―― 「新撰組」というのは、江戸幕府原理主義者によるタリバンのようなものだよな


One of the best movies starring Sylvester Stallone is called "Rambo".


This is a battle-action film about a Vietnam War veteran who is unreasonably discriminated against in his home country, battles with sheriffs and pursued by the National Guard, and finally strikes back.


As a film dealing with a very serious social issue in the United States, it was quite a hit in Japan at the time.


In this series, there is "Rambo 3: The Angry in Afghan".


It was about Rambo supporting the Mujahideen (meaning "those who carry out jihad"), a resistance group against the Soviet Union (now Russia) that was invading Afghanistan at the time, and challenging them to fight against the Soviet army.


In the film, the line "A country with patriotic guerrillas cannot be conquered. We experienced it in Vietnam" appears in the film.


At the end of the film, there is a message that says, "This film is dedicated to all Afghan warriors


To sum it up quite roughly, the movie "Rambo 3" can be described as "a movie in which Rambo, an American citizen, supports the Taliban in Afghanistan.

今調べたところ、Amazon Primeでも、この映画を視聴できます。

I just checked, and you can also watch this movie on Amazon Prime.


Apparently, I am the only one who has a twisted perspective that links Rambo to the Taliban.



Meanwhile, in the real world as well, Soviet troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan.


However, the resulting conflict between the Mujahideen led to a civil war and the rise of the Taliban.


The U.S. government is a country that has repeatedly had its security threatened by nations that it has previously supported militarily.


Whether it is the Vietnam War or the Gulf War, there is no shortage of cases where the U.S. has been attacked by its own troops because of the huge amount of weapons it has given to that country.


In that sense, Japan has been fortunate to have avoided this kind of situation because of its slow political decision-making (especially regarding the Self-Defense Forces).

―― 日本は、先進国の中で、唯一、イスラム原理主義者によるテロを国内で実施されていない国じゃないかな?

"Isn't Japan the only developed country that hasn't had a domestic terrorist attack carried out by Islamic fundamentalists?"


So, I did some research.


U.S.A. -> (naturally) yes, France -> yes, U.K. -> yes, Germany -> yes, Italy -> yes, Italy -> yes, Canada -> yes (last June)(*)

(*)出典:国際テロリズム要覧2021 | 公安調査庁、その他

(*)Source: International Terrorism Handbook 2021 | Public Security Intelligence Agency, etc.



However, I am afraid that my 30-minute research on the Internet above will be spread as "fact", so if I have misunderstood or misrepresented anything, please point it out to me by e-mail.



My wife once scolded me for saying that the Ako Roshi incident (Chushingura) was like a "riot of local samurai.


Since then, I have tried to refrain from saying such expressions even if they come to my mind.


Last night, I was watching NHK's 2004 Taiga Drama "Shinsengumi! Special" (compilation), which was aired on NHK in 2004. and I thought,

―― 「新撰組」というのは、江戸幕府原理主義者によるタリバンのようなものだよな

""Shinsengumi" is like the Taliban of Edo Shogunate fundamentalists."



In the first place, it is more vicious than the Taliban in that it is an organization that carries out killings based only on the judgment of a private department without the approval of the authority (Edo Shogunate).

新撰組は、幕府の解散命令に抵抗した者が徒党を組み、会津藩主・松平容保の私財で運営された私的な傭兵部隊(民間軍事会社:PMC(private military company)です。

The Shinsengumi was a private military company (PMC) that was formed by those who resisted the Shogunate's order to disband the group and was funded by the private fortune of the Aizu domain lord, Matsudaira Yoho.


In that same sense,

―― 「るろうに剣心」も、薩摩、長州藩がやとったPMCの一員であり、稀有な能力を有するテロリスト

""Rurouni Kenshin" is also a member of the PMC taken over by the Satsuma and Choshu clans, a terrorist with rare abilities."



しかしながら ――



If I mention the above interpretation of "Shinsengumi", my wife will stop talking to me.


If I mention the above interpretation of "Rurouni Kenshin", my senior daughter will not be able to talk to me.


This is a sure thing. Hence, I won't say anything they don't want to hear


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