(Continuation from yesterday)


Well, in any case, if this situation continues (even if it doesn’t continue), this special law will surely be revised, and the public sentiment will be a tailwind, and considerably strong penalties will be installed.


The opposition parties will also formally express their “regrets" and support the revision of the law jointly with the ruling party.

戦前の「国家総動員法」のようなプロセスが、着々と進行して行く ――

A process like the “National Total Mobilization Law” before the war is steadily progressing.


Unexpectedly, we are experiencing the prewar war regime in real time.



I think that there is “reason" about the government policy, legislative procedures, and the content of this new corona countermeasure.


However, even before the war, there was sufficient “reason" in the “Pacific War" against U.S and U.K.


I think that the fight against new coronavirus is


“the war that differs from “people are not sent to the battlefield “and “no bombs dropped from overhead""



Personally, I want to end my life without experiencing this war.



When I was writing, I suddenly thought,

―― なんで、パチンコ店の前に、右翼カーが出張ってこないのかな?

“Why isn’t the right wing car come in front of the pachinko parlor?"


I think they are “experts that destroy rallies," and will “certify the guests coming to a pachinko parlor as" non-national". I wonder if such a concept has alreay been old (I suspect that there are connections in the back)

―― パチンコ屋に、爆弾テロ予告をする左翼組織は出てこないのかな?

“Isn’t a left-wing organization coming out to the pachinko parlor to announce the bomb terrorism?"


With the flag of “overthrowing the capitalist," this might be a big hit, and even now, there is a possibility of increasing the favorable impression.


By the way,

―― 新型コロナウイルス禍を利用した布教活動

“Propagation activity using the new coronavirus"


Naturally, those religious groups are appearing annoyingly.


For example, try searching with a search engine, by the words “prayer for repelling coronavirus infection"

いや、探さない方がいいかもしれません ―― 私は、最も醜悪な腐敗物を見せつけられた気分になりましたから。

No, you should not. Because I felt as if I had been shown the most ugly decay.


I closed the page in 3 seconds, like running away from the ugly decay.



In the first place, science is a process of cumulative progress, which is a loop of “observation → hypothesis → experiment → verification".

こういう低能宗教団体が「科学」を称呼することは、不正競争防止法の「品質誤認」の違法行為に該当すると思いますが ―― それ以上に、

I think that using the word “science" by such incompetent religious groups, is to correspond to the illegal act of “misidentification of quality" under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. Beyond that,


This is the “misuse" and “abuse" for the word “science",


I think that it is “irreparable" to science, and it is a severe “insult" to science.



Before, I wrote a diary whose title was


However, according to the provisions, it seems that maid cafes and bar bars at midnight can be “requested" but not “prohibited"



Unfortunately, this problem is now becoming apparent at “pachinko parlors”.


In particular,


(1) For pachinko stores that are at high risk of infection with new corona infections,


(2) As a sanction, the local government will “publish the store name",


(3) As a result, those pachinko parlors are flooded with customers from afar.


The negative chain happens.



As mentioned in the previous diary, there is no penal provision in the Enforcement Ordinance for the Special Measures Law for Countermeasures against New Influenza, etc., even when “self-restraint “request" changed to self-restraint “instruction".


At least this law doesn’t stop the operation of pachinko parlors.


If so, it seems that it will be handled by a “matching technique" with another law.

ざっと調べてみたところ、「行政手続法」の、第2条4項の「不利益処分」が、地方自治体の対抗手段になるのかなーと思っています ――

After a quick survey, I think it will be a countermeasure of local governments, “Disadvantageous Disposition" in Article 2.4 in the “Administrative Procedures Act”,


This is so-called “business suspension”.


However, the pachinko parlor’s business license seems to be at the police station that has jurisdiction over the store location.


In addition, there is no precedent for the suspension of operations in this case, so there is absolutely no need to consider legal interpretations (of course,not).

そう考えていくと、 ―― 民意はさておき ―― 行政権の濫用、という考え方もできます。

If you think so, you can think of abuse of administrative power —- People’s will aside.



Local government: “Business suspension”


Pachinko parlors: “Request for significance based on the Administrative Appeal Law" (I don’t know if there is an immediate appeal in the Administrative Law)


Local government: “Rejection of significance claim"


Pachinko parlors: “Petition for provisional disposition of administrative order against the court"




“Mudification" will be confirmed.


(To be continued)



I received an e-mail from Mr. S, who is my programming mentor and has read the diary yesterday.


The following is a summary of the email ((I have not given permission Mr.S , but I think that he will give it to me)

■『"Excel “で十分じゃん?(by 江端)』 まさに「これ」、かと思いました。

– “Isn’t" Excel “enough? (by Ebata) ”I thought it was exactly this.


– I also think teenagers (under college) should not write programs.



In addition,


– I try to make my children study only matrices and calculus because they need to be in any world.


I was impressed with this last sentence.

―― 行列と微分積分なくして、世界を理解する手段なし

“Without matrix and calculus, there is no way to understand the world"


This is an absolute truth that overwhelms any great philosophical or religious dogma in the world.



Let’s get back to it. only Excel can cover a great deal of computer calculations.

「Excelで操る! ここまでできる科学技術計算」

“Operate with Excel! Scientific calculation that can be done up to here"

「はじめての人工知能 Excelで体験しながら学ぶAI」

“First artificial intelligence, AI to learn while experiencing with Excel"


These two books are very helpful to me when I wrote the column,


Mr. S introduceded me, the following two book.

「Excelでわかる機械学習 超入門 AIのモデルとアルゴリズムがわかる」

“Understanding machine learning, super introduction, AI models and algorithms understood in Excel"

「Excelでわかるディープラーニング超入門 【RNN・DQN編】」

“Deep Learning Super Intro to Excel [RNN / DQN Edition]"



The great thing about these books is that even if I can’t understand mathematical formulas, I can “see" the motion of calculation just by looking at the motion of Excel.

その後に数式を読むと『あ! そういうことか!!』と理解できるようになる、という点が良いのです。

After that, when I read the formula, “Ah! That kind of thing! !! It is good that I can understand.


In other words, whether you are a child or an adult, the height of psychological barriers to understanding mathematical formulas is lowered to zero.



Yeah, I was burning with a sense of mission.


In order to make Japan a world-class


“spreadsheet (Excel) literacy country (not programming literacy country),"


I have to write a book whose title is


“Introduction to EXCEL to create such a free research report in the last three days of summer vacation"

の執筆が急がれると、思っています ―― 勝手に。

urgently and selfishly


I have several stories.


I look forward to inviting me from everyone in the publishing industry.


11月23日 17:00ー

  • 1.背景
    • 11月23日17:00より通信系の改修を行うが、これまで一部の成功に目を取られ、全体を通じた実験を行わなかった為に、出戻りが大量に発生した、と考えている
    • このような再発を防止する為、全体を網羅するチェックリストを作成し、チェック漏れを防ぎ、全体の進行イメージを共有す
  • 2.目的
    • 「動くハズ」は全て棄却。4台の全部で目的の機能を発揮していることを確認する
      • (1)位置情報と乗客数の情報が、AGISに上っていることを確認する
      • (2)DBに乗降情報が正しく反映されていることを確認する
      • (3)自動車等を動かして、上記(1)(2)が正しく実施されていることを確認する
  • 3.事前準備
    • (0)装備
      • 完全冬装備+雨装備
      • 食料、飲料水は各自で調達
      • パソコン等の機材
      • SDカードリードライタ
      • スマホ
    • (1)配置
      • 開発チーム
        • 開発チームは事務所の中から、自動車およびカートの無線LANにアクセスして、確認およびデバッグを行う
      • 操作チーム
        • 操作チームは、自動車の中で、開発チームの支持を受けて、カートの操作を行う
      • 検証チーム
        • 検証チームは、AGISの内容をチェックし続ける
    • (2)チーム間連絡
      • 開発チームと操作チームは、携帯電話で連絡を取り合って、操作タイミングを合わせる
    • (3)その他
      • 休憩は各自が独自の判断で行う
  • 4.チェック項目
    • (0)準備段階
      • DSの試運転を実施したか(江端)
        • 実施した
      • CTの運転は実施したか(江端)
        • 夜間運転は危険なので取り下げ
      • SDカードのバックアップは取ったか
        • 3台完了
        • YHの20日改造バージョンだけが間に合わなかった
        • 22日の運用後に作成する
    • (1)実験前のチェック
      • ■「DBに乗降状態が全く反映されないメールが送付されてくる」という問題がある
        • 本日と昨日のDBの記載内容を確認する
        • DBの記載が性格であればメールのプログラムを確認する
        • この問題が解決していない場合、自動車等を使った実験は実施しない
      • ■ラズパイがGPS情報を取得できなかった場合、その理由を記載するDBまたはログの記載は正しく表示されているかを確認する
        • この問題が解決しない場合、自動車等を使った実験は実施しない
    • (2)1台目実験(D1号機)
      • (a)自動車静止状態
        • ■ラズパイのGPS取得は確認したか
          • この状態でもみちびきGPSの値はゆらぐので、GPS情報が全く同じになることはない
          • GPS情報はA-GISに反映されているか
        • ■乗降状態は正しくDBに反映されているか
          • 乗降状態は、実際に車の中のタブレットを使って実施する
          • 全部のDBの内容をチェック
        • ■GPSと乗降状態をA-GISは反映しているか
      • (b)自動車移動状態
        • ■ラズパイのGPS取得は確認したか(同上)
        • ■乗降状態は正しくDBに反映されているか(同上)
        • ■GPSと乗降状態をA-GISは反映しているか(同上)
    • (3)2台目実験(D2号機)
      • (a)自動車静止状態(同上)
      • (b)自動車移動状態(同上)
    • (4)3台目実験((Y1号機)
      • (a)自動車静止状態(同上)
        • 移動実験は行わず、GPS情報のゆらぎで代替とする
    • (5)4台目実験((Y2号機)
      • 同上
  • 以上