(Part 1)


Multinational forces, including the United States, launched the Gulf War in 1991.


In 1990, the Hussein regime in Iraq launched an attack against Kuwait, which had large oil reserves. In response, a multinational force, under a United Nations resolution, launched an attack on Iraq.


Public opinion in the U.S., which at the time was averse to war, was quickly galvanized by the "Nayirah testimony" to start the war.


The "Nayirah testimony" was a radical testimony given by a young girl who identified herself as "Nayirah" after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.


'Iraqi soldiers removed a newborn from a Kuwaiti hospital in an incubator and left it to die,' he said tearfully (I remember it well because it was on the news many times).


It is now known that this was "perjury" and that the girl, Nayirah, was the daughter of Saud an-Nasser a-Sabah, then Kuwait's ambassador to the United States.

―― (米国民を含めて)世界は、その少女の偽証に見事に騙されて、戦争に突き進んでいったのです。

"The world (including the American people) was successfully deceived by the girl's perjury, and pushed forward to the war"



(Part 2)


In 2003, the United States and the United Kingdom launched a war in Iraq.


President Bush cited the following reasons for the war, in his speeches before and after the war.


(1) Continued to possess weapons of mass destruction, including biological and chemical weapons, denied the existence of such weapons, and failed to cooperate fully with UN weapons inspectors


(2) Free Iraqi civilians from the oppressive regime of President Saddam Hussein.


However, even within the UN Security Council, France, Germany, Russia, and China opposed military intervention.


Due to the veto power of the permanent members of the Council, the UN force was not activated.


The United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries formed a coalition of the willing and launched a pre-emptive strike on March 20, bombing the country.


As a result,

―― 生物・化学兵器等、大量破壊兵器を保有していたという証拠は、一つも見つかりませんでした。

"Not a single piece of evidence was found that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, including biological or chemical weapons"


Because of this, then British Prime Minister Blair was forced to step down (President Bush did not step down).




―― 米国は、1945年に、非戦闘員である広島市民と長崎市民の頭上に、摂氏3000度(太陽の表面温度の半分)の核爆弾を炸裂させました。

-- In 1945, the United States detonated a nuclear bomb at 3,000 degrees Celsius (half the surface temperature of the sun) over the heads of non-combatant citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


It is a common belief (in Japan) that this was the beginning of the division of the Allied Forces (Cold War) and a demonstration by the nuclear weapon states against the Soviet Union, which was invading Manchuria and the Northern Territories (contrary to the official view of the US government).



I cannot tolerate, in an absolute sense, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, especially its massacres of its own citizens.


Also, as a citizen of a country that is not a party to the war, I believe that the reports in Japan at this time are probably generally true.


But the reason I don't shout it out loud (writing columns, contributing, etc.) and stick to personal support is

―― 世界各国の政府発表(プロパガンダ)に騙され続けてきた

"I have been continuously deceived by government announcements (propaganda) from all over the world"


I have bitter memories of the past like the above.



I don't believe that "governments lie all the time," but when it comes to war (national defense), every government lies with high frequency.


And I, too, have been cheated, quite easily.


By the way, I cannot talk about "personal support" at this time.


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