdown-TOCの威力が凄かったです。

In this writing activity using Markdown, I used Visual Studio Code, a free editor(?). and the plug-ins, Markdown-PDF and Markdown-TOC, were very powerful.


With a single command, the table of contents was updated, and the PDF file is created. Well, it was really easy for me.


When writing on the left side of the split screen, the view image is displayed on the left screen in real time, which is very helpful.



The appeal of Markdown is its 'lack of expressiveness'.


- Unchangeable text size


- A few types of emphasis


- Only one way to describe a program, etc


- No room for creativity in the chapter structure


If you read around here, you'll know that, well, anyway, there is hopelessly "no way" to decorate the paper.


That means that you have to focus on the content.


Microsoft Wordは、原因不明の場所に図表を登場させやがるし、インデントもこちらの期待した通りにならないし、目次の整形だけで半日を持っていかれまます。

Microsoft Word keeps putting figures and tables in places I can't figure out, indenting is not what I expect, and formatting the table of contents alone takes up half my day.


Even for Latex, if you create your own template, you will have to go through a lot of "trial and error hell".

比して、Markdownのこの気楽さ ―― 「テキストファイルを記載するだけのこの軽いノリ」を世界中のエンジニアが選んだのはもっともだと思います。

In comparison, how easy to use this Markdown. "It's no wonder that engineers all over the world have chosen Markdown for its ease of use -- "this light-heartedness of just describing a text file.


I understand why GitHub uses "" by default.



So, I would like to propose that we call the way of life that is indifferent to fashion in general

―― Markdown Life (マークダウン ライフ)

"Markdown Life".


as I do.


By the way, if you look up "markdown" in the dictionary, you will find that it means "price reduction" or "discounted amount."


From this point of view, I think 'this term expresses me (Ebata) well'.


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