Andoroidスマホを持っている人は激怒していいし、政府は床に頭を擦りつけて謝るべきだ ―― それでいいし、そうでなくてはならない。

「接触確認アプリ「COCOA」、Android版は昨年9月から事実上機能せず 政府謝罪」

"The Android version of COCOA, an app for confirming contact with patients with new coronas, has been effectively disabled since last September, and the government has apologized"

Andoroidスマホを持っている人は激怒していいし、政府は床に頭を擦りつけて謝るべきだ ―― それでいいし、そうでなくてはならない。

People with Android phones should be outraged, and the government should apologize for scraping its head on the floor. That's fine, and that should be.


It is outrageous that the system has not been functioning since the end of September 2020.


I also think that people who have Android phones can file a lawsuit under the State Compensation Act against the government on the grounds that they have been put at risk


(I think this is equivalent to "gross negligence" under Article 1, Section 2, but I know it is difficult to determine the damages.)



That's why, as an engineer, I'm the only one who's willing to say it.

―― Andoroidのスマホって、そういうこと、結構、あるよね

"Android phones do that a lot, don't they?"




I have always thought that it would be a good idea to distribute dummy software that simulates an infected terminal.


I think that the distribution of the simulated software can be limited to only IT experts (i.e. me) who can handle at least public key cryptosystems.


I think it would be preferable for COCOA to display one or two messages a day that say, "Your phone has confirmed a reaction to the test terminal, but it is not contact with an infected person.


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