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Let's turn the world by "Number"(69) Extra:

11 Clinical Issues to Consider about those who "still fear of Corona Vaccine"



I talked with my wife about the main theme of this issue: fear of vaccination.


Ebata: "You didn't find the vaccination scary?"


Wife: "I don't have any pre-existing conditions, and I had heard about the side effects, so I kind of thought, 'I'll be fine.'"


Ebata: "How do you think if you had had a strong allergic reaction or anaphylaxis in the past and you had had to go to the emergency room?"


Wife: "Then I would definitely feel 'scared. ' I think it's natural to feel like, 'I don't want me to do anything.'"



My mother was hospitalized immediately after the first vaccination, and subsequent vaccinations were stopped by the doctor, and she was in and out of the hospital and transferred to other hospitals repeatedly.


Then, in January of this year, she died of cardiac arrest.


Perhaps the cause of my mother's death was the 'vaccination'.

だが、それでも、私たちは、自分の命と、他人の命の為に、決断しなければならない ―― 今は、そういう時なのです。


If I were to die suddenly from myocarditis, it might be due to 'corona vaccination'.


Or it could be the "flu vaccination" that I receive every year, or the "tranquilizers" that I take once a week.


Or it could be the "sleeping pills" that I take once a month or so, or it could be "Hokkyoku Ramen".


By the way, I am not trying to be a joke.


As Dr. Shivata discusses in this column.


(1) Some people have died of myocarditis because of vaccination


(2) Some people have died of myocarditis due to COVID-19 .


(3) Some people have died of myocarditis unrelated to the above (1) and (2)


(Please read the column "CQ Last Number" for more information on that ratio.)


If you vaccinate, you will not be able to identify any of the reasons for (1), (2), or (3) above, but if you do not vaccinate, you will not have to consider at least (1).


I think that is one of the most satisfying ways to die.


"I'm going to die because I was seduced into getting vaccinated by a column by a guy named Ebata"


I am sure that the life that ends with the thought, will be a life of regret.



I am the reverse pattern.


"I waited for the day of the mRNA vaccination like a child waiting for a field trip"

という人間は ―― 国内に10人もいないだろうと思いますが ―― それでも、いるんです、ここに1人。

I doubt there are 10 such people in the country, but still, here is one.


I was excited just by the idea of vaccines by in silico (computer-aided design, etc.).


I thought 'bug out was perfect' with the good fortune that our country is a latecomer to the corona vaccine and is also the next in line of medical professionals in the country.


A phrase that has been used in our field for nearly 20 years is "the fusion of analog and digital," but I never thought it would be realized in this way.


Therefore, for me, it is satisfying to end my life thinking, "Was the fusion of analog and digital technology premature?"


よく分かっています ―― 私が、規格外のパラダイムを持っている、ということは。

I am well aware -- that I have an abnormal paradigm.


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