I installed "Time Counter (a counter that can record time stamps)". 時刻カウンター (タイムスタンプの記録ができるカウンター)をインストールしてみた



A Homework is coming .

1時間の間に車がある地点を通過する時刻を記録する。時刻は1秒か2秒の単位で 秒単位で記録する。
1. 時刻tまでに観測点を通過した車両の累積台数A(t)を描画する。図の横軸は時間 図の横軸は時間、縦軸はA(t)とする。
2. A(t)のうち、ほぼ線形(平均到着率が一定)の部分を選択する。この時間帯のカウント数から この時間帯のカウントから、1分間と5分間の連続したカウントのヒストグラムを作成する。そして、そのヒストグラムをポアソン分布と比較する。

Select a street with low traffic volume (about 200 cars/hour) from a location without a traffic light.
Record the time at which a car passes a certain point during a one-hour period. Record the time in seconds, in increments of 1 or 2 seconds.
Draw the cumulative number of vehicles A(t) that passed the observation point by time t. The horizontal axis of the figure is time, and the vertical axis is A(t). 2.
Select a portion of A(t) that is nearly linear (constant average arrival rate). From the counts during this time period. From the counts during this time period, create a histogram of consecutive counts for 1 minute and 5 minutes. The histogram is then compared to the Poisson distribution

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I will be putting on my winter clothes in the coming days and noting down in my notebook the time of passing cars near the road.

―― これをノートに記載するのは面倒くさいな
-- I can't be bothered to note this.

―― この手のアプリは絶対にあるはずだ
-- there should definitely be an app for this kind of thing.

But I could not find an app for the iPad, so I reluctantly put together my own JavaScript.

However, the display did not work, and this time I searched around without limiting myself to the iPad.

This is what I found

時刻カウンター (タイムスタンプの記録ができるカウンター)
Time counters (counters that can record time stamps)


It was for Android devices only, but I have a bunch of phones without SIM cards in my room, so I installed it on one of them.

Here is an image of two screens (it seems to be possible to have up to 6 screens)

This will allow me to measure the number of units in the left and right directions separately.

Since I am measuring traffic, the measurement time must be short enough.

Therefore, I changed [Settings] -> [Time until recount] from 1000 ms to 10 ms.

I also deactivated [Make Sound] and [Vibrate].

And I emailed the measurement results to my address.

1,1,"カウンター1",2023-01-24 23:19:03,2023,1,24,23,19,3,0
2,2,"カウンター2",2023-01-24 23:19:06,2023,1,24,23,19,6,0
3,1,"カウンター1",2023-01-24 23:19:09,2023,1,24,23,19,9,0
4,1,"カウンター1",2023-01-24 23:19:12,2023,1,24,23,19,12,0
5,2,"カウンター2",2023-01-24 23:19:14,2023,1,24,23,19,14,0
6,1,"カウンター1",2023-01-24 23:19:19,2023,1,24,23,19,19,0
7,2,"カウンター2",2023-01-24 23:19:26,2023,1,24,23,19,26,0
8,2,"カウンター2",2023-01-24 23:19:28,2023,1,24,23,19,28,0
9,2,"カウンター2",2023-01-24 23:19:29,2023,1,24,23,19,29,0
10,1,"カウンター1",2023-01-24 23:19:31,2023,1,24,23,19,31,0

I also like that it is in csv format. It seems to be easy to process.

So, I will able to do my homework.



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