Mr. S, who is a reader of kobore.net, pointed out yesterday's diary to me via email.


I think I have got a very good point. With the permission, I am publishing the full text of the email we exchanged today (without any changes, except for line breaks).


2020年10月7日(水) 10:40 S

October 7, 2020 10:40 S


Mr. Ebata


My name is S, a kobore.net reader.


Thank you for interesting articles, as always.


I have read today's memorandum on the aforementioned matter, and I would like to comment on what Ms. Sugita Mio's comments.


According to her comment of "women lie without hesitation, I have heard that the statement is not about [the sexual violence case] but about [the career of Korean comfort women] in the first part of the context.



Of course, there is room for consideration as to whether the choice of words is appropriate in a public debate. However, given the history of the comfort women issue (Lee Young-soo's history of speaking out, etc.), it was not a deliberate statement.


Regarding Ms. Sugita's remarks, the way the media picked them up was overwhelming, and I think it would be unavoidable to write a memorandum article, which would make the impression worse.


However, I also felt that the article may give a bad impression against the depth of Mr. Ebata's daily reflections.


If you have time, could you please consider the pros and cons of the article after looking at the background once again?


I apologize for my rudeness, but I would like to thank you for your patience.


2020年10月7日(水) 11:25

October 7, 2020 11:25


Mr. S


Thank you for pointing that out.


I believe this is an important point (comfort women and sex victims), so I have done a thorough investigation.


As for me, it's based on sources I usually trust. Unfortunately, I can't claim to have researched it as carefully for regular commercial columns. (In the columns, I do try to get to the base article)


Therefore, I would like to investigate this matter again.


In addition, about the phrase of


"According to her comment of "women lie without hesitation, I have heard that the statement is not about [the sexual violence case] but about [the career of Korean comfort women] in the first part of the context"


It would be greatly appreciated if you could send us the source (URL etc.)

# 頂いたTwitter等のまとめは、本人の主張 + twitter の発言集であり、私の中では「信頼できるソース」の基準には満たされておりません。

The summary of Twitter and other sources you provided is a collection of her own claims + twitter statements. So I am sorry but it does not come up to the standard of "reliable source" in my mind.


In addition, this is my personal opinion, but I think that "even if the thread was about the comfort women issue...".


I've been tracking the historical process of the comfort women issue since I was a teenager, and I've been monitoring it since then, including the case of the certain newspaper company.


Of course, I believe that talking about the comfort women issue and the sexual violence issue in the same thread is bordering on violence, and I also think there's a difference between basing it on "historical facts" or "policies".

# 私には、とても難しく、日記の中で記載している「敢えて無視」している案件の一つです。

# This is one of those "dare to ignore" cases in yesterday's diary, because this is very difficult for me.


In any case, Mr. S and I will carefully double-check the information, and then I will try to delete, correct or add to it (to clarify the source) if necessary.


Also, I would like to show the full text of these mails in my diary without any corrections. (If I could get Mr. S's permission).


We would be grateful for your cooperation.


Tomoichi Ebata


2020年10月7日(水) 12:29 S

October 7, 2020 12:29 S


Mr. Ebata


Thank you for your reply.


I apologize for the presentation of the secondary source instead of the primary source.


As for my own background, I was swallowing that the story that it was cut and pasted spread, after confirming that the video of the answer was presented at the usual collection destination.


Therefore, after confirming the relevant answer again, I would like to summarize my opinion again.


I apologize for giving you an opinion on uncertain grounds.


For me, I had the opportunity to find out more or less how history changed its appearance and how it was related to the media. So my distrust caused by it.


I also think that my sensitivity to this statement was insensitive, because I focused on what she wanted to say as a whole in order to explain about her own opinions, and I didn't focus on some roughness. (Even if not, no one can express or interpret in their mind).


In any case, I will contact you as soon as the information is available.


In addition, as the responsibility of the opinion side, I agree that this matter will be disclosed.


Thank you for your cooperation.


2020年10月7日(水) 17:20

October 7, 2020 17:20


Mr. S


Thank you for your reply.


Thanks for your cooperation, I would like to publish the full text of the email you received and I sent


(1) Mr. S's name will be "Mr. S, the kobore.net reader". In addition, Mr. S's email address will be kept private in the absolute sense. (No matter what the pressure).


(2) I don't change the wording, but let me control the line breaks (I use the style of always inserting line breaks in 3 lines).


(The same applies to my email)


(3) However, if Mr. S is dissatisfied with the contents and structure developed in the diary, I will delete the entire diary as soon as possible regardless of the reason.


(The above (1)-(3) are based on past projects).


In addition, I fully understand that this is an opinion you have been concerned about me.


I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for the checks.


Tomoichi Ebata


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