I think I know a lot about communism, more than the average Japanese person.


In terms of standard deviation, I think I'm at about 2σ (deviation 70), not quite 3σ (deviation 80).


I was the son of a factory manager of a town factory.


From the communists' point of view, they must be "enemies of the people who must be overthrown," I thought. So I listened to the students in the dormitory (autonomous dormitory) talking about the so-called "revolution" with a sense of "Damn.

というか、大学に入学できている経済力がある時点で、『学寮にいる奴等、全員、人民の敵だろう』と思っていましたし、そもそも、全員、資本主義の歯車となるべく、就職活動していました ―― 活動家になった人はいませんでした。

Or rather, I thought, "Everyone in the dormitory is an enemy of the people," when they had the financial ability to enter university. In the first place, they were looking for a job to make us cogs in the capitalist society -- not activists.


マルクス主義、レーニン、スターリン、毛沢東、トロツキー、ポルポト、大粛清、文革、日本赤軍、全共闘、中核、革マル、内ゲバ、よど号ハイジャック、テルアビブ空港乱射、あさま山荘 ――

Marxism, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Trotsky, Pol Pot, the Great Purge, the Cultural Revolution, the Japanese Red Army, the All-Communist Party, the Core Faction, the Leather Marxists, the Civil War, the Yodo hijacking, the Tel Aviv airport shooting, Asama Sanso...


I know that it is too violent to mix these things up. Anyway, I don't have to say "What is that? Is it good?" because I have enough input in my brain about them.

そして、日本共産党が、暴力革命路線を放棄、中国や旧ソ連の共産党を批判し、さらには、学生たちを「左翼暴力集団」と決めつけた経緯も知っていますが ――

Of course, I know how the JCP abandoned the violent revolutionary line, criticized the communist parties of China and the former Soviet Union, and even branded the students as "leftist violent groups".


However, I don't know what will happen after that, if they can seize power.


The Communist Party, by its very nature, is not supposed to follow any other path than a one-party dictatorship. (As far as I have learned) democratic elections are a negation of communism.


This is not "wrong". It's just the way it is.


If I were to use an analogy, it would be like criticizing me (Ebata) by saying, "It's shameful that Ebata is Ebata.


Or, it is the same as the tautology that says, 'It is because it is against the teachings of Islam,' in response to the question, 'Why is it wrong to go against Islam?


That's why I prefer to think in terms of logic and numbers rather than ideology.


Because it's "easy" absolutely.



I think the name "Communist Party" has a great impact, or rather, a preconceived notion of it.

日本たばこ → JT, 日本電信電話株式会社 → NTT, 日本国有鉄道(国鉄) → JR のように、英語の略号で、「共産党」という言霊の持つネガティブイメージを払拭すべきだと思うんですよ。

I think they should use English abbreviations like Japan Tobacco → JT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation → NTT, Japan National Railways (JNR) → JR to dispel the negative image of the word "Communist Party".

Japanese Communist Party → JC なんて良いと思うんですが、どうでしょうか。

How about "Japanese Communist Party → JC" ?


The event of electoral cooperation with the Constitutional Democratic Party made me say "Umm". So I think this is a good opportunity to change the name of the party.

どうせなら、Constitutional Democratic Party → CDPですので、『CDP + JC 連合』と言い切ってしまえば、もう、何が何だか分からなくなります。

In any case, if they use Constitutional Democratic Party → CDP and say "CDP + JC Coalition", we won't know what's what anymore.


I think this will finally make the opposing structure to the LDP look like what it is.


I think it's fine just during the campaign.


I know that the name of the party is an "important brand" to the party members, just like the "store name" of a liquor store or a candy store.


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