I have heard that in China, a system is being adopted to record one's background and daily activities on one's smartphone to enhance one's creditworthiness.

LINEも、"LINE Score"というアプリを開発しているようです。

The LINE company is also developing an app called "LINE Score".


The contents that are self-registered/automatically registered in this application are

■ 履歴(性別、年齢など)

- History (gender, age, etc.)

■ 学歴・職歴

- Education and work history

■ 財力(支払いの能力)

- Financial strength (ability to pay)

■ クレジット(返済履歴を含む信用履歴)

- Credit (credit history including repayment history)

■ 人脈(SNSやサークル、ボランティアなどの交流関係)

- Personal connections (social networking sites, clubs, volunteer work, etc.)

■ 嗜好(趣味や生活での行動)

- Preferences (hobbies and behaviors in life)



なるほど、これからの個人の与信は、常識とか、社会通念とか、あるいは倫理とかいうものを、哲学や宗教に求める必用ななくて、コンピュータが決定してくれる ―― と。

I see, from now on, we don't need to look for common sense, social norms, or ethics in philosophy or religion, but the computer will decide for us.


Well, this is easy.


- Volunteerism is not about mutual aid or good intentions, but simply about credit counting.


- The accumulation of credit counts will make it easier for you to go to school or find a job, which will give you an additional credit count bonus.


- Any act of defiance against the school or organization counts as a negative.


- The count is reset upon conviction of a criminal offense.



When I write this, I tend to think of it as 'the realization of a computerized society of personal control' in a single step, but such a way of thinking is so "shallow" nowadays that even science fiction movies cannot adopt it.


This also has the huge benefit of "quantifying personal values for individuals".



For example, some people may focus on the fact that they are in debt, while others may focus on the fact that they are making good on their repayments.


There may even be people who judge too many connections as 'weathervanes'.


Some people may think that someone who has traveled the world is a more useful person than someone with a high school education.


―― 選挙権があるのに、投票すらいかないような男には、ウチの娘は絶対にやれん

"I'll never give my daughter to a man who has the right to vote, but won't even vote"


I think there are quite a few parents who think that way.


This is why I think it's perfectly fine to take the stance of "I'm only going to vote to prepare for the future' world of credit counting.



This morning, I went to the clinic to make an appointment for a flu shot, but there was already a long line outside the clinic.

30分待ったところで、列を離れました ―― 未練はありませんでした。

After waiting for half an hour, I left the line -- I had no regrets.


Based on the length of the line, I estimated that it would take over 1.5 hours to complete acceptance.


I didn't want to spend that kind of time, so I went home as quickly as I could.


Web予約にすれば良いのに ―― というセリフが、ITリテラシーのあるものの目線であることは分かっています。

I know that the line "Why don't you just make it a web reservation --" is the perspective of an IT literate one.


It might be bad if we don't keep these analog methods.


However, I did want to ask what reason the medical clinic could make such a dense, mass queue on a cold morning.

異なるQRコードを印刷した整理券を ―― と書きかけて、『ああ、これが、すでにダメなのか』と思い至りました。

I was about to write, "Numbered tickets with different QR codes printed on them --" when I realized, "Oh, this is already a bad idea.



I hate "waiting time" from the bottom of my heart.


I would even say that I hate them.


This is because during the waiting time, I think up a system in my head to solve the problem.


And the hatred is directed at those who can't build the system and those who can't use the system.


Thus, the "waiting time" creates a "positive feedback circuit of anger" in me, causing me to suffer.


I've said this many times before.

―― アミューズメントパークを楽しめる人は、自分の才能に感謝すべきです

"Those who enjoy amusement parks should be grateful for their talents"



I think I made a good decision to remove myself from the queue this time.


Anger control is often talked about in terms of 'modifying yourself', but that is tedious and difficult.


Most of all, I don't like the fact that I need to help myself.


I realized that it would be cheaper to "get away from the object of my anger".



I can't tell you the details, but we will be cooperating with the police.


What was interesting was the reaction of my family.


My eldest daughter questioned me as if I had finally become a "dog of power".


My wife was worried that the police were planning to spy on the Ebata family.



Ebata: "'Internal reconnaissance of the Ebata family', means, for example, "hiding the culprit" doesn't it?"


Wife: "How about the story of your old activities?"

うーん、活動かぁ・・・。私の活動といえば『大学構内でのアジテーション2回のみ』というショボイもので ―― 公安に睨まれるほど、立派なことやれていなかったと思う。

Hmm, activities.... My activities were a bit shabby, "only two agitations in the university campus" -- I don't think I've done enough to get the attention of the public security.


I would even consider it an "honor" if I were still on the black list.

むしろ、学寮の中の反体制みたいな立ち位置だったから、下手すると『警察のスパイ』の疑いの方が強かったかもしれない ――

If anything, I might have been more suspected of being a 'police spy' because I was standing like a dissident in the dormitory.


Oh, I was so glad I didn't get purged!


And now, I am so relieved.



The eldest daughter wasn't talking about "arrogance of power," she was simply talking about


"She was riding my bike and got grabbed by a speed trap"


This is why she seems to have an anti-police (x anti-power) sentiment.


To put it bluntly, the reasons are dull.



I don't think anyone says "Japanese imperialism" or "American imperialism" nowadays, and if they do, I think they are idiots.

今、若者にホットな反権力は「環境問題」だと思いますので、その方向なら、長女と共闘できると思うのですが ――

I think the hot anti-power issue among young people right now is "environmental issues," and I think I can work with my eldest daughter in that direction.


No matter how much you want to, I can't fight together in a 'speed trap'.



(Continuation from yesterday)


However, this time, after doing some research beforehand, I stopped giving "X(negative)" to all the judges for the first time. And only the judges who ruled "constitutional" in the court case regarding the Married couple's surname, have been given an "X".


Well, of course, my vote would not result in the dismissal of the judge, but I thought that it would at least convey one of the popular sentiments of "the voice of the people on Married couple's surname".


As for the Supreme Court's decision, in addition to the "Married couple's surname", there were also the "issue of disparity in votes" and the "Okinawa base issue.




Well, young people.


You don't have to force yourself to go to the polls.


It's still too early to be thinking about politics, and first of all, it's too much troublesome.


Besides, if you go to vote, we seniors will be in trouble (most likely).


I am particularly afraid of "regime change".


In the past, around 2009, there was a dramatic change of government.

ところが、その政権が人気取りの政策に走って行政は混乱し、野党に転落した元の与党が思いきし政府の邪魔をし ―― で、結局、割を喰ったのは、私たち国民でした。

However, the administration became confused due to the government's popularity-seeking policies, and the former ruling party, which had fallen into the opposition, became a hindrance to the government -- and in the end, it was we, the people, who paid the price.


To be honest, I don't want to face that kind of trouble again.


We seniors are left with no other strategy but to "feed" on the younger generation and survive.

ですから ―― これまで同様に、大人しく、黙って、私たちシニアから搾取され続けて下さい。

So -- please be quiet and continue to be exploited from seniors as you always have.



This evening, my wife and I went to the early voting.


When I went to the polling station for the election, there were more than a dozen staff members waiting for me, even for the early voting.


Even if we only consider the labor costs at the polling stations, I realize that "elections are really expensive.


At the very least, I thought, if I shortened the voting period by one day, I could easily raise enough money to pay for a year's worth of cultural club activities at some junior high school or high school.


マイナンバーカードの活用で、省庁の窓口業務をコンビニに押しつけているのですから(私もその方がラクだし)、選挙もマイナンバーカードでできるようにしてしまえば良いのですが ――

Since the ministries and agencies are forcing convenience stores to do the window work by using my number card (it's easier for me too), why don't they make it possible to hold elections with my number card?


The reason why this is not currently possible is as described here.


It would certainly be risky to suddenly move to online voting, so I think it would be a good idea to create something like a "special zone for digital voting" and start with a small-scale trial operation.


Alternatively, they can use engineers like me to do a demonstration experiment.


If someone asks me to do both analog and digital voting, I'll take it in stride. I'm sure I could get 100 to 1,000 volunteers across the country in no time.


I have high hopes for the Digital Agency.


Aside from that.



Whenever I was asked to fill out a form for the National Review of Supreme Court Judges, which is held during the House of Representatives election,

―― 全員"×"をつける

I'm marking them all with "X(negative)" perfectly.



This is a protest against the screening system that only allows "X" instead of "○".

無記載なら信任 ―― とか、多くの独裁国が採用している投票システムのようなやり方は、気持ちが悪いです。

If it's unstated, it means "confidence" This approach, which is adopted by many dictatorships, makes me feel bad.


(To be continued)



In response to the interview,

―― 人様の結婚話に赤の他人の私が口を出すほど、私は、野暮でも下品でもねーよ

"I'm not so boorish or vulgar that I'd interfere in someone's marriage as a stranger."


If you made the above comment, please let me know.


I think there's more than one of them.



I would like to introduce you on my blog, although I don't think the media companies will adopt your comment.


Of course, the Ebata Firewall will protect you.


I would like to shake your hand remotely.



I was watching the anime "Yuru Camp" and remembered how I borrowed my mother's moped to travel alone from Nagoya to Kyoto when I was in high school.


At the time, my high school forbade me from getting a moped license, but of course, I ignored them.


I was helping my parents with work at their factory using a moped, so naturally "my parents approved".



I would like to remind teenagers that school rules are a "duty of effort" to begin with.


"Duty of effort" refers to things that are not legally obligatory and are not subject to penalties for violation, but are stipulated as things that should be done and should be endeavored to be done.


Japanese citizens are obligated to obey the law, and if they act in violation of the law, they will be penalized accordingly.


In other words, we are not obligated to follow anything other than the law.


Therefore, you are not obligated to follow any school rules that do not comply with the law.


However, in the case of an organization such as a school, the private rules (=school rules) that are deemed necessary for the operation of the organization depend on the discretion of the organization's management.


However, if the rules are unreasonable, then the school rules are considered more "illegal".


In this case, if you fight it in court, you can win.


It is possible to have school rules changed or withdrawn.


さて、ここで「原付免許の取得禁止」が、合理的であれるか、不合理的であるか ―― というのは、今回はスコープ外とします。

Now, whether "banning the acquisition of moped licenses" is reasonable or unreasonable is outside the scope of this article.

That means,


(1) It is necessary for the school to show that it has established such rules (i.e., school regulations) to ensure the safety of its students.


(2) Students, on the other hand, understand the school's position and it's okay to break school rules at your own risk.



However, if you are found out, for example, if the school has a rule that "breaking the rules = expulsion", you will be expelled (unless you fight it in court).


Let's put it simply in a nutshell.


If you have an accident, you have to take the risk of being expelled immediately.


I kept the fact that I had a moped license a secret for a long time, and when it came to driving a moped, I tried to be as safe as possible. After all, if I had an accident, I would be expelled from school immediately.


Schools don't bother to investigate the fact that not all of their students are licensed.


It costs a hell of a lot of money, and with the personal information issue, it's out of the question immediately.


What the school needs is "appearances and mensuration."


Hence, school rules should be "broken in silence, without telling anyone.


You can show off your individuality in places that have nothing to do with school, such as your hair and clothes.


If you are not allowed to work part-time, you just have to be very careful and work without being detected.


Well, I say, 'If you can't do that level of planning (or if you don't have that level of intelligence), then don't do it.


But that's beside the point.



Now I can't believe my youthful indiscretion in climbing the Suzuka Pass on a moped.


I think it was also raining. I remember it was very cold.


The anime "Yuru Camp" also makes me feel like I'm freezing just watching it.


"I don't know how I could have done that. I can say with certainty that I would never be able to do that now.



I think the engine of "youthful indiscretion" is very important.


The operating period of this engine is shorter than you think.


It seems to me that it is very important to "act when you feel like it, without thinking too much".

校則が理由で何もできなかった ―― などという言い訳は、他人には勿論、自分にすら通用しません。

Excuses such as "I couldn't do anything because of school rules" are not acceptable to others, or even to yourself.



(Continuation from yesterday)


Ebata: "I think this 'unrequited love' has far more power than ordinary love'."


Daughter: "What do you mean?"


Ebata: "Even if you don't see it, you can sense it just by approaching it. By discomfort."


Daughter: "It's true, I get urticaria just from their presence.


Ebata: "In my case, I can only detect that they have 'arrived on the same floor'."



Ebata: "In my case, once I've decided that I hate them, there's no way I'm going to change my mind later. How about you."


Wife: "I agree it. I think that it is a rare case of disappearing the the feeling.


Ebata: "Therefore, I think it's quite important to live a life in which you don't create 'hate' as much as possible. Besides, it is quite difficult.


Wife: "But 'hate' is inevitable in the working world."


Ebata: "In my case, when I was young, I was angry at someone all the time, I think. Especially my boss."


Wife: "So do I."

江端:「しかし、最近は、この『嫌い』の数が減ってきているような気がする ―― だから心配している」

Ebata: "But lately, the number of these 'hate' seems to be decreasing -- so I'm worried."


Wife: "Why?"


Ebata: "This is just a hypothesis, but I think the total amount of 'hate' in life is constant.


Wife: "And?"

江端:「『嫌い』を感じられなくなってきている、ということは ―― 本格的に『嫌われる』側にフェーズ移行した、と考えるべきだと思う」

Ebata: "If I can't feel 'hate' anymore, then I think I am now "being hated by others" phase in earnest.


Wife: "?"


Ebata: "In other words, the people who are 'hated' are hopelessly 'unaware' of it."



- Being lectured by a newcomer is "the best entertainment" for an older person.

■なんたって、社会というヒエラルヒーにおいて、新人や若手は社会人として弱い立場にあり、そのような自分より社会的に弱い立場にいる者に対して、上から目線で持論を一方的に述べる ―― こんな愉快なイベントを、年配であるこの私が見逃すわけがない。

- After all, in the hierarchy of society, newcomers and young people are in a weaker position as members of society, and old persons can unilaterally express their opinions from a superior perspective. How could I, an older person, miss such a delightful event?


This kind of situation is often invoked at "drinking parties" and the like.


In particular, a boss who wants to talk about the hardships of his or her youth is the worst of the worst.


However, this "worst of the worst" is difficult to self-identify. The higher the position, the more difficult it becomes.


Since no one can stop them, they will continue to self-amplify the ridiculous misperception that they are saying "good things".


Thus, the boss is completed as the 'being hated' one.


私、断酒してから、かれこれ3年になりますが ――

I've been sober for almost three years now, and...


The above is an objective report from a sober, post-sobriety person who has been observing the "unseemliness of the boss" at drinking parties.

ちなみに、上司であるかどうかに関係なく、酒が入るだけで、恐しく『最低』になる人間を見続けてきました ―― 本当に背筋が凍るような場面もありました。

Incidentally, I've seen people, regardless of whether they were my boss or not, turn into horrible 'jerks' just by drinking -- there were some truly spine-chilling moments.


Therefore, the best choice is to "not attend" drinking parties.


However, this is not possible in the working world.


The best way for a boss to behave at a drinking party is to not talk, shut up, and only pay.



Yesterday, I went out for a rare family dinner.


Recently, my daughters have not been able to spend any time with me, however, last night, by some miraculous chance, we were all together, so I decided to eat out immediately.


One of last night's stories was "Unrequited Love for a Person I Hate".


Ebata: "Why can't I get this passionate feeling of 'I hate you' across?"


My family looked at me strangely and gave me a witty comment.


Wife: "Dad, you usually tell people those things verbally, don't you?"


Ebata: "Don't talk about me like I'm a psychopath. I'm just a normal, defensive-minded, small-minded businessman."


When my family heard this, they looked at me like, "Damn".

いやいや、本当 ―― コラムの中で書いていることを、日常的に語っていたら、社会的に死にます。

To tell you the truth, if I talked about what I write in my columns on a daily basis, I would die socially.

サラリーマンの生存戦略とは、『内心を隠し、上司に阿(おもね)て、部下に無難に接する』 ―― この一言に付きます。

The survival strategy for business persons is to hide their inner secrets, defer to their superiors, and play it safe with their subordinates.


Well, that's beside the point.



Ebata: "When I made a plan of ski events..."


Wife: "Have you ever organized a ski event?"


Ebata: "After we got married, we would go skiing and play tennis with my colleagues at the institute for a few years.


Wife: "Oh, I see. I had a feeling you'd been the character you are now from the moment we met."


Ebata: "When I was a student and even after I became an adult, a guy who was 'I don't want to go with just this guy,' appeared, and for some reason, he would get involved in my ski projects.


Daughter: "Why don't you just not talk to him?"


Ebata: "Of course, not. I didn't say anything to them. Even when he blatantly said in front of me, 'I want to go with you,' I just smiled and left."


Daughter: "Why were he coming in?"


Ebata: "One of the participants was even letting him join on their own."


Daughter: "Why don't you just say no?"

江端:「『俺、あいつ嫌いだから断ってくれ』って、言えるか? 無理だろう?」

Ebata: "Can you say, 'I don't like that guy, so please turn him down ?& You can't, can you?"


Daughter: "I don't know if it's anyone else, but I think Dad can tell them."

江端:「言えるか! パパの交友関係は、その時点で破綻だ」

Ebata: "No way! My friendships would be broken at that time"


Daughter: "You don't have any friendships to begin with, do you?"

江端:「それは、『今のパパ』だ! 昔は、テニス部のキャプテンという、リア充の中のリア充だったんだ。『サービスを打てないテニス部キャプテン』って ・・・ 思い出したら、腹が立ってきたな」

Ebata: "That's 'me' now! I used to be the head of the tennis club, the realest of the real, and they used to call me 'the head of the tennis club who can't hit a service. I am starting to piss me off when I remember.


Wife: "And?"

江端:「どんな恋愛にも負けないくらいの熱い想いで、『お前が嫌いだオーラ』を発していたんだけど、どうして、この想いが伝わらないんだろう ―― と」

Ebata: "I was emitting an aura of 'I hate you' with a passion that rivaled that of any other relationship, but I wondered why this feeling was not being conveyed.


Wife: "I see."


Ebata: "This made me angry at the insensitivity of the person receiving the aura of 'I hate you', but at the same time I was convinced that I myself was not receiving the aura of 'I hate you'."


Wife: "And?"


Ebata: "I ended up in a place called 'Skiing Alone'. When I think about it, I feel like that was the starting point of my 'history of being alone'..."



(1) I like skiing in the first place.


(2) I like skiing with the person I like better than (1).


(3) Skiing with someone I don't like is more uncomfortable than (1) and (2).


The only optimal solution that satisfies the above (1) to (3) is 'skiing alone'.


(To be continued)



Recently, I've been seeing other people's e-books because of my own background in releasing e-books.

―― 私が困っていることに関して、的確にヒットする本が多いな

"So many books that hit exactly the right spot regarding what I'm having trouble with"


I'm impressed.


It is natural to think about it, but a general book cannot be published unless a certain number of publications can be expected.


There is no way that content in a niche technical field can be sold in a normal way.


However, in the case of e-books, there are basically no intermediate costs (editing, binding, shipping, bookstore shelves, returns).


The cost for this is also low.



For an engineer like me, the contents of general books are often not enough.


For example, the GTFS data format and how to retrieve the data, or how to set up AWS IAM, are out of scope even for data engineers and cloud engineers.


My writings on Bayolinks, PostGIS, etc., are probably a mystery to many engineers.


If your goal is to make money in the first place, this kind of publication is completely absurd.



I don't know about other fields of e-books, but when it comes to the technology field, it seems to be driven by different theories than the normal market principles for books.


(1) Write down my findings when I forget them, regardless of profit, and


(2) By being aware of the fact that "others will read it," I will be able to structure my sentences properly, and


(3) It's good if I can recoup some of the cost of the time I spent writing.


like the above.



Well, sometimes I think the books are a bit difficult to read because they don't have a professional editor in them.


However, as an engineer, I believe that they can read between the lines, even if it is difficult to read.