子どもの自殺が倍増 ―― という話を聞いて、青冷めています。

I've heard that child suicides have doubled -- and I'm pale.


I did a little research and it looks a little different.


- The number of suicides among elementary through high school students doubled to 59 in August from 28 in the previous year.


- In April-June, when the refrain from going out was widespread, it was down about 13% nationally (but not just the data for children).


My prediction that the school ban would reduce the number of child suicides, was almost correct.


However, the "doubling of suicides in August" was unexpected.


However, the proportion of child suicides is very small compared to adult suicides and tends to fluctuate widely, so we should be cautious about making poor decisions.

しかし、「今回のコロナ禍」と無関係でない ―― とは、思っています。

But I think that it's not unrelated to the "corona disaster"



Even before the declaration of the state of emergency, it was predicted that the number of suicides would increase.


But I thought it would be solely an "unemployment problem" and I hadn't really thought about the relevance to "children".


I feel like I've been "totally outsmarted.


I've looked at various media outlets about the suicide of children with corona disasters, but I don't seem to have a very clear reason for it.


In addition to the traditional reasons, they cite "domestic discord due to the Corona scourge," "a chain of celebrity suicides," or "a shift in the 'September 1 issue'" among others.


However, those roots are, I think,

―― 生活様式の急激な変動

"Rapid lifestyle changes"



Prohibition of going to school, living with parents for long periods of time, and restrictions on friendships (conversations, etc.), are typical "rapid lifestyle changes" and quite shocks, like

―― いきなり「ブチッ」と切れるような音とともに切断されて、別の回線に、突然に、繋き換えられるような

"being cut off with a sudden "snapping" sound, and then being abruptly reconnected to another line"



That's a tough one, even for adults who have been forced to make lifestyle changes many times over.


And more importantly, they are children.


だからといって、私に、具体的な解決策がある訳ではありませんが ―― なんとなく、イヤな予感がしています。

That's not to say that I have a concrete solution, but I have somehow bad feeling about it.


I feel bad to think 'something huge' that I will regret in the future, with saying 'I should have done that at that time', is going now.


I hope I'm wrong.



Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

踊るバズワード ~Behind the Buzzword(7)ブロックチェーン(1):

ビットコインの正体 ~電力と計算資源を消費するだけの“旗取りゲーム”

Dancing Buzzword - Behind the Buzzword (7) Blockchain(1)

The true nature of Bitcoin - a "beach flag" that only consumes power and computing resources



I am launching a new series, "Blockchain"


This time in particular, I was researching "Bitcoin" and the one thing that kept popping up in my head was

「ルパン三世」でした ―― いや、マジです。

It was "Lupin III" -- well, I was serious.



It's a classic scene that the Lupins escape with a car (Fiat 500) full of stolen cash from local police.

でも、ルパンたちが奪った札束は、つまるところ「印刷物」 ―― つまり「紙」です。

However, the bills taken by the Lupin gang was just "print" -- that is "paper".


What would happen if the Finance Minister, angered by the bank robbery by the Lupin gang, carried out a denomination (*) that would reduce the unit of currency to 1/1000th of its original size?


(*) In this context, it means "devaluing a currency unit".


The Lupin gang can't even come up with the necessary expenses for the robbery, which puts them in a tight spot.

『債権者に追い立てられるルパン三世』 ―― あまり見たくないシーンです。

'Lupin III being driven out by his creditors' -- a scene I don't really want to see.


Well, I don't think the government is going to denominate at least a robbery, however,

―― ルパンより、国家権力の方が強いよなぁ

"The power of the state is more powerful than Lupin"


I was thinking about such an obvious fact.



After disposing of all the quantum computer papers, I've been thinking


What is currency?


What does value look like?


How can trust be generated?

ということを考え続けていて ――


I was in a "currency gestalt collapse".




(Continuation from yesterday)


On the other hand, the paper says that "crime rates are low compared to the crime rates of the general public".


But crime in spaces that confine children who cannot escape. It makes no sense to discuss this in comparison to the crime rate in the general public.


When it comes to 'teachers', there is no reason why it should be treated in the same way as society's general stance on crime.


The absolute figure alone, listed in Table 1 of this paper, of 2,685 offenders by teachers in the four-year period 2008-12, is astounding (although the more recent data should be even more impressive).


The fact that "sexual crimes committed by teachers are about half as high as those committed by the general public" is not "low", but shockingly "large".


To begin with, teachers are essentially a group of highly educated people made up of college graduates.


If you want to make a comparison, it's reasonable to compare it to "employees of a publicly traded company with tens of thousands of employees".

調査していませんが、断言します ―― この上記2つの集団を比較すれば、教師の性犯罪率の方が圧倒的に高いはずです。

I haven't studied it, but I assure you -- if you compare these two populations above, the sex offense rate for teachers should be significantly higher.


According to the pair of "Stupid adults who can't evaluate themselves and children who can't accuse them of sexual assault", I am convinced that a significant number of sex crimes consisting of this pair have not come to light.


If you request, I will cover the subject in this series of articles and examine it with various analysis methods.


―― 「教育現場というシステム」は「性犯罪発生装置」として機能する

"The "educational system" functions as a "sex crime generator"


This is a painful reality for all of us adults, but we must begin with an acknowledgement of this fact.


And we must do everything in our power to destroy the functioning of such a device.


Anyway, for today, I propose the perspective of

―― 「将来、教師になりたい」という夢を語る若者を「気持ち悪い奴」という目で見る

"Young people who talk about their dreams of being a teacher in the future to be "creepy""



Of course, this is an outrageous argument, a horrible prejudice, and the ultimate in professional discrimination.



However, based on the facts of


"There's at least one person here who's looking at you like that. That is "Ebata""


All young people who want to teach ask themselves,

―― 『自分は、人を教え導く人間である』という「肥大した自我」を持っているのではないか?

"Do I have a 'bloated ego' that says 'I can be a person who teaches and leads others'?"


If this is a "trigger" for them to ask themselves, it might be good.



At least, I made a self-assessment that "I'm not the kind of person who can treat all students equally." and has excluded "teaching profession" from by candidates.


And now, from the bottom of my heart, I realize that my evaluation at that time was "terrifyingly accurate".



(Continuation from yesterday)


However, in this closed-off environment, there are idiots who think that they are popular with the opposite sex.


And this idiot takes advantage of the child's ignorance in such a closed environment to commit crimes (sex crimes) in society without much awareness.


Perhaps many of those incidents will never come to light.


This is because the child, the victim, has not learned and does not know that the means of "accusation" exists.

自己評価のできない馬鹿な大人と、性犯罪被害を告発できない子ども ―― 背筋が凍るような恐しい組み合わせです。

"Stupid adults who can't evaluate themselves and children who can't accuse them of sexual assault". This is a frightening combination that sends chills down my spine.



That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I have to be honest with you.

―― 「将来は教師になりたい」という夢を語る若者の全てを、私は「気持ち悪い」と思う

I find young people who talk about their dreams of being a teacher in the future to be "creepy".


Just the fact that I have a 'bloated ego' that says 'I can be a person who teaches and leads others' gives me chills.


In the first place, I think it's crazy that there is a 'direct route to employment, from student to teacher, with zero time lag', without ever having to deal with the contradictions, irrationality and unreasonableness of society in general.


A teacher's employment qualifications should be included


A person who has at least three years of work experience in a position equivalent to or higher than section head in a company certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.



I believe that only those who have had their "bloated ego" "thoroughly beaten down" can enter the special environment of school.


(The reason for including the phrase "accredited by the Ministry of Education, is that 'anyone could build a company for a penny and become president on the same day")


(To be continued)



When I was a college student, I had a part-time job as a tutor and cram school.


And I know the following from my experience.

―― 男性講師は、男性講師という理由だけで、女の子にモテる

"Male instructors are popular with girls just because they are male instructors"



At Valentine's Day and the end of the school year, I received quite a few gifts from the girls (there was even "hand-knitted scarf").


Of course, I was well aware that these were based on the "teen girl fantasy".


Needless to say, there was no way I have the "factor of being popular".



However, instructors (including teachers) are


Looking down at the children from the podium.


- They can teach my children what they don't understand in a way that they can understand.


- They can talk about a variety of life experiences that the children have not yet experienced, and


- They can speak the kind of life lessons that the children can't acquire.



And they can speak non-sense "laughable idealism" and "easily exposed tales of their own heroism"


in an enclosed space


without being interrupted






"Such a thing as a teenage girl giving rise to a kind of love affair with a male instructor" is

―― 教育現場というシステムにおける、構造上の欠陥

"Structural flaws in the system of education field"




Well, the reason why I did as a relatively good teacher when I was a college student


"I was already aware of this fact when I was a college student"



(To be continued)



The proportion of "non-married" people is increasing in our country.


It's not that 'choosing to be 'non-married' is a happy choice,' but the fact that 'non-marriage' is a happy choice.


To begin with, a life of "living with others" is a hurdle in itself.

自分の管理・制御下にない人間と、(大抵の場合は)生涯パートナーとして生きていくというのは、それ自体が奇跡である、と ―― そういう当たり前のことに、ようやく人類は気がつき出したのだと思います。

"living as a partner who is not under our management and control is a miracle (in most case)". I think we are finally realizing that this is a matter of course.


「非婚」によって、出生率が低下し、生産力が減り、国力が削られる ―― なるほど、そうかもしれません。

"Non-marriage" reduces the birth rate, reduces the productive capacity, and diminishes the nation's strength -- okay, maybe so.

―― だったら、何だというのだ?

"What's the matter, even if so ?"


If a nation is decimated by the choices of its people, it is the fate of the nation.

少なくとも私は構いません ―― 衰退していく国家であっても、それに適応しながら、なんとか生きていける程度には、私は、毎日、勉強し続けています。

At least I don't mind. I continue to learn, every day, to manage to live with it, even in a declining nation, while adapting to it.



Apparently, there are a lot of people who are mistaken. "The state (especially the government) is an entity that provides services to its citizens".


The people are under no obligation to serve the state at all.

なぜ少子化対策をしているのか? ―― これも勘違いしている人が多いようです。

Why is the government taking measures against the declining birthrate? It seems that many people misunderstand this as well.


The reason why the government is taking measures against the declining birthrate is because the government wants to maintain the number of people that the current system of Japan needs.


For that purpose, the strategy to maintain the population, "Countermeasures against the declining birthrate," is the cheapest.



However, the declining birthrate is inevitable.


If the declining birthrate is unavoidable, there is no choice but to change (degenerate) the system of Japan in the direction of adapting to the declining birthrate.


Although I do not say that such system changes are "easy", the declining birthrate is an inevitable part of civilization and history.


We need to be prepared to "change the current system" and, if necessary, "abandon the current system" without any hassle.


(Well, there is a technology solution, but I'll omit it this time.)


ただ ―― 「非婚」を選んだ人たちに、申し上げたいことはあります。

However, I would like to call attention to those who chose "unmarried."


There is a tendency for people who choose "unmarried" to frequently ask their relatives' families.


Some people regularly do "on holidays, spend the day at their relatives' homes, playing with their children,".

はっきり言いますが ―― 鬱陶(うっと)しい

To be clear, they are annoying.


In other words, "Read the atmosphere. this idiot!"


Why you are trying to enjoy only "at home" with ease, even you have selected "unmarried".


You have quite a nerve.


If you've chosen the "freedom" of "non-marriage," then swallow the "loneliness" that comes with it, too.


That's called a trade-off.


For example -- do you think any parent would welcome a single man who frequents a house with toddlers and school-age girls?


To be clear, it is "unpleasant", and more clearly, it is "scary".


In the first place, if you're 'a good old man, on your own, who can't even establish how to entertain himself,' you have no credibility.

―― ということを、本人の前でハッキリと言うのは難しいのです(私は例外)。

It's hard to say that clearly in front of you (I'm an exception).



Anyway, 'visits from non-married people are not welcome in the homes of married people'. Please guess.


Those who choose "Non-marriage is a happy choice" have a lifelong obligation to carry it out alone.

厚かましくも、人様が苦労して作り上げた「幸せシステム」に「ただ乗り」するような奴は ―― 少なくとも、私は許しません。

I won't tolerate anyone who "free rides" on the "happiness system" that others have worked so hard to create.



(Continuation from yesterday)


However, my daughters have no hesitation about using their father's "technical skills" and "qualities" to defeat him.

家電機器の設定、ネットワーク配線、パソコンの初期構築、ソフトウェアのインストールから、学術レポート書き方、英語翻訳、工作加工、就職や入学試験対応、プレゼンテーション資料の作り方や纏め方 ―― 果ては、

How to set up appliances, network wiring, initial computer setup, software installation, academic report writing, English translation, crafting, job and school entrance exams, how to make and organize presentation materials -- and more,


They let "me" brainstorm about everything from their motivations for applying for jobs to their dreams for the future.

その為であれば、暗に父親の就寝時間まで指定してきます(例: 『パパさぁ、今日、午前4時より前に寝ちゃう?』)

They will even implicitly specify a bedtime for their father (e.g., "Dad, are you going to bed before 4:00 a.m. today?").



Ebata: "Listen, why do I have to think about your 'motives' and 'dreams' as well?


Daughter: "No, what I expect you is a logical path (explanation) to connect to my 'motives' and 'dreams'"




"It's not that difficult to talk about their "motivation" and "dreams" (although of course there are many people who say it's difficult).


What is really difficult is to create a story with concrete examples, objective feasibility, and moderate power and drama, to lead up to the "motivation" and "dream".



In fact, this is the same as how to write a patent specification.


A patent specification is an administrative document for requesting the state to grant an exclusive right to use an invention.


However, some of the documents also need a powerful story that convinces and impresses the examiner.


Therefore, an engineer whose business is invention is required not only to have "technical ability" but also to have qualities as a "storyteller".


総じて、私は ―― 『娘にブランドバッグをねだられる方が、ラクだな』と思える程度には、娘たちに、コキ使われています。

In general, my daughters have used me as a convenience, like 'it is easier to beg my daughter for a branded bag'



As a child, I didn't have a "get my parents to help me with my homework" mentality.

―― ジョーダンではない!そんなみっともないことができるか!

"No kidding! I can't be so disgusting!"


It was the center of my thinking.


I've never done the "begging my parents for money" thing, with the exception of school fees or other necessities.


I mean - "I couldn't".


My family was not a wealthy one, and I watched (and sometimes helped) my father and mother run a downtown woodworking company, working for their "lives" in the true sense of the word.

# 本当に、父も母も、何度か死にかけて、入院(ICU等を含む)をしていました。

# Really, both my father and mother was about to die several times and were hospitalized (including ICU etc.).



My wife, on the other hand, had her father-in-law and mother-in-law help her with her homework, as was the norm.


She had a consistent policy of "use whatever it takes to make it easier" rather than "her pride," and she never felt guilty about it.


This is no longer a "right or wrong" thing to say, but rather a cultural difference.


Aside from that.



The other day, my daughter told me

―― 自分の娘に『何か欲しいものはないか?』と訊ねて、娘に買い与える父親がいる

"The father of her friend asks his daughter, "Do you have anything you want? and buys it for his daughter"



At that moment, I thought, "It feels bad!"


Such a scene has never appeared in the Ebata family, and it will never happen.

娘に「訊ねて」まで買い与える金があれば、私は私の欲しいものを買います ―― 技術書とか、装置とか、ソフトウェアとか、各種のデータ資料とか。

If I have the money to buy my daughter until I "ask" her, I will buy what I want -- technical books, equipment, software, various data materials, and so on.


I've told my daughters, 'You get what you want by yourself' so they won't waste their time on me, either.


(To be continued)



I am currently working on a report, which is expected to be in excess of 100 pages.


I have enough material, and if I re-structure it, it will be completed as a report, but it's going to be a long and tedious process.


In the past, I used to be able to work on these tasks while watching music or cartoons, but lately this has been impossible.


I come to be able to do both tasks at the same time.


I think this is evidence that my brain's parallel processing capacity (multitasking) is breaking down.



But you may be able to multitask with content you've already watched.

私の場合、「三国志 three kingdoms」が、これに該当します。

In my case, "Three Kingdoms" is it.


Already, this content itself is already in the easy listening category for me.


All in all, I work through 95 episodes, about 100 hours of drama, while lazily listening to it.



And, well, sometimes I think about this drama.

―― 諸葛孔明が何度も試みた「北伐」って、要するに「侵略戦争」だよなぁ

"The 'northern expedition' that Zhuge Liang tried many times is, in short, an 'aggression war'"



―― 落鳳坡で 劉備のフリををしたホウ統(士元)が、計算の上で命を落とすのは覚悟の上だろうけど、その部下は、訳も分からず巻き添え喰らって殺されたんだよなぁ

I'm sure that Hou Tong (Shi Yuan), who pretended to be Liu Bei at "Rakuhouha", was prepared to lose his life in his calculation, but that subordinate would have been killed by collateral damage for no reason.



I continue to work with thoughts that "ruin" famous scenes from the Three Kingdoms.



Looking at a "ideal teachers" in cartoons and dramas.


"I wish I had a teacher like that at school"




"My life would have been different if I'd had a teacher like that"


I can read scattering of posts like the above on the Internet.


I did a little research and found a lot of those pages.


Not so long ago, it would have been "Koro-Sensei" in "Assassination Classroom", and more recently, it would have been "Hiratsuka-sensei" in "My youth romantic comedy is wront as I expected".



The other side,


"I'm gonna be that teacher one day"




"I'm trying my best to be an adult who helps kids like that now"


I could not find the phrases like the above

―― たったの一つも

"at all"






We are creatures that


impose our ideals on others for your own sake,


don't work hard for others.