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However there is a way to know whether a person has installed COCOA app, without talking. It is to make

―― 「自分の目の前にいる人が『COCOAアプリをインストールしているか』を確認するアプリ」

"An app that checks to see if the person in front of you has the COCOA app installed"


(I will call this app COCOA' for convenience)


The point is that the COCOA app is open source and publicly available.


This means that anyone with the time, ability, skills and energy can develop COCOA's derivative application, COCOA'.


However, to be precise, this app cannot detect the contents of the phone of the "person in front of you" mentioned above.


The COCOA' can only detect


- Within a radius of about 10 meters from your phone,


- Number of "phones with COCOA installed



So, in order to identify whether or not the "person in front of you" has COCOA installed. the condition is given:


"There is no one else within a radius of approximately 10 meters except that person.




The principle of operation of 'COCOA' is simple.


The COCOA' tries to find a phone that is transmitting COCOA's Bluetooth signal.


That's all the app can do.


What's more, the information in the Bluetooth radio waves is not tied to personal information (such as the phone's solid number), so it cannot be used to identify an individual.


I'm sure you've looked for free WiFi access points around town.


COCOA' just does the same thing.



If I (or someone else) develops this COCOA', it could be a bit interesting.

『COCOAをインストールしている人 = コロナリテラシーが高い』という仮説を"真"とした上で、以下のようなこと調査や判断ができるようになります。

If the hypothesis that "people who have COCOA installed = high corona literacy" is true, then the following investigations and judgments can be made.


For example,


- Launching 'COCOA' at the entrance of an izakaya or noodle shop


This allows you to see at a glance how many people in that store are running COCOA.


Before entering a store, you can find out, roughly, the number of "high corona literate" customers in that store before you walk in.


(I wouldn't go into a ramen shop with 10 customers if there were only three phones with COCOA running at the entrance of a ramen shop)


- Launching 'COCOA' at your workplace or at a drinking venue.


You can observe the "corona literacy" of your organization or group as a group.


(For me, I'm hoping it can be used as a trump card to "use that as an excuse to refuse to attend a drinking session".)


In the future,


A sign that says, "we do not allow people who do not have a smartphone with COCOA installed to enter the store".


The paper could be put up in front of the entrances of all establishments (government offices, amusements, schools), not just restaurants.



I took a quick look at the source code and it seems to me that developing this new app (COCOA') is a bit of a challenge.


I don't have enough skills or time, but the time factor seems to be particularly significant.


Therefore, for the time being, my work is to to write a column that explains easily


"You don't have to worry about COCOA extracting your personal information"

を、分かりやすく解説するコラムを執筆する ―― こっちなら役に立てるかもしれません。

I might be able to help you with this work.


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