After graduation from high school and losing gym class, I came to life sports.



(Here is a story that I was hopeless klutz)


I was enthusiastic about skiing in college, and I started playing tennis in company,



After forgetting TOEIC and Eiken intentionally, I was no longer afraid to use English.


I used to speak English in my way, and I came to write my columns and papers in English.


訳あって、今、またTOEICの勉強をしているのですが ―― 今ならはっきり言えますが

With some private reasons, now I begin to study about TOEIC. And now I can say clearly,


"This test is ridiculous and meaningless"



For example, about the word choice questions, I know that some questions have more than two correct answers.


Nouns can be used adjectivally without any problem, and adverbs can make sense wherever they appear in a sentence.


About the conversation question, I really think that "how low they are that they can't EXPLICITLY talk about the purpose of the conversation" (I think it is true).

こんなものに費やす時間で、海外に行けますし、英語の論文も書けて、運がよければ論文賞を貰えます ―― 断言します。

With the time you spend on this ridiculous and meaningless test, you can go abroad and write a paper in English, and if you are lucky, you get an award. I assure you.


英語を本気で使いたければ、TOEICなんぞは忘れてしまう ―― これが正解です。

If you want to use English seriously, you should forget the existence of TOEIC. This is a correct answer.


However, the system of called "Japan" needs a "measure" for your English ability.


There are few people to judge your ability correctly, This is a typical negative feedback system.


Therefore, in Japan system, we cannot run away from English Test like TOEIC because of the defect of the system. It is no use to blame this system with loud voice.



The conclusion is that "Don't study TOEIC seriously, and set it aside from your life".


If you do it seriously, you might lose the purpose of your life.


Posted by ebata