Several years ago, my senior daughter stayed at Yoshida-dormitory


The dormitory appears in the opening of the anime "Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei"(jump to YouTube)


She said that "it was for the meeting of theater club"

「自治寮」「演劇」とくれば、もう、これは「学生運動」だな、とか思っていたのですが ―― まあ、彼女は、そういう風には流れなかったようです。

I thought that from "self-governing dormitory" to "theater", the next would be "student activity", however, she had not seemed to go to that.

『これからは、長女と、熱い政治論を闘わせられるのかな?』とか思っていたのですが ―― 江端家において、そのような議論は、1秒間も発生しませんでした。

"Do we have to start to argue about heated political debate?", I thought. However, I don't remember the chance even for one second, at all.


On the contrary, I am very happy that I had not got a call from police, "Your daughter was arrested for obstruction of justice and is currently in custody".


Moreover, the above image might be "unexpected" in our daily life in society.



In comparison, my parents (especially my mother) called me, saying "You didn't do anything did you ?", whenever an incident happened at colleges in Kyoto.


Coming to think it again, my mother was not familiar with such "student activity", I doubt that there was an annoying relative who gave her unwanted wisdoms.


Against the call, I shouted

『そんな時間があれば、生活費稼ぎのバイトしとるわ、ボケ! 』

"I would have spent the time for part-time to make ends meet if I had the time you idiot!"


and hung up abruptly.



Well, my mother's concerns were some reasonable.


This is because I lived in a school dormitory (autonomous dormitory).


In most cases, autonomous dormitories were linked political campaigns( I don't know the present)


The main reason I had lived in the school dormitory was "low fee".


And I had to do something to keep staying the "low fee" dormitory (like chief of the dormitory)


For me, the life in the dormitory was for quote and money, and the political campaigns could not have enthused me finally.

少なくとも、電気の勉強 ―― 特に、自力でコーディグしたZ80パソコンでの電子回路のシミュレーションとは、比べものにならないくらい、どーでもいいことでした。

At least, I didn't care of them at all. Rather I liked study of electronics, for example, a electric circuit simulations, using the Z80 personal computer by my coding.


正直、工学部の厳しいカリキュラムに追い立てられながら、週に1回または2回の徹夜をしながらレポートを書いて、週7日のバイトを続けていた、この身の上から言われてもらえば ――

For me with rigorous engineering curriculum, writing reports while pulling one or two all-nighters a week, and working part-time seven days a week,


the dormitory students who didn't attend at class, repeated a year without hesitation, and talked politics out loud over drinks, was


"The Object of My Hatred"


I thought that.


I'm still mad at them when I remember it now



I was able to balance my life with part-times and studies, and before long my friends even called me "Ebata Zaibatsu", because I could add fried chickens to Tenkaichi's ramen. So I decided to move out the dormitory.


I remember exhilaration of the day when I could start my boarding house with the money I earned myself.

―― あの下らない『総括』の日々から、やっと開放されたぁぁぁぁあああ

"I'm finally free of those lousy "summary" days... ahhhhh!"




A senior member of the Japanese Red Army, which has been responsible for numerous international terrorist incidents, was recently released from prison after serving a 20-year sentence.


I just googled a bit and learned that Yoko Sakaki in Kaiji Kawaguchi's manga "Medusa" is modeled on that executive, and I just now clicked the button.

私は、自分の娘が、『狂ったような生き方』を望めば、それを受けいれる準備がありますが ――

Even if my daughter wants to a "crazy life", I have prepared to accept it, however,


I don't hope her to choose the life like "Medusa".


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