―― PAからの出入りや、追い越しのタイミングを、指示してくれないと困る


After visiting my mother's 49th day memorial service and the pension office (where I got into a bit of trouble), I'm currently on my way home with my family using the expressway.


With the expansion of the expressway, it is now possible to drive directly to the interchange near my parents' house, making it much easier to travel by car.


In addition,


My senior daughter is "listening" to the movie Crayon Shin-chan while navigating with Google Maps on her iPhone, and,


My wife is watching NetFlix movies on (my) iPad, and


I'm sitting in the passenger seat with my laptop open writing this diary.



Recently, I've been using the bullet train to get to my parents' house, but with all the preparation I've done, I thought it would be quite comfortable to travel by car.


With the expressway reaching the interchange near my parents' house, the travel time has improved considerably.


今回、オートクルーズ(但し、前の車に追尾して速度制御するだけ)を起動したのですが、もの凄い睡魔に襲われて、PAに入って ―― 10分仮眠しました。

This time, I activated Auto-Cruise (but it only tracks and controls the speed of the car in front of you), but I was so overcome with sleepiness that I took a 10-minute nap in the PA.


"Aren't you supposed to be driving for me?" I asked.

―― PAからの出入りや、追い越しのタイミングを、指示してくれないと困る

"I need you to tell me when to enter/exit the PA and when to pass."


Thay said to me.


They say it's okay to take a break from driving, but not to sleep.


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