The proportion of "non-married" people is increasing in our country.


It's not that 'choosing to be 'non-married' is a happy choice,' but the fact that 'non-marriage' is a happy choice.


To begin with, a life of "living with others" is a hurdle in itself.

自分の管理・制御下にない人間と、(大抵の場合は)生涯パートナーとして生きていくというのは、それ自体が奇跡である、と ―― そういう当たり前のことに、ようやく人類は気がつき出したのだと思います。

"living as a partner who is not under our management and control is a miracle (in most case)". I think we are finally realizing that this is a matter of course.


「非婚」によって、出生率が低下し、生産力が減り、国力が削られる ―― なるほど、そうかもしれません。

"Non-marriage" reduces the birth rate, reduces the productive capacity, and diminishes the nation's strength -- okay, maybe so.

―― だったら、何だというのだ?

"What's the matter, even if so ?"


If a nation is decimated by the choices of its people, it is the fate of the nation.

少なくとも私は構いません ―― 衰退していく国家であっても、それに適応しながら、なんとか生きていける程度には、私は、毎日、勉強し続けています。

At least I don't mind. I continue to learn, every day, to manage to live with it, even in a declining nation, while adapting to it.



Apparently, there are a lot of people who are mistaken. "The state (especially the government) is an entity that provides services to its citizens".


The people are under no obligation to serve the state at all.

なぜ少子化対策をしているのか? ―― これも勘違いしている人が多いようです。

Why is the government taking measures against the declining birthrate? It seems that many people misunderstand this as well.


The reason why the government is taking measures against the declining birthrate is because the government wants to maintain the number of people that the current system of Japan needs.


For that purpose, the strategy to maintain the population, "Countermeasures against the declining birthrate," is the cheapest.



However, the declining birthrate is inevitable.


If the declining birthrate is unavoidable, there is no choice but to change (degenerate) the system of Japan in the direction of adapting to the declining birthrate.


Although I do not say that such system changes are "easy", the declining birthrate is an inevitable part of civilization and history.


We need to be prepared to "change the current system" and, if necessary, "abandon the current system" without any hassle.


(Well, there is a technology solution, but I'll omit it this time.)


ただ ―― 「非婚」を選んだ人たちに、申し上げたいことはあります。

However, I would like to call attention to those who chose "unmarried."


There is a tendency for people who choose "unmarried" to frequently ask their relatives' families.


Some people regularly do "on holidays, spend the day at their relatives' homes, playing with their children,".

はっきり言いますが ―― 鬱陶(うっと)しい

To be clear, they are annoying.


In other words, "Read the atmosphere. this idiot!"


Why you are trying to enjoy only "at home" with ease, even you have selected "unmarried".


You have quite a nerve.


If you've chosen the "freedom" of "non-marriage," then swallow the "loneliness" that comes with it, too.


That's called a trade-off.


For example -- do you think any parent would welcome a single man who frequents a house with toddlers and school-age girls?


To be clear, it is "unpleasant", and more clearly, it is "scary".


In the first place, if you're 'a good old man, on your own, who can't even establish how to entertain himself,' you have no credibility.

―― ということを、本人の前でハッキリと言うのは難しいのです(私は例外)。

It's hard to say that clearly in front of you (I'm an exception).



Anyway, 'visits from non-married people are not welcome in the homes of married people'. Please guess.


Those who choose "Non-marriage is a happy choice" have a lifelong obligation to carry it out alone.

厚かましくも、人様が苦労して作り上げた「幸せシステム」に「ただ乗り」するような奴は ―― 少なくとも、私は許しません。

I won't tolerate anyone who "free rides" on the "happiness system" that others have worked so hard to create.


Posted by ebata