I, finally, could not get into "Mobile Suit Gundam".

人型駆動体のコンテンツが苦手なのだろうな、と思っていたのですが ――

I guess I'm not a fan of humanoid robot content


I was "hooked" on "Aldnoah Zero," which is (probably) a work in the same vein.



By the way, I think Kazuma Kamaike's masterpiece is "Heavy Object" by far, rather than "A Certain Series".

―― この人(鎌池さん)、コンピュータやシステムの弱点を、本当によく分かっている

-- He really understands the weaknesses of computers and systems.


Kazuma Kamaike's deep thoughts and insights into programmatic AI technology made me, an IT engineer & researcher, groan.


Now let's return to the main subject



I'm watching the current season of "Mobile Suit Gundam, Witches of Mercury," because I really liked the opening song of the anime.

そこから"YOASOBI"というシンガー(グループ?)を知りました ―― 名前くらいは、知っていたのですが。

From there I learned about a singer (group?) called "YOASOBI" -- I knew at least the name.


I was surprised to find the song "Halcyon" in the "YOASOBI" lineup.

酷い不眠に陥いる時期に、私が使用していた『睡眠薬』について歌い上げるとは ――

"Singing about my use of "sleeping pills" during a time of severe insomnia"


I was impressed by this group of singers, who are well versed in pharmacology and understand insomnia, which is now a national disease.



It was another "Halcyon".


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