ノートPCを使ったフリーアドレス ―― いわゆる「ワイガヤ」の職場というのが流行っているようです。

Recently, "Free address(*)" with NotePC, so called "WaiGaya" seems to be popular.

(*)office system where employees are free to change desk


However, according to my IT works, I just say, that is

―― 失笑

"I cannot help laughing"




On my simulator I have made and tried some experiments, more than several million object are moving in realtime environment.


The other day, the PC that executed my simulator strucked by shortage of PC resources, so I had to move the database system to another PC.


Why don't I use Cloud?


Of course, in addition to the problems of realtime movie and commnucation speed, the VC that Cloud provides has poor calculation power. So heavy simulations I have tried is out of question.



In short, my IT works are, like

―― 野外で、掘削機をつかって轟音(ごうおん)たてながら、道路に巨大な穴をあけて、そこに、クレーンで引き上げた配管を地中に1mmの誤差もなく埋め込む

Making a big hole on the outside road using excavator with a roading in open air, pulling a pipes up by crane and, embeding in in the ground without a margin of error of 1mm.


super-scale and super-precision IT.


Of course, I need several high-spec PCs, and each computer's capabilities must be used to the limit.


Therefore, I have a cult of tuning on my computer to the point, like "I can't do any better".


■ ITの仕事の種類も知らずに『フリーアドレス』を主張している奴って、

- Whoever claims "Free Address" without knowing the type of work IT does...

■ ITの作業現場を知らず、

- Without knowing the working field of the IT

■ 社外に『かっこよくて、クール』なオフィス環境を提供しているという実績を残したい、と考えている

- wants to leave a track record of 'providing a cool, cool office environment' outside of the company.

■ 幹部か管理部門の奴らが、安直に思いつきそうなことだよね

- It's the kind of thing that executives or administrative guys would come up with on the cheap.

―― という同僚の言葉は、本当に胸に染みました。

The words of this colleague really touched my heart.



However, "Free Address is the trend of the time", then I have to accept it.


Then I will now drag my outdoor wagon to work, with

■ 2台のデスクトップと、

- two desktop PCs

■ 3台の大型ディスプレイと、

- three large display

■ 各種周辺装置

- several various devices



Of course, if you have an accident or injury, you would have to apply for workers' compensation.


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