『一体、何回接種すればいいんだ!』とキレている人が散見されますが、その答えは、最初から明快です ―― 「エンドレス」です。


Currently, there is a trend toward easing up on the wearing of masks.


The recent weakening of the coronavirus is the reason for this, but it was mass vaccination that led to the weakening.


(1) Vaccination.


(2) Virus escapes by mutant strains


(3) Drive in the next vaccination.


(4) The virus escapes as changing another variant.


This is the reason why the virus has reached a level where it can coexist with humans (to the extent that humans are willing to take off their masks) by repeating the same process over and over again.


The reason why we have had and must continue to have a series of vaccinations is to continue to weaken the virus and coexist with it.

―― という説明は、あまりされていないような気がします。

I don't think this has been explained very well.

だから、『一体、何回接種すればいいんだ!』とキレている人が散見されますが、その答えは、最初から明快です ―― 「エンドレス」です。

So, I see a lot of people snapping, "How many inoculations do I have to get?!" ' but the answer is clear from the start -- 'endless.


This endless vaccination may further weaken the virus and eventually drive them (the virus) to the point where they only need to be given once a year, similar to the flu vaccine.


After all, we humans cannot "win" the virus (*). The limit is "not completely defeated.


(*) Smallpox is the only infectious disease that humans have been able to eradicate.



By the way, I hear that "not taking off the mask" is now a problem.


Today, I would like to discuss this a bit.


It is already clear at this point that masks are effective in preventing infection, isn't it?


The reason for this is very clear.


The virus is small and passes through the mask lightly.


However, the majority of viruses are carried by droplets (spit).


And masks can prevent "droplets".


And the virus must be carried in a "certain amount" to be successfully transmitted.


In other words, when you are wearing a mask, you are safer and more secure in conversation than when you are not wearing a mask.


So it is only natural that 'wearing a mask during face-to-face conversations' is recommended.



It is reasonable that there was 'mandatory/enforced mask wearing' when the coronavirus was at its initial scary level of mortality.


However, even with the current virus, which has decreased the mortality rate, wearing a mask is not "meaningless.


Therefore, I do not understand the logic of condemning, if not thanking, "people wearing masks".



First, I will write down the usefulness of wearing a mask as it pertains to me personally.


(1) Although weakened, it is still preventing corona infection.


(2) It is also true that seasonal influenza infection is prevented


(3) I don't have to directly inhale the recently cooled air.


(4) I don't have to worry (to some extent) about bad breath on the train after eating Ramen with garlic.


For me, they are all good.


To begin with, I am a hay fever sufferer and cannot do without a mask from January to April.


Regardless of Corona virus, I have always lived with the mask for 1/3 of the year.


I naturally remove them when I feel a lack of oxygen, such as when I am walking up a long hill, and I also remove them when I am immersed in computer work. When I am alone in my room, I naturally remove them.


My putting on/taking off the mask is in consideration of my benefits, and also should be a benefit to society (or at least not a disadvantage).



On the other hand, it also seems certain that there are disadvantages to continuous mask wearing.


In that sense, "unthinking 'mask faith'" is not good.


My recommendation is to "operate mask use according to your situation".


Its operation, though, requires a somewhat cumbersome process of "judging it in your own mind from a scientific point of view," after listening to government recommendations and the opinions of various people.



I am sorry if you were offended by Ebata's "uncomfortable and righteous argument" again.


However, I also have been sufficiently offended by the "need for masks" and "no masks" arguments without logic, so I think it is almost "even".


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