Exactly one year ago, on April 26th, 2020,

―― 現実世界で、「オーバーシュート」が本当に発生したら、日本の主要都市は1ヶ月で機能麻痺、2ヶ月を待たずに路上に死体が放置され始める

If the "overshoot" really occurs in the real world, major cities in Japan will be paralyzed in one month, and corpses will be left on the street within two months.


I wrote that.


The fact that we have managed to survive "this" for the past year is the result of the government's declaration of a state of emergency and various other measures.


The reason why I can say that is because I calculated on my computer what would happen if we did not take any action.



The Prime Minister has apologized for declaring a state of emergency for the third time, but I don't understand the meaning of this apology.


I have never thought of the prime minister as responsible for anything, not even for a moment.

責任の所在を問われれば、それは、間違いなく、私達国民の責任です ―― その是非はどうあれ。

When it comes to the question of responsibility, it is up to us whether one likes it or not


Because the response to this infection control is simple and clear.


However, there is a reason why that simple, obvious thing cannot be done.


We are living on a platform that includes the "reasons why we can't".


We can't blame ourselves for being the building blocks of the platform.


(I think we should unconditionally condemn those who are drinking and partying at this time.)


So, 'Whatever the pros and cons, the responsibility for this situation is on us'


That's all I need to know.



In the past week, "dead bodies on the street" has become a reality in our country.


Osaka and Tokyo are in pretty bad shape.


In India, this is a reality. Patients are dying while waiting in hospital queues, and there are fights for "oxygen cylinders".


Although it is not in the news, I have heard that small countries in Africa have already surpassed that state.


この状況下での東京オリンピック ―― これ以上もないくらい、最悪の組み合わせと言えます。

Under these circumstances, the Tokyo Olympics could not be a worse combination.


However, as I said before, I still want to see the "Tokyo Model" even in this situation.



With the "Tokyo Model", "dead bodies on the street" may become a reality.

その死体は、私自身(なら、どうでもいいが)、嫁さん、または娘たち、かもしれません ―― そして、私は、多分、死ぬほど後悔することになるだろう、と、分かっています。

The corpse could be myself (I don't really care), my wife, or my daughters -- and I know I'll probably regret it to death.


Maybe I'm out of my mind.




それゆえ ―― 東京オリンピックの「東京モデル」の強行によって、殺される人がいたら、私は、死ぬまでの人生を『人殺し』と呼ばれ続ける覚悟があります。

Therefore -- if anyone is killed by the forced implementation of the "Tokyo model" of the Tokyo Olympics, I am prepared to be called a "murderer" for the rest of my life until I die.



Live-action adaptations of popular anime usually fail.

それでも、私は、コンテンツの二次創作を否定してはならない ―― と、言い続けてきました。

Nevertheless, I have continued to say that we should not deny the secondary creation of content.



それこそが、「実写版 るろうに剣心」のような傑作が生まれてくるために必要不可欠なことだからです。

Because that is what is essential for a masterpiece like "Live-action Rurouni Kenshin" to be born.


ところで ――

That aside...

私たちから見れば、「新型コロナウイルス SARS-CoV-2」は、人類に敵対する、最強にして最悪の憎むべき敵ではあります。

From human point of view, the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is the strongest, worst and most hateful enemy against humanity.


However, from the point of view of the virus, it is literally just a desperate survival strategy, wanting to survive at all costs.


If human's primitive strategy (no contact) is 100% enforced, this infection (COVID-19) can be 100% exterminated.




In fact, I believe that our country has so far managed to push COVID-19 to the brink of extinction.


On the other hand, the COVID-19 continues to make an unyielding effort to spread and infect us without missing a single moment of our carelessness (drinking parties, banquet)

一方、人間たちも、なにふり構わず、COVID-19たちとの殲滅戦争を展開しています ―― 国家レベルの体制で。

But the humans too are waging the war of annihilation against COVID-19, with no regard for the economic sacrifice -- on a national level.


So, in order to survive, COVID-19 continues to marry (or more accurately, "cross" and "mutate") to create stronger and more survivable "children".


And most of these "children" fail and die.


The number of failures is not in the hundreds of millions, but in the trillions and even the millions.

そして、その気の遠くなるような失敗の連続の果てに生まれてきた、奇跡の子ども ―― それこそが、

And the miraculous child that was born at the end of such a dizzying series of failures -- that is


"mutant strain".


何がいいたいか ――

What I'm trying to say--

―― 『変異株』とは、COVID-19世界における『実写版 るろうに剣心』である

"Mutant strain" is the same as "Live-action Rurouni Kenshin" in the COVID-19 world.



Both of them have one thing in common: they can't be born without making a series of mind-boggling mistakes.



Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.


踊るバズワード ~Behind the Buzzword(12)ブロックチェーン(6):



Dancing Buzzword - Behind the Buzzword (12) Blockchain(6)

The madness of "burning Banksy's painting and turning it into NFT.



I have always declared the following.


(1) "I don't want a grave.


(2) "No funeral necessary.


(3) "There are no restrictions on the removal of my body parts (eyes, ears, nose, brain, and everything else) as long as it is for the purpose of transplantation to another person.



(By the way, since I don't intend to be of any use to medical students, I have also declared that "the use of my body parts for academic purposes is absolutely prohibited.)


However, I have set myself the task of "Completely completing the pre-processing of these things by myself before I die.

―― 自分の望み通りにしたいなら、自分自身で汗をかかねらばならぬ

"If I want to get what I want, I have to sweat it out myself"


Whether it's a will or not, such things are a given.


To tell you the truth, I'm thinking about my own dead body, "It would be easier if I could take it out as garbage on Monday"


I don't think it's possible, though, because it would be a legal crime called "abandonment of a corpse".


―― "NFT"は墓標のようなもの

"NFT" is like a tombstone.


I think that.


So called link tag of "spirit".


The grave is important for those who believe in the "spirit"


I don't think we should deny that feeling.

でも ―― 知っていますか?

However, do you know this?


The duration of most cemeteries is, at most, 50 years.


After that, the land is reclaimed or cleared and converted to residential land.


Your house or apartment may be built on top of the remains.


I don't think that should be a surprise.


Logically speaking, if the graves of people over 100 years old (excluding celebrities and tourist attractions) are still there, there should be no more land left in Japan.


Some of you may say, "No, it's not!


Then, please read my diary here.


It must be a coincidence that the beginning of this column starts with "Paris".



"I believe that NFTs are only valuable as long as the person who remembers them (while they are still alive).


Well, that must be "value" too.


It is up to each individual to decide what they consider to be "value".



I heard a story about an old man at a soapland who, after receiving a service, said, "You can't do this kind of work!" like a moralist, to the lady who provided the service.

この話を聞いた時、私は ―― 下品、愚劣、最低、ありとあらゆる言葉を尽して、このオッサン、死ねばいいのに ―― と思いました。

When I heard this story, I thought -- vulgar, stupid, disgusting with all kinds of words, I hope this old man should die.



On the streets of Shibuya, under a declared state of emergency.


"Yeah, I feel like the whole thing is loosening up"




"I feel like there are more people here than the previous emergency"


People who are interviewed like critics seem to me to be the same as the "old man" mentioned above.


And the TV production personnel who give such interviews and broadcast the same kind of comments every day also look like 'vulgar' guys.



I would be too embarrassed to ever give an interview.


If someone points a microphone at me, I run away as fast as I can.


If I can't get away with it, I make sure to get them to commit to having image and sound processing added (and get them to write a note on the spot).



If I were in the position of an interviewer, I would ask the following questions.


"How do you feel about the fact that your presence here may result in the loss of lives that could have been saved and the cancellation of the Olympics?



If I were to be asked such a question, I would follow my conscience and say, loudly and with my heart on my chest.

―― 知ったことか

"Who cares?"




I've had my fill of street interviews.


I don't want to listen to the "ramblings" of "vulgar old men" who can only talk about the same things.


The news is good enough for me if you just tell me the actual measured data and how the prediction engine works.



In yesterday's diary, I wrote about my boss who wrote the patent specification for me.


That reminded me of this story.


"I want to thank you all for your tremendous efforts. Can I say thank you again?"


However, while this story is a good one in one respect, it also has a frightening implication in another respect.



When I was posted to the U.S., I was an "employee, etc." as described in Article 35 (Employee Invention) of the Patent Law.


At the time, I had no idea what the future held for me as an "employer, etc." (manager).


Even now, I have not been aware of this.


However, I believe this is a major, fatal problem.


This is because working with the mindset that you are an "employee, etc." will result in

―― 法律違反の労働をさせてしまう

"the people around you working in violation of the law"



In fact, I even wrote a column about it myself.



However, this time, I was about to do "this".


On the contrary, I may have already done it, many times.


If you receive a warning from the company's line, you will have to write a letter of apology, and in some cases, you will be subject to punishment under the Labor Law, and in civil cases, you will obviously be found guilty of power harassment.


Let's use a concrete example.


Before the end of the workday on Fridays, You say to your subordinates "Please do this work, and submit it at the start of work on Monday"


In other words, it's all about


It's a sense of naivety, of thinking, "It's not my team's problem.


This is really, really scary, I thought.



"I want to thank you all for your tremendous efforts. Can I say thank you again?"


There is a devilish suggestion in this phrase that makes you break the law, break the rules.


(This is sometimes referred to as the "motivation" scam.)


Let's be really really careful.

強く意識していないと、『自分のチームは、関係ない』は、無意識に発動します ―― 本当に。

If you don't have a strong awareness of it, "It doesn't matter to my team" will be invoked unconsciously -- really.


Anyway, I am a person who


"I'm only this competent" even though I always talk like an great.


I reaffirmed this with desperation.



Now, there must be many bosses in Japan who don't tell you to "work for GW" but implicitly force you to do so.


Such bosses may not be doing it arbitrarily, but may simply be unaware of the "violation" of the law.


At any rate,


I recently read a column by an engineer named Ebata. It was quite interesting. Especially this one.


It may be effective to casually send the URL of this page to your boss, saying with that.


It's a small price to pay if it makes your boss aware that she/he is going to "breaking the law".



There are people in the world who give you reckless orders.


The guy who, will push it by using the convenience of the organization, even if you explain that it is absolutely impossibility or difficulty

―― そんなに大切なことなら、お前が、自分でやればいいだろう

"If it's so important, why don't you, uh, do it yourself?"


But it's hard for a salaried worker to say that.



However, in my long career as an engineer, there has only been one boss, who said


"Ebata-kun. Since you seemed to be very busy right now, I wrote a patent specification for your invention with you as the first inventor. Can I apply for a patent?"



I still think that I would be 'willing to die' for him.

―― 0さん、お元気でいらっしゃいますか?

"Mr. 0, how are you doing?"



(Continuation from yesterday)


By the way, I have a morbid aversion to "crowding" now, but when I was young, I drank, made noise, and crowded as much as anyone else.


Especially when I was a teenager, being isolated from the "crowd" had the same impact as a "death sentence".


So, what we call "bullying" generally manifests itself in the form of "isolation from the crowd".

『殺さないリアルタイムの死刑執行』―― こんなに、楽しい残酷な見せ物は、そうそうないでしょう。

"Live of Real Time Executions" - there are not many shows that are as entertaining and cruel as this one.


Bullying does not create a voluntary deterrent because the perpetrator can be instantly turned into the victim.


Well, let's not talk about that today.



My current 'escape from the crowd(*)' is quite thorough.


(*) Of course, this is a parody of Erich Fromm's "Escape from Freedom".


I can't remember exactly how I came to be in this state.

時期的には、「コラムの連載を始めた頃」という気がしますが ―― もう一度、よく考えてみます。

In terms of time, I think it was "around the time I started writing the column" -- I'll think it over again.



Anyway, I think it is quite difficult to tell young people not to crowd together or not to drink.

それらの行為の「楽しい」の中には、『群れからの隔離 = 村八分』に対する潜在的な恐怖があるからです。

This is because within the "fun" of these actions lies a latent fear of "isolation from the crowd = ostracism".

多分、その『村八分』の恐怖は、新型コロナ感染の恐怖より、圧倒的に大きくて、具体的なものなのだろう ―― と、私は推測しています。

I suspect that the fear of the "ostracism" is far greater and more concrete than the fear of a new corona infection.



I saw the news of the third emergency declaration and the images of people gathering in the park to drink soju and beer at the same time, thinking,

―― そんなに飲みたいものなのかなぁ

"I wonder if they want to drink so much"




I have refused to drink now, but,


I am the one who has been exposed to these abominations.


So I think he understands the "fun of drinking".


時々自問するのですが ――

Sometimes I ask myself.


"At the time, I wondered if I would have done such a foolish thing even if I had been in a 'lethal infectious disease and the state was issuing a state of emergency"

―― と。


I'd like to think that I would not have done such a foolish thing even back then.


However, I also think, "I can't say for sure that I didn't do it.



I know from experience that alcohol, even in very small amounts, can destroy normal judgment with relative ease.


- Against a "lethal infection" that must be fought with the full force of reason.


- Alcohol can easily activate our instincts.


- Therefore, it is undeniable that alcohol is one of the greatest enemies of this disaster.


Others say that telecommuting is increasing the number of alcoholics.


(To be continued)



I find some interesting discoveries when I read advertising emails.


"What you need to advance your career is English."


"What you need to advance your career is math."


These two are the standard.

In additon,


"What you need to advance your career is programming."


"What you need to advance your career is philosophy."


"What you need to advance your career is world history."


"What you need to advance your career is classic."


"What you need to advance your career is statistics."


"What you need to advance your career is psychology."


In additon,


"What you need to advance your career is The Art of War by Sun Tzu."


"What you need to advance your career is The nine habits"


"What you need to advance your career is mindset"


They teach me a lot.



Let me summarize, they said,


"What you need to advance carrier is, What you need to advance carrier,



―― 人間は、その人間の立ち位置からでしか語れないのだから、まともに信じて実践したら、ただのバカ

"People can only speak from where they stand. So if you believe and practice it properly, you're a fool"


might be true.


東京オリンピックのテーマソングが聞こえてこない ――

I can't hear the theme song for the Tokyo Olympics--


Even for the Olympics held overseas, the theme songs were played at the top of the sports section of NHK news, annoyingly.


This time, I can't hear this.


Also, there is no news about the local towns that host foreign athletes.


There is no news about the entry of the first group of foreign athletes into Japan (although, of course, I'm sure they will need to go through special entry procedures at the immigration office this time).

そもそも、聖火リレーの様子が、毎日ニュースで流れてこない ―― こんなことって、あるだろうか?

In the first place, the torch relay is not shown on the news every day -- How can this be?



Of course, I can explain.


It is possible that the government is not actively disclosing this information and the media is refraining from doing so because they do not want to create a situation where people will be attracted by the torch relay.


Even If they are "controlling public opinion to keep the torch relay from gaining momentum," this is a form of information control that would surprise even Goebbels.


Nevertheless, if the decision to cancel the Tokyo Olympics has been made in secret, it would be a major problem in terms of international credibility if the talks have not already started through diplomatic channels.



I am one of those people who have no vested interest in the Tokyo Olympics, so I can remain relatively calm, but the Tokyo Olympics is also a huge social experiment field in which companies and universities are all participating.

なのに ―― 私の耳には、何も入ってこない。

However -- nothing is coming into my ears.

また、江端向けの箝口令が敷かれているのだろうか ―― 多分、そうなのだろう。

Also, is there a gag order on Ebata -- maybe so.


I'm "tight-lipped" but "light on sentences".