さて ―― この程度のことに、「強いリーダーシップ」がいるのか? 私たちは、そこまで愚かか?

―― 強いリーダーシップを持っている政治家が求められている

"Politicians with strong leadership skills are in demand"


I don't know if this is true or false, but at least I'm not 'asking for it'.


Anyone who has studied modern history will immediately understand what kind of disasters such a man has brought about.


Rudolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceauescu


Some people may say, "Dictatorship is not the same as strong leadership.


I also believe that it is desirable for leaders to be strong in neighborhood associations, student councils, and private businesses.


However, a "politician" is an entity that can exercise power by being entrusted by the people or by being supported by a violent apparatus.


The combination of "strong leadership" and "politicians" is not the same as normal leadership.



The "economic measures" for the new corona disaster are difficult, but the "infection control measures" have become much clearer.


I think this is being proven by the results of the second emergency declaration.

人と「出会うな」「しゃべるな」「飯食うな」 ―― これまで、ずっと言われてきたことが、やはり正しかった。

Don't talk to people, don't meet people, don't eat with people - all the things they've been told were right.


They were right, so we'll do the right thing.


Go to a restaurant and save Japan's restaurant industry. However, go alone. And eat in silence.


If you eat while looking at your phone, the meal is enjoyable in its own way.


My diary is the best place in the world to learn about "eating alone". Please refer to it.

さて ―― この程度のことに、「強いリーダーシップ」がいるのか? 私たちは、そこまで愚かか?

Now -- do we really need "strong leadership" for something like this? Are we really so stupid?


(There are politicians and bureaucrats who are that stupid. I'm forgetful, so I'll make a list and publish it later. I'll keep updating and publishing it as new fools appear)



What is required of the government is ultra-precise control of the two handles, "economic measures" and "infection control.


This kind of ultra-precise control is based on the principle of "on-the-spot" and "prediction".

制御とは、 ―― 古典制御であれ、現代制御であれ、PIDであれ、ファジィであれ、ニューロであれ、

Control is -- whether classical control, modern control, PID, fuzzy, neuro, etc.


- "On-the-spot" to information as it is obtained from the environment.



- 'Predictions' derived from current controls




Based on the premise that the new coronas will never be completely eradicated, we will have to live in a world of coexistence with the virus.


The means to do this are "on-the-spot" and "predicting.


Of course, it has to be highly mathematical and statistical, logical, and highly targeted.

はっきりと言えることは「これをやれば完璧」 ―― そんな魔法のパラメータは存在しない、ということです。

What is clear is that there is no magic parameter of 'Do this and make it perfec'


The government will continue to declare a state of emergency and the people will immediately respond to it.

結果が出たら、緊急事態宣言を解除する ―― これを、これから何度でも繰り返すのです。

Once the results are in, the state of emergency will be lifted -- and this will be repeated as many times as necessary.


That is the work of government, and the behavioral change that is required of us.



There is no need for "strong leadership.


What is needed is "a leader who can mobilize the full power of government to perform advanced calculations and forecasts and deliver the results.


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