それは、数学、科学、ITができない奴が虐げられる世界 ―― 『理系にあらざれば、人にあらず』

ハードウェアとソフトウェア(アルゴリズム)の進歩によって、チェス → 将棋 → 囲碁 のチャンピオンは、全てコンピュータに奪われてきました。

With the advancement of hardware and software (algorithms), the champions of Chess, Shogi, and Go have all been taken by computers.


However, it seems that the number of chess, shogi and go fans is not declining.


I don't know much about these gaming trends, but I do know a lot about the subculture (comics, anime, and light-novel).


As I look at these fields, I feel that the content based on these games is rather increasing.



Needless to say, it may be obvious.


No one can beat a bulldozer when it comes to lifting weights, and no one can run faster than a bullet train.


But that doesn't mean that the Olympics will disappear in the future.


The object of human beings, consisting of the constraints of human ability, effort, beliefs, and other troublesome analog attributes, is an interesting content in itself.


Therefore, the game confrontation between the object and the object would be a "work of art" by itself.


先日、NHKスペシャル「2030 未来への分岐点 (5)「AI戦争 果てなき恐怖」」を見ました。

The other day, I watched the NHK special "2030: A Crossroads for the Future (5) 'AI War: Endless Fear'.


This was to prove that, contrary to the above, "weapons reach their full potential when humans are not included.


When conducted aerial battles (in a simulator) between computer-controlled fighters and pilot-operated fighters, the pilots were defeated in every battle.

色々な要因がありますが、基本的に、「人間がいない戦闘機は、無茶苦茶な操縦 『人間が失神/死亡してしまうような加速度での旋回ができる』という点が大きいです。

There are many factors, but basically, "a fighter without a human being is capable of reckless maneuvering "and turning at accelerations that would cause a human being to faint or die.


In other words, "unmanned weapons can ignore the limits of human survival.


Compared to that, "AI" is a small factor.



Well, the anime I would like to introduce to you today is "Heavy Object".


This anime, in my opinion, is one of the best in all of me, comparable to Steins;Gate/Zero, but it's not well known.


For engineers of so-called mathematical computation, prediction, and other "so-called" AI, the contents are irresistible.


It also gets high marks for being a fairly accurate portrayal of the 'so-called' AI wars.

特に、ヘヴィー・オブジェクトの第23話に出てくるセリフ ――

In particular, the line from episode 23 of Heavy Object


- War is a primitive human instinct.


- That is why it must be controlled by reason.


- With the symbol of power of The OBJECT, a digitally managed war is not really a war.


- It's a safety device.


made me think deeply about the AI-War.


In view of Clausewitz's "War is a means of diplomacy."

- いわゆるAIが、仮想空間で戦闘を行い、数秒で勝敗を決することができて、

- A so-called AI can fight a battle in virtual space and decide the winner in seconds.

- それでもケリがつかない場合は、無人兵器が現実世界で戦闘をすることで、

- And if that doesn't settle the score, unmanned weapons will do the fighting in the real world.


If we can achieve such a war with zero human casualties, then we can achieve something like "AI diplomacy based on AI weapons.


―― それは・・・悪くないな

"That's... not bad."


I thought that.


In other words, it is a world where the heroes in that war will be IT engineers like me.

それは、数学、科学、ITができない奴が虐げられる世界 ―― 『理系にあらざれば、人にあらず』

It's a world where those who can't do math, science, or IT are oppressed -- "If you're not a person of science, you're not a person"


It's a paradise.


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