ドラマ「おいしい給食」が面白い ―― もう、めちゃくちゃに面白い。大爆笑です。

ドラマ「おいしい給食」が面白い ―― もう、めちゃくちゃに面白い。大爆笑です。

The drama "Delicious School Lunch" is so funny -- it's already crazy funny. I'm laughing so hard.

映画「サムライせんせい」つながりで、俳優 市原隼人さん主演作品を探したら、すぐに出てきたのが、この「おいしい給食」。

In connection with the movie "Samurai Sensei," I looked for a movie starring actor Hayato Ichihara, and this "Delicious School Lunch" came up immediately.


In any case, the concept is amazing.


A teacher who says, "I love school lunches. It's no exaggeration to say that I come to school for the lunches.


It is no longer an exaggeration to say that this is a new standard for gourmet dramas and a paradigm shift in the image of teachers.

この週末で、Season1 → 映画 → Season2を一気に見てしまうという、異例のハマり方をしてしまいました。

This weekend, I watched Season 1, the movie, and Season 2 all at once, which is an unusual way to get hooked.



When we talk about "school lunches" in the Ebata household, it is interesting to see that there is a generation gap, and of course, regional differences even within the same generation.


I didn't have a chance to eat the "rice", but my wife seemed to eat it as usual.


I was also surprised that I did not share the concept of "soft noodles" with my daughters.


Looking back, I used to get excited on days when "Curry Noodles" and "Oboro Miso Noodles" were delivered


On the other hand, I was less excited about the raisin bread (my wife said she was more excited).


On the other hand, thanks to school lunches, I learned (1) "Happousai" are delicious at "Gyoza no Ohsho" that , and (2) there are truly delicious breads in the world at "HOKUO"


Looking back, I think school lunches were the "key sentences" in English education, the "solutions to two-dimensional equations" in mathematics education, and played the role of "national standards" for the food culture of the Japanese people.


Aside from that.



I've had enough of tedious human relationship dramas such as internal factional struggles, romantic relationships, and emotional reunions.


"I live my life as a teacher only for my own desire (to eat school lunch)"


"Students, schools, and colleagues are only means to that end."


What a refreshing way to live.


What we lack today is the spirit of selfishness that says, "As long as I am good, I don't care about anything else".


In this drama, morals, relationships, common sense, and other such things are all just noise.


In addition, the setting is wonderful, as the purpose behind the noise is "school lunch," something that can be scoped out on a daily basis.


We don't need to go out of our way to set goals that are hard to obtain.


This drama also gives us the courage to say, 'We can find things that make us happy in our daily lives".



So I recommend you to watch "Delicious School Lunch".


If you think you haven't laughed in a while, this is a good place to start.


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