校則が理由で何もできなかった ―― などという言い訳は、他人には勿論、自分にすら通用しません。


I was watching the anime "Yuru Camp" and remembered how I borrowed my mother's moped to travel alone from Nagoya to Kyoto when I was in high school.


At the time, my high school forbade me from getting a moped license, but of course, I ignored them.


I was helping my parents with work at their factory using a moped, so naturally "my parents approved".



I would like to remind teenagers that school rules are a "duty of effort" to begin with.


"Duty of effort" refers to things that are not legally obligatory and are not subject to penalties for violation, but are stipulated as things that should be done and should be endeavored to be done.


Japanese citizens are obligated to obey the law, and if they act in violation of the law, they will be penalized accordingly.


In other words, we are not obligated to follow anything other than the law.


Therefore, you are not obligated to follow any school rules that do not comply with the law.


However, in the case of an organization such as a school, the private rules (=school rules) that are deemed necessary for the operation of the organization depend on the discretion of the organization's management.


However, if the rules are unreasonable, then the school rules are considered more "illegal".


In this case, if you fight it in court, you can win.


It is possible to have school rules changed or withdrawn.


さて、ここで「原付免許の取得禁止」が、合理的であれるか、不合理的であるか ―― というのは、今回はスコープ外とします。

Now, whether "banning the acquisition of moped licenses" is reasonable or unreasonable is outside the scope of this article.

That means,


(1) It is necessary for the school to show that it has established such rules (i.e., school regulations) to ensure the safety of its students.


(2) Students, on the other hand, understand the school's position and it's okay to break school rules at your own risk.



However, if you are found out, for example, if the school has a rule that "breaking the rules = expulsion", you will be expelled (unless you fight it in court).


Let's put it simply in a nutshell.


If you have an accident, you have to take the risk of being expelled immediately.


I kept the fact that I had a moped license a secret for a long time, and when it came to driving a moped, I tried to be as safe as possible. After all, if I had an accident, I would be expelled from school immediately.


Schools don't bother to investigate the fact that not all of their students are licensed.


It costs a hell of a lot of money, and with the personal information issue, it's out of the question immediately.


What the school needs is "appearances and mensuration."


Hence, school rules should be "broken in silence, without telling anyone.


You can show off your individuality in places that have nothing to do with school, such as your hair and clothes.


If you are not allowed to work part-time, you just have to be very careful and work without being detected.


Well, I say, 'If you can't do that level of planning (or if you don't have that level of intelligence), then don't do it.


But that's beside the point.



Now I can't believe my youthful indiscretion in climbing the Suzuka Pass on a moped.


I think it was also raining. I remember it was very cold.


The anime "Yuru Camp" also makes me feel like I'm freezing just watching it.


"I don't know how I could have done that. I can say with certainty that I would never be able to do that now.



I think the engine of "youthful indiscretion" is very important.


The operating period of this engine is shorter than you think.


It seems to me that it is very important to "act when you feel like it, without thinking too much".

校則が理由で何もできなかった ―― などという言い訳は、他人には勿論、自分にすら通用しません。

Excuses such as "I couldn't do anything because of school rules" are not acceptable to others, or even to yourself.


Posted by ebata