NHK BS1スペシャル『ウクライナ大統領府 軍事侵攻・緊迫の72時間 完全版』を、嫁さんと3日がかりで見ました。

NHK BS1スペシャル『ウクライナ大統領府 軍事侵攻・緊迫の72時間 完全版』を、嫁さんと3日がかりで見ました。

My wife and I watched the NHK BS1 special "The Ukrainian Presidency: Military Invasion, 72 Hours of Tension, Complete Version" over three days.


The Ebata family's dinner is based on "NHK News 7.


I use the time before and after to watch another program with my wife.


In this case, we divided the program into 3 times.



It's like watching a movie with a lot of great content that I can't believe happened in real life."


I completely agree with my wife's opinions.


The events of the past 72 hours, told in a matter-of-fact manner, astonished me,


There is no excessive staging, no music, no talk of made-up "love" or "justice",

それでも、番組の最後の方は、私も涙を抑えきれませんでした ―― 嫁さんはいわずもがなです。

Still, by the end of the program, I couldn't hold back my tears either -- not to mention my wife's.



Wife: "If Japan is invaded militarily, will you fight too ?"



Ebata: "I think I will fight. In my case, the reason for fighting is not even one percent 'patriotism,' but only 100 percent 'I'm angry.


Wife: "That should be enough."


Ebata: "But in my case, I don't think I can march 2km when equipped with weapons, so I will ask to place me in cyber warfare."

ぶっちゃけ、戦争や権力への反抗心を持たない若者なんて ―― 『そんな若者なら、とっととやめちまえ!』と言いたいくらいです。



I thought this program was produced in the U.S., the U.K., or France, but to my surprise, it was produced by Japan's NHK.


I was kind of happy. I feel like buying lunch for everyone involved in the production.


With NHK News, NHK language programs, NHK News (earthquake bulletins, disaster), and NHK Documents, I am at least aware that I am getting my money's worth for the NHK subscription fee.


As long as NHK continues to provide documentaries of such high quality, I will continue to pay NHK subscription fees as NHK wants


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