―― "3DCG"を、サイドエフェクトではなくて、メインコンテンツとした作品


The TV anime "Horimiya" is an anime that my second daughter is raving about.

私は、アニメだけでなく、エンディングの3DCG(Three Dimensional Computer Graphics)も気に入っています(注 Youtubeにリンクします)。

I like not only the animation but also the 3DCG (Three Dimensional Computer Graphics) of the ending.



As for 3D technology, I know and use Unidy, WebGL, and other technologies.

―― "3DCG"を、サイドエフェクトではなくて、メインコンテンツとした作品

As "a work that uses 3DCG as the main content, not as a side effect"


I think it's good.



I'm waiting for the day when this kind of media mix of music and video will be displayed at high school festivals and university festivals.

―― というか、そのくらい、やってくれよ、若人。

"Why not do that, younth!"


I am shocked to find that student theater today is performed with a work frame that is exactly the same as it was 30 years ago.


I was surprised at how conservative (backward) the student theater scene is, although I thought media mixes were commonplace nowadays.


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