The corona disaster has revealed to the world that we are the world's leading "IT backward country".


And thus, the "Digital Agency" was created, albeit belatedly.


We should be grateful that the government acted, even if it was late.


However, it should be noted that the backwardness of IT in our country is not in "IT systems" but in "IT literacy".


In other words, it's not about IT as a system, but about education or human "feelings" such as motivation, aversion or avoidance.


However, I don't think the government has been negligent in doing this.

「デジタル暗号」や「デジタル署名」の安全性を技術的に理解せずに、デジタル化の法案に反対をしつづけてきた「野党」に責任がある ―― のは事実でしょうが、それ以上に、

The "opposition" is to blame, because they continued to oppose digitization legislation without a technical understanding of the security of "digital encryption" and "digital signatures". It will be true, but more than that,


The "ruling" should be to blame, that failed to understand the security of "digital cryptography" or "digital authentication" technically and push it hard.

しかも「与党」は ―― 私の主観ですが ―― ジジイやババアだけでなく、若い(30~50歳)議員ですら、そのITリテラシーの乏しさに目を覆うばかりです。

Moreover, the members of "ruling party", not only the old man and the old lady, but even young (30-50 years old) legislators, are blinded by its lack of IT literacy


I mean, what parliamentarian can properly explain "digital encryption" or "digital signatures"?


If there are such legislators, please refer them to me.


I want to come up for interview.



Unfortunately, it's true that getting "IT literacy" takes time and basically computers don't work the way we want.


I can't tell you how many times I've thought about throwing my computer out the window.

今なら、『何度、サンノゼ(San Jose)のVPC( Virtual Private Cloud)に、ミサイルを撃ち込もうと思ったことか』となるでしょうか。

Today, it would be, 'How many times have I thought of firing a missile into a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) in San Jose?


Well, if they have such a tedious and painful time, it might be more efficient to go around the constituency by stepping on ditchboards.


Aside from that.



I think the government and the administration have been warning a lot about the digital divide since about 2000.

あれから20年経過しました ―― (全てではないが)民事や刑事の「時効」に相当する時間です。

Twenty years have passed since then -- the equivalent of (not all) civil or criminal "statute of limitations" time.


So I think it's time to dismiss the "gentle approach" to the digital divide as having expired and start "catching up".


The method I propose is our country's national specialty, 'Synchronized Pressure'.


- If you just come to the counter without using your phone, There is a cost of $8,640.


- The number of people filing their tax returns online has already exceeded 70%. The administrative operating costs of the remaining 30% of people are about 12 times higher than those of online users.


(The numbers are my experience (fiction). I'll look into it properly if you request.)


Well, you can just do the above without saying anything. It will be quite effective.



And if there is still no improvement, then the following might be good,


- If you can get the process done on your PC and smartphone, instead of coming to a government office, we can "repeal" the bill to increase the cost of healthcare for the elderly.


In addition,


With the aid of a video clip that can be seen before the movie screening, and putting the government's publicity the following.

■Stop the 税金泥棒

- Stop the Tax Thief



It seems to me that this is the direction in which the "Digital Agency" is expected to work.


I don't think it's about "AWS adoption" or anything like that.


However, if they really do this, the ruling party may fall in the next election.


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