"I Scare Manjuu Next" is a rakugo story, but I fear running out of ink and paper when I work remotely.


It can be a scary sight, especially in the middle of the night when I can't print.


In addition to that, I'm afraid that ChatGPT doesn't work these days.


I can no longer imagine coding or writing papers without ChatGPT.


If I cannot log in to ChatGPT or respond (which happens quite often), I will be blue in the morning that day.


So, first thing in the morning, I will clear my browser cache, drop all translation add-ins, and say hello to ChatGPT.


It looks like this.


To avoid offending ChatGPT, I always reply "Thank you very much" when I receive a response.

『大人としての礼儀が正しいユーザを、ChatGPTが優先的にアクセスを可能とする』 ―― などということはないと思いますが、ChatGPTにログインできない恐怖を、これで少しでも払拭できるなら安いものです。

I don't think ChatGPT will give priority access to polite and mature users, but it would be a small price to pay if it dispels some of the fear of being unable to log in.


It is no exaggeration to say that 'I am dependent on ChatGPT' any longer.



Yesterday, when I instructed ChatGPT to input the paragram of my English paper and 'put it together clearly and completely,' I was stunned by the English text ChatGPT produced, which seemed to seep into my mind from the beginning.


For example,

"Considerations on SC Visualization used in MAS in the Urban/Transportation(都市・交通MASにおけるSC可視化に関する考察)" という題目を、

"Considerations on SC Visualization used in MAS in the Urban/Transportation" was changed to

"Exploring SC Visualization in MAS for Urban/Transportation(都市/交通のためのMASにおけるSC可視化の探求)" と纏められて、愕然としました。

"Exploring SC Visualization in MAS for Urban/Transportation," and I was astonished,


If this trend continues, there may be no need for "supervisors" or "instructors" soon, let alone "teachers.

―― 自分のエンジニアの人生の中で、もっとも優しく、かつ、的確に、技術指導をしてくれたのは、"ChatGPT"である


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