I know that the vaccine made by AstraZeneca uses chimpanzee cold virus.


However, I did not know that pig-derived ingredients were used in that vaccine.


(I don't know if this is true or not, but I'm going to assume it is true)



But from a Muslim point of view, I think it's a big problem.


In fact, there seems to be a "halal controversy" in Indonesia.


The "pig adenovirus (if it is the same as the chimpanzee derived adenovirus)" here is just a "container" that carries the spike protein part of COVID-19.


If you ask me whether it can be discussed in the same as "pig-eating," I think scientifically I can say no.

しかし ―― 科学と宗教を同列に論じることは、基本的に、人間の文化、歴史、なにより信仰の本質を損うものであり、暴論です。

However, to equate science with religion is basically a tirade that undermines human culture, history, and above all, the nature of faith.



I took this opportunity to look into the reasons why Islam forbids "pig-eating".


There are various arguments, but I couldn't find one that explained it logically.


To put it bluntly, it seems to come down to "the Koran forbids eating pork" and therefore "not eating pork".


Well, I think that is tautology.


I also feel that this is a strategic point of view for Islam to differentiate itself from other religions.


(This is my own personal opinion, however) all religions are the same in that they are "after-death threat systems".


Therefore, the "no pork" policy is an easy differentiation point to understand.


Regardless of the controversy over whether AstroZeneca's vaccine is halal or not, The religion that has been advocating the "ban on eating pork" for some 1,400 years, since the early 7th century,

―― 豚のアデノウイルスに、命を助けて貰う

"will get the pig adenovirus to save their life"


I'm sure it would be very unpleasant for them to see that picture.



I'm not interested in this "halal" debate even 1mm, but when it's my turn to be vaccinated, I'd like to request Pfizer's vaccine instead of Altrazeneca's (of course, we don't have a choice).


Just the thought of putting a computer-designed mRAN vaccine into your body is enough to make you swoon.


After all, I'm an IT engineer.




The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) announced on March 30 that the director of the Health and Welfare Bureau for the Elderly, who hosted the dinner, will be transferred to the Minister's Secretariat on the same day.


This is a de facto ouster. Health and Welfare Minister Norihisa Tamura will also take responsibility for the management and voluntarily return two months of his salary.


(Incidentally, the number of new cases of new corona infection in Japan today exceeded 2,000.)


―― もう、私、疲れました。

"I'm so, so tired"


In other words, I finally understood, "That's what it means.


If our command center doesn't follow the rules, we who fight on the field are not obligated to follow the command center.


I'm sure that I look like a foolish and ignorant people who only listen to what the "boss" tells them.


Laugh at me.



I think you can all behave as you like.


The cherry blossoms are now at their best in the Kanto region.


The cherry blossoms might be beautiful at night.

『え? 厚生労働省の職員がやっているんだから、危険なんかあるわけないじゃないですか~』で、いいでしょう、

"What? There's no way there's any danger, since it's being done by an employee of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


I will no longer do anything for any other purpose than to protect myself (avoid pain and death from infection to illness).



Well, if the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) would respond to the following, I might be able to regain some motivation.


- Disclosure of the names of all 23 staff members concerned.


- Posting on the Web of the staff member's impressions of the case (reflections, objections, anger, whatever).


There is no need for "ouster" or "pay cut". I'm not interested, and frankly I don't care, about that.


It is enough that they disclose their names.


I would like to come back later for an interview.


「尊皇攘夷」さえ成しとげていれば ―― 太平洋戦争も、バブル崩壊も、福島原発事故も、そしてコロナ禍も発生せず、年間GDP0.01%の成長を続けながらも、平和な国家を維持できたはずである

If only the "Emperor and Expulsion of the Barbarians" had been accomplished, Japan could have avoided the Pacific War, the bursting of the bubble economy, the Fukushima nuclear accident, and the corona disaster, and maintained a peaceful state with an annual GDP growth rate of 0.01%.


Having come to this conclusion, the Japanese government began to implement a plan to send anti-Android weapons to the end of the Edo period, 170 years ago, for the purpose of defeating foreign enemies ---- In order to achieve Japan's "1,000-year isolation.

―― という映画の構想を、私は聞いたことがありません。

I've never heard of this movie idea.



We can watch movies about androids being sent from the future to the present for the purpose of falsifying history, but we cannot accept androids being sent from the present to the past.


Our perspective is always based on the world we live in at the moment.


We are "bothered" by the idea of our world being different from the present.

不幸な過去の上に成り立っている現在であっても ―― 私達は、過去を改竄してまで「現在と違う世界」を作り出したい気力がないのです。

Even though the present is built on an unhappy past -- we don't have the energy to falsify the past to create a "different world" from the present.



For example, the Pacific War killed more than 3 million people in our country and almost destroyed the Japanese system.


However, I have not seen any novel, simulation, or movie that shows what Japan would have been like today if the Pacific War had been avoided.

つまるところ、そういうことをやったとしても、どうせ過去は変えられないのだから、無駄な試みということであり ―― やるだけ無駄なのです。

Even though the present is built on an unhappy past -- we don't have the energy to falsify the past to create a "different world" from the present.



For the sake of the children of the future, barbarian extermination was discussed, the Pacific War was started, the abnormal increase in the value of real estate was created, research and development of nuclear energy was carried out, and now people are refraining from going out.


But what will the "children of the future" think?


Do we, the "children of the future" from the perspective of the people of the past, think that the decisions of the "adults of the past" were "well done! Do we, the "children of the future" from the perspective of the past, think, "Well done! Or do we think, "They did something we didn't want?


We, the "children of the future," honestly "don't give a damn.


We don't have time to admire or hate the past.


We are so busy living in the present that we don't have time or ideas to think about such things.


という訳で、「未来の子供の為に」という言葉を乱用する奴 ―― 例えば、カルト宗教の教祖、国会の質問をする野党議員、町内会のジジイなど ―― を見ていると、私は、非常に不愉快な気分になるんです。

That's why I feel very uncomfortable when I see people who abuse the phrase "for the sake of future generations" -- for example, cult leaders, opposition party members who ask questions in the Diet, and old men in neighborhood associations.



As for my "abject indifference" to clothing, my wife seemed to have given up on that after two years of marriage.


My wife may see me as being in the same category as the men talked about in "Otaku" & "Akihabara", but this is actually not correct either.

彼らは、彼らなりの、こだわりがあって、あのような(どのような?)装いをしているのだと思います ―― 多分。

I think they have their own particular way of dressing like that. They are wearing such (what?) clothing because they are particular about it -- maybe.


However, I have my own particular way of thinking about clothes.


It is not "design" but "function.


Specifically, (1) cost, (2) durability, (3) comfort, and (4) reusability.

安い、長期間着られる、簡単にほつれたり破れたりしない、外見を良くする為に身体を締めつけたり、不快な感触がない、身体の稼動範囲に制限が加わったりしない、どのような服と合わせても違和感がない ―― 等々、です。

Cheap, Wearable for a long time, not easily frayed or torn, not constrict the body, not feel uncomfortable, keep to range of motion of the body, not uncomfortable when trying to fit any kind of clothing.



I buy a lot of my clothes from Amazon.com, especially jeans, which I order 100% from Amazon.com (it means "from China").


However, I have to "hem" the jeans myself after it arrive.


I don't have any hand-sewing skills, nor do I know how to operate a sewing machine (we don't have one in the first place).


So, I have been relying on "hemming tape", but this also peels off as time goes by. It doesn't last more than a year.



To begin with, it is when I put on your jeans that I notice that the hem is falling apart.


I get dressed five minutes before I go out, so by the time I notice the hem crumbling, it's too late.


However, rethinking what to wear is a "hassle" or honestly a "pain" for me.



Therefore, I recommend "wood glue".


(As I have already mentioned several times, I am also trying to restore dishes with wood glue.)


I apply wood glue to the fallen hem, and temporarily fix it with staples.

そして、そのまま外出します ―― 外出後、1時間もすれば、固着しますので、ホッチキスの針を手で取り除けば足ります。

Then I go out -- an hour after I leave the house, it will stick and it's enough to remove the staple needle by hand.


For example, I remove a stapler from a station bench.


The bond is applied to the inside of the jeans, so there are no appearance issues.


(If I have to apply it on the outside, I can paint over it with an oil-based magic marker of the same color as your clothes. It is so-so)



I've already reported on my use of wood glue.


Recently I am trying it for


- Jacket with holes in the pockets


- Windbreaker with torn back




My family calls this kind of behavior of mine "poor-looking" which is a misnomer in two ways.


First of all, our family has always been tight on money. So This is not "poor-looking" but "poor"


Secondly, how do I consider it easy to dispose of an item just because a part of it (hem, hole, etc.) is missing?

―― そこに愛はあるんか?

I wonder if there is any love in your mind"




I am an engineer who builds home security systems with parts I pick up at junk shops in Akihabara.


I am not convinced that parts that is still functional enough to be used them not fulfilling their purpose.


As a matter of fact, I am a truly "heartfelt" person.


I'm a misanthrope, though.



The torch relay for the Tokyo Olympics has begun.


Some people say that the decision to hold the Olympics in the midst of the Corona disaster is the same as the Japanese government's decision in the past to enter the Pacific War.


However, with regard to the Pacific War, there is a strong aspect of public opinion that "led to the war.


Therefore, I feel uncomfortable with this logic.



"Considering all the hard work these athletes have put in, the Olympics should be held."


However, I personally do not share this view.


If my daughter is an Olympic athlete, I might go so far as to appeal directly to the IOC commissioners (or even kidnap, imprison, or blackmail her).


However, I do not know any athletes who would compete in the Olympics.


And I'm not the kind of person who is capable of sympathizing with a stranger's situation.


For me, the details of my job for the next term, my second daughter's tuition, the repayment of my loan, and the results of my physical examination are much more serious issues.

それに、生まれついての運動音痴でもありますので、スポーツ一般に興味がありません ―― 特定のスポーツについては、(理不尽な理由で)嫌悪しているくらいです。

I am so uncoordinated naturally, so I'm not interested in sports in general -- I even have an aversion (for irrational reasons) to certain sports.



In conclusion, I support the holding of the Olympic Games for one reason only: I would like to "see" the Olympics held in this situation (corona disaster).


I think it is unimaginably difficult to organize this Olympics.


Even though I can't empathize with the athletes, I can offer my heartfelt sympathy, support, and cheers to the people in charge of organizing the event.


And regardless of its success or failure, I believe that this Olympics will become a new Olympic model, the "Tokyo Model".


I don't think it's a problem if the Olympics are smaller than Japan's national games, or if they are held on a smaller scale, or if there are no spectators, or if the number of participating countries is in the single digits.


In the future, I would like to see the competitions held in different countries using a real-time network, so that competitions that require individual or team competition can be cancelled.


I'm not saying that we should go back to the ancient Olympics and make it "one event," but frankly, I think we should be prepared to go that far.


Well, I know it's not that easy to talk about this event since there are various commercial interests involved.



In the first place, I believe that global pandemics similar to this Corona will occur again and again in the future.


Now that I've studied the mutant virus, I have a feeling that 'that's exactly what's going to happen every four years or so.

ならば、今回の『東京モデル』は、これからのオリンピックやその他の大型イベントに対する、大きなユースケースになるはずです ―― その成否に関係なく。

If so, then the "Tokyo Model" should be a great use case for the Olympics and other major events in the future -- regardless of their success or failure.


If the Olympics are forced to go ahead, 10,000 people a day will be infected, which will not only cause a collapse of medical care, but also an exodus from the medical field, and many people who do not need to die may die.


Some of them may be me and my family.


As a result, I may regret re-reading the contents of this diary.

ですが ―― そうでないかもしれない。

But -- or maybe not.


After all, we can't know until we try.



Then I'll prioritize my current feeling of "I want to see it".

成功することだけが「成果」ではない ―― 私は、それを良く知っています。

Success is not the only "achievement" -- I know that very well.



I don't remember if I was in elementary school or junior high school, but I once accidentally boarded a bullet train and was transported to Tokyo.


A friend who was with me at the time called my parents to inform them of the sequence of events.


When my mother received the phone call, she said to my friend, "I'm sorry.

―― あの子なら、何をしても帰ってくるよ

"He'll come back, no matter what"


これを、「全幅の信頼」と呼ぶのか「完全な放任」と呼ぶのか ―― 分かりませんが、

I don't know whether to call this "total trust" or "total abandonment.


I don't believe that there was no love, even for me.



It seems that the administration interface of the provider of my kobore.net site has been renewed.


So I took a look at the access status of the kobore.net site, and was surprised.


The first step is to access the site.


Only about 4% of the total number of accesses were from the top page of kobore.net. This means that the daily access count should be about 25 times higher than the actual access counter.


The 34% of direct access to the blog was expected, but what surprised me was that "5%" of the access was to the English version of the blog.


I've been updating the English version of the site out of sheer inertia, thinking that no one would be reading it, but this was a number that I couldn't ignore.



So, let's see where they're coming from.


As far as I can tell, from the top, it's Japan, Germany, Europe (a category), Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, and the United States.

アクセス場所の不明が全体の67%もあるので、アテにできる順位ではありませんが、まあ、なんというか ―― 80年前の枢軸国(イタリアがいないけど) ―― に思いを馳せていました。

This is not a reliable ranking, as 67% of the total number of access locations are unknown, however, what can I say -- I was thinking about the Axis Powers (without Italy, though) 80 years ago.


Indeed, for me, the most compatible foreigner I have ever worked with has been a German.



Well, so far, so good.


What I don't agree with is "What keywords did you use to reach kobore.net?


What do you mean, "how to make a bomb"?


"Well, I know ... It's this page."

私のブログは、テロリスト、またはテロリスト予備軍に真っ先に検索されている訳ですよ ―― 釈然としませんが。

My blog is one of the first to be searched for by terrorists or potential terrorists -- I don't get it.


Well, actually, there was a time when it was designated as a "harmful site".


I believe that people are probably only judging the title and not reading the content.



Our senior daughter is now locked onto "Evangelion".


She seems to have started with a movie that is currently being shown.

『最終回からアニメにはまる父親の血脈』という訳でもないのでしょうが ―― こういう入り方も良いものです。

It may not be "Her father's bloodline that got me into anime after the last episode", but it's good to get into it this way.



As I have mentioned, I am one of those people who could never get into "Evangelion".


If you ask me who is more unhappy, those who can't get into it or those who can't get into it, it goes without saying that it is the latter.

ですから、これからは、家族の中に「解説者」ができることで、私も興味を持てるようになるかもしれないなー、などと、と思っていたところ ――

So I was thinking that from now on, I might be able to have a "commentator" in the family, so that I can be interested in it, and so on.


I found the article astonishing.



This time, I'd like to introduce you to the science fiction movie "Sayonara Jupiter," released in 1984 (Showa 59), which suddenly drew attention when the movie's insert song "VOYAGER - Tombstone without a Date" sung by Eumin was used in "Shin Evangelion the Movie," which is currently being released to rave reviews.



What the...?


You said "VOYAGER - Tombstone Without a Date" didn't you?

22世紀のエンジニアを描いたSF最高峰の「小説 さよならジュピター」

"Novel Goodbye Jupiter", the best science fiction about an engineer in the 22nd century

その原作を台無しにしてしまった「映画 さよならジュピター」

The movie "Goodbye Jupiter" ruined the original story.

そして、その映画の中で誕生した、「名曲 VOYAGER~日付のない墓標」が「シンエヴァンゲリオン劇場版」で使われいる・・だと。

The song "VOYAGER - Tombstone without a Date" was created in the movie and is used in Shin Evangelion the Movie.



Anything related to "Goodbye Jupiter" is my field.


Something has now started to move in me, which had stopped with the 1995 terrestrial "Operation Yakima" and the "MAGI system takeover".



Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.





Let's turn the world by "Number"(66) : Extra edition

The 7 True Stories the Doctor Wants to Tell You Before You Get the Corona Vaccine







Let's turn the world by "Number"(67) : Extra edition

Appendix: The 9 supplementary points that the doctor wants to tell you more about



This time, it is in two pieces.

シバタ先生との原稿の交換をしている最中に ―― それは、もう、雪山の山頂から転がり落ちる雪ダルマのように ―― 膨大に膨れ上がる原稿を、呆然と眺めていました。

While I was exchanging manuscripts with Dr. Shibata, I was looking at the vastly expanding manuscript in a daze, like a snowball rolling down from the top of a snow mountain.

『これは収拾がつかないな』と思ったので、付録分は、私のWebサイトに回して、本文からリンクを張ろう」 ―― という予定だったのですが、

I thought, "This is getting out of hand," so I was going to put the appendix on my website and link to it from the text.

―― いえ、全て、EE Times Japanにて、掲載させて頂きます

"Don't worry. everything will be published in EE Times Japan!"


Ms. M, who is in charge of the project, showed us her chivalry at the very last moment.


When I read Ms. M's e-mail, I brought both fists to my mouth and almost shouted, "Generous!"




I think it is fair to say that this "Shibata Report (latter half)" is "the most detailed column on the new coronavirus in Japan" at present, excluding medical technical books and papers.


"But, Ms. M. you may not be able to expect PV (page views) with such a huge and advanced content"


In response to my concern, Ms. M said


"Please don't worry about the PV. We believe that the social significance of publishing Dr. Shibata's content is greater than the PV"



Editors of lousy sites trying to use catchy titles to generate PV with poor content!


Watch out!

この高い志(こころざし)を有する、MさんとEE Times Japan編集部の心意気に、平伏するがいい!!

The spirit of Ms. M and the EE Times Japan editorial staff, who have such high aspirations, should make you bow down!



In fact, I guess I am "blessed".

最前線のリアルタイム情報を分かりやすい内容で提供して頂けるコントリビュータと、社会的責任を自負する編集社との間で、ゲートウェイをさせて貰える立ち位置にいることを ――

Being in a position where I can act as a gateway between contributors who can provide front-line, real-time information with easy-to-understand content, and editors who take pride in their social responsibility.


For that, I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.



Oh, I also thank to my wonderful "rude junior colleague" who reviews my columns from unexpected perspectives.


I just remembered that I was scolded for forgetting to give an acknowledgement before.



(Continuation from yesterday)

そうだ、この機会に、「私の心を"折り"に来た方々」も纏めておきたい ―― 私が、忘れないように。

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to summarize the people who came to "break" my heart -- before I forget.

■東京高検の 黒川弘務 検事長 → 外出自粛や「3密」回避の要請に反して賭博(マージャン)行為

Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office Chief Prosecutor Hiromu Kurokawa → Gambled against requests to refrain from going out and avoid "three secrets".

■菅義偉首相 → 4人以上の会食制限要請をしつつ、8人での会食を実施

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga → While requesting to limit the number of diners to four or more, he held a dinner with eight people.

■自民党の二階俊博幹事長 → 同上

Toshihiro Nikai, Secretary General of the LDP → Same as above

■橋本聖子五輪担当相 → 6人での会食を実施

Minister of State for the Olympic Games Seiko Hashimoto → Dinner with six people

■自民党の石破茂元幹事長 → 大人数で「ふぐ会食」を実施

Shigeru Ishiba, former secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), holds a fugu dinner for a large group of people.

■山崎拓元自民党副総裁 → 同上

Takumoto Yamazaki, Vice President of the LDP → Same as above

■公明党の 遠山清彦 衆院議員 → 緊急事態宣言下2021年1月22日、深夜まで東京・銀座のクラブに滞在

Kiyohiko Toyama, a member of the House of Representatives from the New Komeito Party, stayed at a club in Ginza, Tokyo until midnight on January 22, 2021, under a declared state of emergency.

■自民党の 松本純 元国家公安委員長 → 深夜に銀座のクラブを訪ねていた

Jun Matsumoto, former National Public Safety Commissioner of the Liberal Democratic Party, visited a club in Ginza late at night.

■自民党の 大塚高司 衆院議院運営委員会理事 → 深夜に銀座のクラブを訪ねていた

Director of the House of Representatives Steering Committee, Takashi Otsuka of the Liberal Democratic Party → He was visiting a club in Ginza late at night.

■自民党の 田野瀬太道 文部科学副大臣 → 深夜に銀座のクラブを訪ねていた

Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Taido Tanose of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) → visited a club in Ginza late at night.


I did a little research and found a lot more.

■飯泉嘉門 徳島県知事 → 県議ら46人で会食

Kamon Iizumi, Governor of Tokushima Prefecture → Dinner with 46 members of the prefectural assembly

■埼玉県議会の自民党議員団 → 埼玉県議会の自民党県議団約30人が、12月18日の夜、さいたま市内のホテルで打ち上げ

The LDP members of the Saitama Prefectural Assembly → About 30 members of the LDP members of the Saitama Prefectural Assembly were launched at a hotel in Saitama City on the night of December 18.

■愛知県西尾市の自民党会派「市民クラブ」に所属する市議14人 → 12月18日に市議の経営する旅館で12月議会の打ち上げと称し、女性コンパニオン3人を呼んで大々的に宴会をしていました。

Fourteen city councilors belonging to the "Citizen's Club," a faction of the LDP in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture → On December 18, they invited three female companions to a large banquet at an inn run by the city councilor, calling it the launch of the December assembly.


I'm going to stop now because it's getting tedious, but the bottom line is that these people are also "badasses" who are afraid of being the only one absent.


Let me explain it a little more carefully.


"If you're the only one who's absent because of Corona, you're afraid of being treated like a slacker, so you attend.

という感じですかね ――

like this one.


私、冒頭の「東京高検の 黒川弘務 検事長」が、世間からの批判がどうあれ、自責と自罰の念から、自殺をしてしまうのではないかと、かなり心配していました。

I was quite worried that the chief prosecutor of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, Hiromu Kurokawa, would commit suicide out of remorse and self-punishment, regardless of the criticism from the public.


The Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office is an organization of justice that exposes the darkness of state power, and the chief prosecutor is the head of the organization of justice, directing and supervising the staff of the District Public Prosecutors Office and the District Public Prosecutors Office.


After all, what my generation remembers is the Lockheed case.


The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Department, under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, was our hero.

この職位の人が、「コロナ渦での賭けマージャン」をすることは―― 顔の見えない国民や、法律の規定うんぬんはどうあれ、組織や自分の部下に対して、顔向けができない恥辱の行為のはずです(よね?)。

For a person in this position to play "betting mah-jongg in the Corona vortex" should be a disgrace to the faceless public, to the organization and to one's own subordinates, regardless of what the law says (right?). It's a shame that you can't face the organization or your subordinates.


And many Japanese have tried to apologize to their organizations and families for such "shame" by committing suicide.


So I was really worried about it.

故に、この件については一切触れませんでしたが ―― どうやら、杞憂だったようです。

That's why I didn't mention any of this -- apparently, my fears were unfounded.


I was relieved.


『腹掻き切って、国民に詫びて見せろ』―― てな、時代錯誤的なバカげたことを書いてみてもよかったかな、とか、今なら思っています。

Now I wonder if it would have been better to write something anachronistic like, "Cut your belly open and show your apologies to the people.