Yesterday, I installed the "I made a system that buzzes after three minutes if you leave the lights on in the stairwell"


So, as expected, or rather, as planned,

―― 一番最初にブザーを鳴らしたのは、私でした

"I was the first person to sound the buzzer"



In this installation, as an electrical engineering major, I had a rather dumb accident, "electric shock".


To be honest, I was a little depressed.



I don't know if she passed some kind of exam, but my senior daughter seems to have earned the title of "Technical Advisor" at her workplace.

―― ふーん、そうですか。それは凄いですねえ

"Hmm, I see. That's great"


Of course, I wasn't jealous of my own daughter.


But from now on, if I have any problems at work, I will ask her for advice on anything (just kidding).



I remember, a long time ago, when I passed the "Network Specialist" of the Information Processing Test.


I received my acceptance letter via my company, so my boss knew that.


And for a while after that, my boss called me, saying


"Hey, there, Network Specialist. Come here"




The declaration of a state of emergency has been extended.


It is no longer a question of behavioral change, but rather, it is better for mental health to think that the state of emergency will continue indefinitely.


Why don't we revive Prohibition in our country, which is considered to be one of the worst laws in the world?


There's no reason we cannot.


Because Islam is the doctrine of "no alcohol".



I was a little curious, so I went through the data, but it seems that it is not that simple.


Even though the number of infected people is not as high as in the U.S. or India, the ratio of infected people to the population seems to be in the same digits as the situation in Japan.


In addition, the degree of faith seems to vary greatly from country to country or region to region, and there is also the issue of "three densities through worship, etc.".


The biggest problems seem to be 'stupid religious leaders' and 'low scientific literacy'.

―― 信仰心があれば、感染しない

"If you have faith, you are not infected"


It seems that there are still some idiots out there who preach this nonsense.


But, well, I guess it cannot be helped.



Even in Japan, there are people who easily believe the uncertain information about vaccines of "Vaccination will make you infertile"


More on that later in this article, I hope you will be relieved to read the following information.


"In principle, it is impossible for RNA information to get into the genome without reverse transcriptase"



In terms of the nature of the vaccine (mRNA vaccine), my feeling is that "influenza vaccination would be incomparably more risky.



We have a negative history of being deceived by authority and experts.

足尾鉱毒事件や水俣病などの各種の公害、エイズなどの薬害、そして、『絶対安全』と言われた、あと1000年は世界から嘲笑され続けるであろうメルトダウンを引き起した原発事故に至るまで ――

From the Ashio mine poisoning case, Minamata disease, and other forms of pollution, to AIDS and other drug-related illnesses, to the nuclear power plant accident that caused a meltdown that was said to be "absolutely safe" and will be ridiculed by the world for another 1,000 years -- it's all here.


With that in mind, I think it's inevitable that the story 'vaccination will make you infertile' will be spread around and people will believe it.


If I had no information, I might have believed it too (I just happened to know about this story because Dr.Shibata told me about it).



It is a very heavy and painful job to decide "what to believe" on your own.


For now, let's just say that if we can see through the "idiots" who preach

―― 信仰心があれば、感染しない

"If you have faith, you won't get infected"


we can do our best.



By the way, this talk of "idiots" is not just about Islam.

我が国においても、"幸福" "科学" "宗教" "コロナ"で検索すれば、すぐにヒットします。

Even in our country, a search for "happiness," "science," "religion," and "corona" will yield quick hits.


Why don't I write clearly, by name?

それはですね、刺激すると怖いからです ―― 本当に何を言っているのか分からないんです。

That's because I'm afraid of provoking the idiot -- I really don't know what he's talking about.



I am not saying that the Tokyo Olympics should be held or cancelled. I'm just saying that I want to see them.


In this statement, you can see my cunning strategy, being a small and petty person.



Because if you insist that "the Olympics should be cancelled" and if Olympics will end without any major problems, the fact that you insisted be clearly recorded in the Internet logs.


In addition, I have never seen a Japanese who can keep saying,


"This Olympics just happened to be a lucky one. It should have been canceled."


after the event.


Most of the time, most people are silent and act as if what they say never happened.



The reverse is also true.


The Olympics just happened to fail, but that was just bad luck. So, it's still good to have done it.


I have never seen a Japanese person who can continue to say something like this even after the event.



The best thing to do would be to keep silent for now and observe what happens.

―― ほら、私の言った通りになっただろうが

"See, that's what I've talked before, right?"


The best strategy is to falsify the facts of the past (or make yourself believe so).

『旗幟(きし)を明かにしない』こと ―― これこそ、私のような、小心者で小物に適した戦略なのです。

"Don't make your flag clear". This is exactly the kind of strategy that suits small, petty people like me.


And like you.



However, I also have a few things that I am trying to make clear.

■シンギュラリティ? そんな日は、人類が滅びるまで来ません

- Singularity? That day will not come until the human race is extinct.

■英語? まず英単語をありったけ並べるだけでいいんです。過去完了だの、仮定法だのは、それを使えないと困ると感じてから勉強を開始すればいいんです

- English? All you have to do is put all the English words you can find together. You can start studying "past perfect" and "subjunctive" only when you feel you need to use them.

■らくらくダイエット? そんなものはありません。痩せたければ食わなければいいのです

- Easy diet? There is no such thing. If you want to lose weight, all you have to do is not eat.


About three of them.



I believe that a large amount of data on new coronaviruses and the effectiveness of vaccines has been obtained with the cooperation of medical professionals.


Still, the more test subjects, the better.



―― 私、非医療従事者の被験体として、立候補できます。

"I self-nominate myself as a non-medical test subject"


Use my (data) as you like.


You may use my name and all other private information as reference data, including family members, hourly locations of my activities, the number of times I wash my hands, and my waking and sleeping hours (although disclosure of private family information is not allowed).


I follow the government's instructions in principle, such as "no eating out as a rule," "working from home," "walking about an hour a day," and "washing hands thoroughly.


No underlying medical conditions, no alcohol or tobacco habits


However, I have two daughters, one who is working and one who is in college.


The Ebata family is careful about household infections, but that doesn't mean we don't talk to each other.


Therefore, if I am infected or have the disease, I think you can get some significant data.



My barter is to publish on my blog or column the circumstances of the test, its significance, and the conversation that took place.


Of course, I will also draw up a confidentiality agreement that states, for example, that I will not disclose the contents of the article until I have received permission from all parties involved.


And the personal information of everyone involved will be protected by the "Ebata Firewall".


In addition, I am a kind of engineering thinker.


I believe that I can be of considerable help to you.



You may think that "barter is not worth it," but I hope you will consider it.



I did a lot of research on iPS cells before.


Therefore, I have an extraordinary interest in the applied technology of iPS cells.



The results of an experiment using iPS cells showed that a drug for Parkinson's disease may also be effective for ALS patients.


The important point here is not that the drug was administered directly to the patient, but that it was confirmed using the patient's iPS cells.


Finally, the effect was confirmed by administering it to an actual patient. The greatness of this technology was the fact that it was confirmed using the patient's own iPS cells, not mice or other people.

つまり、「効果が現われなかった場合は、投与をしなくて良い」 ―― という、極めて安全度の高い投与が可能となることです。

In other words, it is possible to administer the drug with a very high level of safety: "If it does not work, you do not have to administer it.


This kind of research to find drugs using patients' iPS cells is called "iPS cell drug discovery".

『One to One マーケティング』ならぬ、『One to One 投薬』です。

It's not "One to One Marketing", but "One to One Medication".


―― 新薬を開発することだけが、創薬ではない

"Developing new drugs is not the only way to create new drugs"


I was in a good mood that day when I heard about the wonderful and "effective treatment for ALS," which is an incurable disease.



Every time I see the word "innovation" and the title of a book like "How to make Innovation",

―― うるさい!『イノベーションの作り方』なんぞどうでもいいから、お前の考えた『イノベーションそのもの』を教えろ!

"Shut up! I don't care how you create innovation, just tell me your idea of innovation itself!"


That's why I get so happy when I hear about such wonderful applications.



When I was a freshman in college, I was in a mountain club.


The lesson I learned was, "If I had the time and energy to do this kind of mountain training, I would get a part-time job and charter a helicopter to reach the summit".


Even now, this idea has not changed.


I left the mountain club soon after.


I was also busy working part-time to pay for school and living expenses.



Once when I was a freshman, I joined a party to traverse the Kita-Hotaka route for six nights and seven days.


We stayed in a series of tents, completely self-catering, without using a mountain lodge, so I was cold, hot, and in the worst physical condition and mood, and by the time I descended the mountain, I had lost 7 kg of weight.


And the whole time I was climbing, I was struggling with "nausea" caused by lack of sleep.


The arrival point of the party was Kamikochi, down from Kita Hotaka.


I remember taking a bath in Kamikochi (it was like a field bath) and the soap finally foamed up after the third wash.



I happen to be watching a video of the beautiful "Kamikochi in fresh greenery" right now, however,

―― 吐き気を催してきました

"I'm feeling nauseous"



I wrote a column with a story called "The Emperor System is a Blockchain".


At that time, I did some research on Kojiki (Japanese mythology), which was quite interesting.


It's not bad to study Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, but "Shinto" is also quite cool.

何がいいって『神社の見学が楽しくなる』―― この一言に尽きます。

The best thing about it is that it makes visiting the shrine fun.


If you know which deity is worshipped in this shrine, your sightseeing will be much more enjoyable.


And when you understand that, you can understand the history of the area.


To put it bluntly, it is very exciting to see the "regime side" and the "anti-regime side" or, to put it more bluntly, the "right side" or the "left side" or the "third force" centered on the emperor system -- however,


I may be the only one who sees the shrine that way.



The other day, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a hanging scroll of "Amaterasu".


It's easy to find them on Amazon.


On the other hand, the "Amaterasu" in my mind is a "naughty woman"


I think there is a certain need for this kind of hanging scroll.


Well, it's not a bad interior design, and above all, "Amaterasu" is the first block in the blockchain called the Emperor System.

NFT(Non-Fungible Token)の一番最初のブロックといっても良いかもしれません ―― そのオーナーは、今上の天皇陛下、でいいの・・・かな?

It may be the first block of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) -- its owner is the current emperor, is that right?


Well, that's aside.



I had an accident last night, blowing up my folder of English papers that I've been writing for the past few months.


This was right after I made major revisions on two papers last night.


I tried to recover it by any means possible, but the last backup was too old.

迫り来る投稿締切日、どこにもないマスターの原稿 ―― 完全にパニック状態でした。

The looming submission deadline, the master manuscript nowhere to be found -- I was in a complete panic.


I tried to back up the folder, but the system didn't recognize the folder, so I couldn't do anything about it.


However, tampering with the master file could have completely destroyed the file system to an unrecoverable level.


I was in a state of "bloodlust".


ですので、ググって、調べて、祈るような気持ちで、">chkdsk f: /f"を実施しました。

So I googled, researched, and prayed, and did ">chkdsk f: /f".

ファイルシステムが復旧した時 ―― 私は、ディスプレイの向こうに「神」を見ました。

When the file system confirmed the recovery -- I saw "God" across the display.


It was 5:30 this morning.


I thought I caught a glimpse of God's halo through the window.



So, although I have no plans to purchase the hanging scroll "Amaterasu",

「chkdsk f: /f」という掛け軸が販売されるのであれば、今、直ぐにでも購入する準備があります。

If the hanging scroll "chkdsk f: /f" is sold, I am ready to buy it right now.

Keyword: fsck



A Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) lawmaker's comments about LGBT people seem to be causing problems.


I'm thinking, 'Oh, something's happened again.

とは言え、今回は、一次情報からの調査は行っていません ―― もう面倒くさくて。

This time, however, I didn't do any research from primary information -- It seems to be troublesome.


For example, the investigation into Ms. Sugita's so-called "women always lie" comment took up three full days of my time.


At that time, I realized that if I get involved with strange people, I will end up in trouble.



To be honest, LGBT issues are quite difficult.


I had a very bad experience when I was working on a series of articles about transgender people.

『問題の当事者でもない奴は、語るな』という主張をする人間が ―― 極めて少数ではありますが、存在します。

There are a few people who say, "Don't talk about it if you're not a part of the problem"


In fact, since I am not a party to the problem, I have no way to judge whether my 'position' is correct or not.

それが、ごく一部の人間からであっても、『語るな』と言われれば ―― 私は語りません。

If I'm told not to talk about it, even by a few people -- I won't talk about it.


In fact, now I have stopped talking about this issue.


(However, I have been consulted privately about technical details, and I am answering to the best of my knowledge.)



I think it is not a good idea to criticize the words and actions of people who do not know where they stand in relation to LGBT people.


This is because I think there are a lot of people like me who get deflated by criticism and come to "I'm not going to touch this issue".


Metaphorically speaking,

―― 自分なりに考えた宿題の答を持って職員室に出向いたら、先生に凄い勢いで怒鳴られて叱られた

"When a student go to the staff room with the answers to their homework, which she/he had worked out in their own way, the teacher yelled at them in a fierce manner"


If that happens, the student will never go to that teacher again to ask a question.


税金、高齢化や、少子化、教育 ―― これは、全ての国民が「当事者」です。

Taxes, aging population, declining birth rate, education -- these are all things that every citizen is a "party" to.

コンピュータ、人工知能、ビットコイン、EtherCAT ―― これは、私にとっては『どこからでも、かかってこいや!』の意味で「当事者」です

Computers, artificial intelligence, Bitcoin, EtherCAT -- these are all "parties" to me in the sense of "come at me from anywhere! "


Even I, a person who is often asked, "Is there anything you are scared of, Mr. Ebata?" (misunderstanding), am really "scared" of discussing LGBT issues.


Because no matter how much I study, I will never know what is the right answer.



(Continuation from yesterday)


I am the owner of the domain name "kobore.net".


So, I get a lot of emails selling domain names like "kobore.com", "kobore.co.jp", etc. ("kobore.jp" seems to have an owner).


To begin with, my "kobore.net" was obtained for IP network experiments, and was never intended to be used as it is now (for posting blogs and columns).


However, I have "kobore.net", so I can create as many subdomain names as I want.

■wp.kobore.net WordPress用のドメイン名

- wp.kobore.net for WordPress

■tech.kobore.net 技術系の実験用のドメイン名

- tech.kobore.net for technical experiments

あと、自分でドメイン名を持っていると、covid19@kobore.net やら、blockchain_20201010@kobore.net など、必要な時に作って、必要がなくなれば捨てることができますので、便利です。

Also, it is convenient to have my own domain name, such as covid19@kobore.net or blockchain_20201010@kobore.net, because I can create it when I need it, and discard it when I no longer need it.



I have created and have a public email address for my personal use, and it is also useful to have a domain name.


Sometimes I get emails from people with mental or cerebral disabilities that make me uncomfortable, but after three times, I will not hesitate to change my public email address.


I am a man who can

―― 1人の不快なメールを読めなくする為に、それ以外の複数の人との連絡手段を切り捨てる

"cut off all other means of communication with multiple people in order to make one unpleasant email unreadable"


and, is not afraid of such things.


This has the side effect of making me feel good that I've wiped out all the spam.


Come to think of it, I did the same thing with changing the phone number of my cell phone (smartphone).


However, the new email address will be opened on my website, and I may change it back to the original one in a month or so, secretly.



If you have your own domain name, you can use these little tricks.


If you think you can enjoy this kind of thing, I recommend that you try get a domain name.