―― 高齢者にこそ、移動手段にバイクを


I used to work part-time delivering newspapers on a Suber Cub while preparing the exam. When I became a college student, my sister gave me a YAMAHA DT-125 (motocross bike).


Now, our senior daughter is addicted to motorcycles and has obtained a medium-sized license.


As a result of my wife's concern about accidents and my concern about the bike's thermal protection, my senior daughter has purchased a "big scooter" type and is riding it around on a daily basis.



The other day, when my senior daughter was using our family's car, my wife asked me to pick up my junior daughter from the station.


Ebata: "No car here"


Wife: "Why don't you two ride back on (senior daughter's) bike?"



People who don't ride motorcycles don't understand how 'reckless' this is.


First of all, riding a motorcycle that we do not ride on a regular basis is dangerous in itself, and two ride back on is even more dangerous.


"If you're willing to turn a family of four into a family of two in an instant, I'm willing to do it"


I told her, and she seemed to give up.


Motorcycles are not that dangerous if you follow the rules and use the correct procedures, but they still have a much higher injury and death rate than cars.

だから、街中で徒党を組んで爆音立てて珍走しているバカは ―― 『人類史上考えうる最低最悪のバカである』と断言できます。

That's why I can say that the idiots who are running around the streets in gangs and making noise are the worst idiots in the history of mankind.


That aside...



I was influenced by the TV anime "Super Cub", but lately, my enthusiasm for motorcycles has been growing.


However, my wife has asked me to stop until my second daughter graduates from college, so I'm going to be patient for a while longer.

―― これからの老後のことを考えると、バイクというのは、良い選択肢ではないかな?

"Isn't a motorcycle a good option for my future retirement?


Sometimes, I thought it.


I definitely think I will have mobility problems in the future and also develop dementia.

一方、私は、父や母から移動手段(自動車)を奪ってから、彼等のQoL(Quality of Life)の劇的な劣化も、よく覚えています。

On the other hand, I also remember well the dramatic deterioration of their QoL (Quality of Life) after my father and mother were robbed of their means of transportation (cars).


I believe that we have reached a social consensus that it is dangerous for the elderly to drive a car.


So I thought about

―― ならば、高齢者のバイク運転はどうだろうか?

"Then how about elderly people driving motorcycles?"




"Ebata. Aren't you a real idiot?" I can almost hear you saying.


If cars are dangerous, it stands to reason that motorcycles are even more dangerous.

私が、バイク事故で、私が死ぬのは ―― まあ、どうでもいいです。

It doesn't matter that I will die in a motorcycle accident.


However, I also think that 'the incidence of accidents that cause death to others by motorcycle is low for elderly people.


First of all, if you are riding a motorcycle, there is no way (structurally speaking) that you can mistakenly step on the gas pedal and brake.


If your dementia is advanced enough to cause the throttle to malfunction, you will not be able to ride a motorcycle first.


However, there is a risk of motorcycles crashing into buildings and pedestrians.

ですので、バイクで人に怪我をさせる可能性はあります ―― が、バイクが加害者として殺傷するほどのケースは、そんなにない、と、思っています(珍走しているバカを除けば)。

So, it is possible for a motorcycle to injure a person -- but I don't think there are that many cases where the motorcycle is the aggressor and kills or injures (except for the idiots on the road).


So, I did some research, but I haven't found any data on accidents caused by motorcycle assault (if you know of any, please let me know the URL).



Nevertheless, I do believe that a motorcycle driven by a rider who has lost cognitive function is quite scary.


Besides, there is no way to avoid a motorcycle that is going the wrong way. I would definitely hit the rider.


It would be awful if I were made to be the perpetrator of such an accident.


I think this would qualify as a "runaway old man," which is even worse than a running idiot.


So, this is a social trade-off (between the availability of transportation for the elderly and the occurrence of traffic accidents).


Further study is needed, however,

―― 高齢者にこそ、移動手段にバイクを

"Motorcycles as a means of transportation for the elderly"


I am hopeful that this paradigm may be one of the possible futures.



The main argument comes in.


Can anyone recommend a bike that gives me the same feeling as the "DT-125"?


Would you like to give you a picture of my riding on the bike I bought?


Who wants it?


Well no one would want it.


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