There is a method of proof called "reductio ad absurdum."

ある命題 P を証明したいときに、P が偽であることを仮定して、そこから矛盾を導くことによって、P が偽であるという仮定が誤り、つまり P は真であると結論付けることです。

When you want to prove a proposition P, you assume that "P is false", and by deriving a contradiction from it, you conclude that the assumption that "P is false is false", i.e. "P is true".


Now, here we go,


(1) Assume that "new coronaviruses exist and there is a disease called COVID-19" is false.


And now, after writing all this... I'm tired, so I'll stop.


The reason is that if you know the "reductio ad absurdum" in the first place, I don't need to talk about this stupid stuff.


Let me change the subject.



I was once involved in a case where the authorities (police) conspired to make up a criminal.

政府が ―― 恣意的か、あるいは無知(この場合「情報不足」も含む) ―― デタラメな情報を流して国民を危険にさらした事件も知っています。

I also know of incidents where the government has put people in danger by spreading bullshit information -- either arbitrary or ignorant (including "lack of information" in this case).


In the first place, we are all familiar with (and have been educated about) the national conspiracy of the Pacific War of 80 years ago, called the "Great Headquarters Announcement.


Therefore, I believe that the stance of the people of our country to 'half trust the state' is 'unavoidable' in light of the above history.


However, I also know that there are very few people who "do the other half of the research (study) on their own."



I also know that the management of 'conspiracies' and 'plots' is quite difficult.


Depending on the number and demographics of the people involved, it is easy for secrets to be leaked if they are few and do not belong to a narrow organization (such as a company or government).


This can be produced by a simple calculation.

例えば、10人、100人、1000人のグループにおいて、「陰謀の秘匿の困難性が、それぞれ10倍になる」と思っている人 ―― もう一度、中学の数学(確率、指数)をやり直して下さい。

For example, if you think that the difficulty of concealing a conspiracy is 10 times greater in a group of 10, 100, or 1,000 people, you need to go back and redo your math (probability, exponents).


In addition, it is hopelessly difficult to have a large-scale "conspiracy" or "plot" against all generations of all people (all over the world).

感染症に関して言えば、「一つの村」を封鎖して、全員を殺害して焼却処分する、というような話なら、私は信じる余地があります ―― これなら、権力によって隠蔽できる範囲だと思えるからです。

As far as infectious diseases are concerned, I can believe in something like sealing off "one village" and killing and incinerating everyone. Because this seems to be a range that can be covered up by power.

日本国民全員に係わる事項について ―― 例えば、感染者数とか、病床数数とか、感染死亡者数とかを、隠蔽したり改竄したりするのは「超絶に難しい」、というか、はっきり言って「無理」。

It is "extremely difficult" or, to put it bluntly, "impossible" to conceal or falsify the number of infected people, the number of hospital beds, or the number of infected deaths, for example, in matters that concern all Japanese citizens.


Even if it could be done, it would take a lot of people and a lot of money.


So where do the people and money come from, and most importantly, I can't even make a rational hypothesis as to why they would do such a thing.



In conclusion, I think that


I'm not saying there aren't conspiracies (I'm sure there are), but in the case of this infectious disease, there is no reason to conspire, and even if there were, the cost would not be worth it.



Well, I thought this would be easier than explaining the "reductio ad absurdum."



With the scrapping of my late father's automobile, I decided to rent a car from this trip home.


This is a cheap rental car that costs 2200 yen/day. Even with full insurance, the price is 7700 yen for two days, which is quite cheap.


However, the mini-car I rented was a smoking car (because it was cheaper) and it smelled of nicotine, but I just don't like the smell of smoke, so it was not a problem.


There were also a number of exterior scratches on the body of the car, and when explaining the situation, he even said, "Well, we don't mind if you damage it a little bit.

乗り心地は、『今、カブールで走っている日本車って、こんな感じかもしれんなあ』というくらいでした ―― が、別段文句はありません。

I thought the ride was about the same as a Japanese car driving in Kabul right now -- but I have no complaints.


If I could go shopping or to the hospital without getting heatstroke, I would have no complaints. It even had air conditioning.


I just went to return the rental car, but the office was locked.


The sign on the door said, 'Call me here,' so I called, waited a while, got a callback, and was told.

―― 鍵を自動車に差したままにして、立ち去って下さい

"Please leave the keys in the car"


I was surprised to hear that.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" (I don't care if it gets stolen.)


I said that, however he also said to me


"No problem."


So, I did as he told me and walked away.



However, I thought that this was a good business model that was attacking a good point.


The possibility that a car with the rank of "running on kerbals" could be stolen,


with the irregularity of the office closing operations,


the break-even point might be in an unexpected place, I thought.



(Continuation from yesterday)

全世界70億人全員参加の世界大戦 ――

A world war involving all 7 billion people in the world.


In just one year, the virus has multiplied its infectious power several times over in an attempt to counterattack humanity (a U.S. pharmaceutical company), which has created an "mRNA vaccine" in just one year.


We are in the midst of a war of unprecedented scale in human history.

そして、やつら(ウイルス)が、さらなる強毒化する変異株を作り出す前に、人類は、隔離予防ととワクチン接種で、やつらを殲滅しなければならないのですが ――

And humanity must eradicate them with quarantine precautions and vaccinations before they (the whistles) create even more virulent mutants.


In the midst of all this,


There are also a certain number of humans who support the virus in becoming more poisonous. That is the person who does not take precautions against infection and refuses to be vaccinated against the virus.


The unvaccinated human body is the perfect laboratory environment for creating mutant strains.


Since they are offering their bodies to the virus, they are "wonderful donations" for them (the virus).


Thanks to that "wonderful donation", the mutant strain is finally entering the "kill children" phase (maybe it's just a matter of time).



People who refuse to be vaccinated have their own reasons for doing so.


"I think it's fair to say that "adverse reactions such as high fever after inoculation may be painful.


It's also fine to "believe fake news with no scientific basis."

また「健康に自信がある」といいって、インフルエンザンの1500倍の感染力と40倍以上の死亡率に立ち向うのも自由です ―― 私は、嗤っちゃいますけどね。

You are also free to claim to be "confident in your health" and stand up to a flu that is 1,500 times more contagious and 40 times more deadly. -- I'm going to laugh at you, though.


On the contrary, maybe a few years from now, there will be a huge adverse reaction to the mRNA vaccine, and most of the people vaccinated will die, and the 7 billion human population will be reduced to 1 billion.


The end of the world, "I can laugh alone in the empty streets of Shinjuku Kabukicho" is one of the futures that I would like to see.


確定できない未来を『盾』に取られれば(理由にされてしまうのであれば)、「ワクチン接種を拒否した人が正しかった」という未来は来ないとは、言えないでしょう ――

If an indeterminate future is used as a shield (or reason), it is hard to say that a future in which "those who refused to be vaccinated were right" will not come.


Just as no amount of facts, logic, and examples could persuade those who believe that artificial intelligence will destroy the human race.


Logic and theory are completely powerless against personal beliefs (or rather, emotions) to those who do not have the receptors for them.


ただ、それらを全て考慮したとしても、「隔離予防ととワクチン接種」を行わない人間の人体が、新型コロナウイスルの変異株の製造培養となっている ――

However, even if all of these factors are taken into account, the human body without "quarantine prophylaxis and vaccination" has become the manufacturing culture for the mutant strain of the new coronavirus.


This much is an absolute fact that cannot be denied.


No matter what the future brings, just be prepared that you will never be able to escape the criticism.



I'm back home today to accompany my mother for her treatment.


This year, I couldn't go back home for New Year's, Golden Week, or summer vacation, so this maintenance of my parents' house (mainly weeding the garden) is going to be a big deal.


Last summer, I took more than enough measures to prevent heat stroke, and yet, I still had the early symptoms of heat stroke.


This time, I'll make sure the bath tub is filled with water and get on with the garden maintenance.



As with last year, residents of the Tokyo metropolitan area are not welcome in any part of the country.


However, at present, I am honestly "scared" to move outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area.


The infectious power of the mutant strain (Delta strain) is so great that I am frightened.


I think the majority of the population, with the exception of a few people, has implemented a basic response to the new coronavirus.


According to my rough calculation, the infectivity of the initial new coronavirus is 1500 times higher than that of influenza (since the incidence of influenza in 2020 was 1/1000).


The mortality rate compared to influenza is more than 40 times higher (some estimates put it at 100 times higher).


However, the infection rate of the delta strain is more than twice as high as that of the initial new coronavirus (it can be calculated to be 4.5 times higher).


In addition, there are reports that vaccination (Pfizer) is only 43% effective in protecting against infection.



I have already completed two vaccinations, but my alertness is higher than last year.


I don't plan to talk to my sister or mother, let alone my relatives, during this trip home.

完全無欠の『たった一人の実家メンテナンス + 母の施術介助』に徹する予定です。

I'm planning to devote myself completely to "the maintenance of my parents' house by myself + my mother's treatment assistance".


以前、私のコラムの中で「いずれは弱毒化」という記載をしましたが ―― もちろん、それは間違っていないはずですが ―― 1年という超短期タームにおいては、「恐しい強毒化」が進んでいます。

In my previous column, I mentioned that "eventually it will weaken" -- and of course, I'm sure I'm not wrong -- but in the very short term of one year, it is becoming "horribly poisonous.


I believe that one of the reasons for the increasing virulence of this virus is the "vaccine offensive" from the human side.

「感染防御率95%」という、人類史上例のない高効率のワクチンが、世界中で何十億の人間に接種されている ―― これは、ウイルス側からは、史上例のない敵対勢力による殲滅戦が展開されている、と、見えるでしょう。

"Billions of people around the world are being inoculated with a vaccine that has a 95% protection rate against infection, an unprecedented level of efficiency in human history. From the viral side, this would appear to be an unprecedented war of annihilation by hostile forces.


The new coronavirus should be regarded as having given up its strategy of coexisting with human beings through "weakening" and has turned to a "strengthening" strategy.


(To be continued)



I hate (not "criticize") any, tyrannical, autocratic state.


Among them, I dislike Pol Pot, Ceau Chesco, Mao Zedong, and the Nazis.


Because these guys took advantage of the children.


Pol Pot tore families apart and thrust their children together into state institutions, and Ceau Chesco did the same.


Mao Zedong tried to maintain his power by creating a "crazy civil war" called the Cultural Revolution and turning ideologically immature young people into mobs (revolutionary fighters?).


By brainwashing children in Germany, the Nazis created a fanatical boy soldier named Hitlerjugend.



The family is the entity that carries out the process of protecting and nurturing a child to adulthood with a concept of "love" that is far removed from financial interests.

国家ごときに、ましてや、権力闘争に明け暮れる腐った為政者の手に、子どもを渡してなるものか ―― と、そう思っています。

I don't want my child to be in the hands of the state, much less corrupt politicians who spend all their time fighting for power.


そう思ってはいるのですが ―― 『家族が子どもを殺している』という事実の前に、呆然と立ち竦みます。

I'm thinking it, however I'm stunned by the fact that family is killing their children.

児童虐待 昨年度“20万件超” 過去最多 厚労省まとめ

"Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reports record number of child abuse cases, over 200,000 last fiscal year"


I was stunned that "57 abusive deaths, about half of them of 0-year-olds.



"I understand the stress of raising children, especially the anger towards them.


Honestly speaking, that is "hatred" that surpasses "love" by a factor of 100.

―― この子を殺して、ぐっすり眠りたい

"I want to kill my baby, and get a good night's sleep"


If there are any parents who have never thought about such things, I would like to meet them.


"Parenting is torture" is as true as "Caregiving is hell".


However, "childcare torture (as long as it is sleep-related)" is timed. Two years at the most.


That day will come like a sudden clearing of the haze. I can promise you that.


Please believe in that day, and stay away from killing (or abusing) your own children.



Compared to the daily life where children are killed or abused in a closed, locked room.


"Was Pol Pot still better?


Please don't make me think, even for a moment.



Lately, the food (bread, rice balls, and lunch boxes) that my junior daughter brings back from her part-time job has become my meal (lunch) as I continue to work alone at home.

―― もう気分は、被介護人

"I'm already in the mood to be a  care-receiver"


I can make a light meal if it's simple.


Ebata: "And what happens to the lunches that you don't bring back?"

次女:「ん? 普通に廃棄でしょ?」

Daughter:"The lunch will be discarded"


That's what made up my mind.



I just can't get over the whole "throwing away food" thing.


Recently, there has been a boom in food loss, and I am trying to skip the process of peeling vegetables.


I mean, to begin with, "vegetable skins" are essentially "delicious".


My latest craze is to shove potatoes and carrots into curry without peeling them, and to use up all the leeks and spinach except for the sticky parts.


I eat apples whole because the skin part is delicious, and recently, my senior daughter taught me that biting into a whole pear is a good idea.


The food is both easy to cook and delicious.

皮付き野菜、皮付き果物、是非お試し下さい ―― そもそも、「皮を向いて食べる」などという風習は、ごく最近(数百年間程度)の、ちょっとした「意識高い系」のトレンドです。

Vegetables with skins, fruits with skins, please try them -- to begin with, the custom of "eating with the skin on" is a very recent (a few hundred years or so) and somewhat "conscious" trend.


Let's end such frivolous customs in this century.



I had a thought while watching the opening ceremony speech of the Paralympics.

―― 演説者の横に、キッチンタイマーの大型版を用意する、というのはどうでしょうか。

"How about setting up a large version of a kitchen timer next to the speaker?"


Or better yet, have them available all over Japan.


Especially the principal of an elementary or middle school with no presentation skills.


With this large kitchen timer, the students will be 'prepared'.


They can then objectively ascertain the intelligence and skills of their school's principal.


Alternatively, they could adopt the method of academic conferences.


The presentation time at most conferences is 15 minutes "including discussion" (10 minutes for the preliminary bell; 12 minutes for the final bell; 15 minutes for the closing bell).


So, for those children who are having trouble finding a topic for their free research during the summer vacation, I will provide the story.


"Why are the principal's stories so long and boring?



I once tried to get a rough idea of the scale of the number of people with persons with disabilities/employees in Japan.


I also compared the number of people with persons with physical disabilities in the 65+/under age groups.


In short,

―― 人間、いずれは、全員が障がい者になる

"Humans, eventually, will all be disabled"


I was startled that I noticed the natural fact.


Ebata: "The Paralympics is, in essence, a stage that concerns all of us".


When I was muttering to myself while watching the opening ceremony of the Paralympics, my wife said to me


Wife: "No, I don't think so. I don't think it's possible to watch those amazing performances of the Paralympic athletes as a scene from our lives."



In a moment, I was convinced.



I believe there is much to be learned from the best seller of the millennium, the Buddhist scriptures, the Koran, and the New Testament.


For example, in the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verses 3-11, we can read a scene where Jesus and the scribes confront each other over a woman caught in adultery.


In the Old Testament law, adultery was punishable by death by stoning.


When asked for his judgment, Jesus said





"All right, but let those among you who have never sinned throw stones at this woman"



These are profound words.



Today, under the separation of powers and the guarantee of freedom of speech, the government or local government (e.g., Tokyo Metropolitan Government), which is in charge of implementing policies, has been criticized by the public and prefectural residents for its measures against the COVID-19 infection.


Asked to make a decision in the midst of the COVID-19 disaster, Ebata, who is an engineer, said





"All right, but let those among you who have never gone out unnecessarily throw stones at the government or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government"



―― いやいや、そうじゃない

"No, no, no way!"


Governments and local governments have the responsibility to include behavioral change in their citizens and residents.


Any "criticism" of the executive branch is worthy of its own criticism (and need not be accompanied by an alternative).


Besides, if we regard John 8:3-11 as absolute justice, it would be a denial of the "rule of law".



Having said that, if it were up to me,


To "street drinkers" and "taverns that host late-night drinking parties",


I think I have the right to throw "pumice stones" or "ping pong balls" at them.



Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.


踊るバズワード ~Behind the Buzzword(14)STEM教育(2)



Dancing Buzzword - Behind the Buzzword (14) STEM education(2)

The epitome of programming education in the "homemade Raspberry Pi class"



My senior daughter graduated from a women's university in Japan last year, and she once said something interesting.

―― 『女性の社会的な立ち位置や、将来の女性の生き方に関する考え方』について強く意識したカリキュラムになっていて、そして、「ほんのわずかだけど、窮屈(きゅうくつ)だと感じることもあった」

"The curriculum was strongly focused on women's place in society and how women should think about their future lives," and "however, there were times when I felt cramped, but only slightly."



I responded, "Well, I think it's natural for women's universities to have such a curriculum, since they should play a central role in such studies."


However, if there is an atmosphere in which it is considered a "mission" to create such a society, I thought to myself, "That may indeed feel constricting.



Now, this story connects to


I responded, "Well, I think it's natural for women's universities to have such a curriculum, since they should play a central role in such studies."


何十年か前の「女性に学歴は不要だ」という考え方は ―― もちろん、今の常識からは『ナンセンスの極み』以前に ―― 今や、子ども(特に女性)の生存権を脅かす『テロリズム』とも言えます。

The idea of "women don't need education" some decades ago can now be called "terrorism" that threatens the right to life of children (especially women) -- Of course, from today's common sense, it is 'extreme of nonsense'.


In contrast, the story I presented on "How to Create a 'Computer-Hard Girl'" is in a rather delicate position.


This is because no parent or guardian wants to interfere with a "girl who wants to learn about computers" (well, there are some parents who are that inept, but they are rare cases).


However, parents do not have the means to find girls who want to learn computers, and even if they did, they do not know how to teach computers.


Therefore, there is no spontaneous emergence of "children who want to study computers.


That' s because we probably won't get a chance to learn about computers in our lifetime (unless we have a "programming education").


About math, physics, chemistry, and biology, we don't have such opportunities, but about English, to my chagrin, we has many chances.


For example, "Radio XXXX English Conversation Textbooks" sell like hotcakes only in January and April every year.



By the way, the environment for programming education in the Ebata family is perfect.


We have plenty of computers (20 if you count Raspy), we have IT engineers who are fluent in 5 computer languages, and can handle anything from the cloud to the edge.


There is only one problem.


―― 娘が「プログラミングを教えてくれ」と言い出さないこと

"My daughters don't ask me to teach programming."




Well, that's a good thing, I guess.


I don't want to create an atmosphere in my house where programming is considered a "mission".



I am currently considering making a book on a subject, and I may have to do something similar to Latex (Re:View, etc.) again.


I was hooked on Latex right after I joined the company, and I used Latex templates to create every single conference paper, research report, and other things.

しかし、その後、MicrosoftのWordで、会社が(というか"世界が")侵略され、私はLatexを断念して、Word, PowerPointで自分の世界を変更しました。

But then Microsoft Word invaded the company (or rather, "the world"), and I gave up Latex and changed my world with Word, PowerPoint.

で、実際のところ、会社の業務は全て、Microsoft Officeで、そして、EE Times Japan編集部への入稿も全てWordとPowerPointで行っています。

And, in fact, all of my company's work is done in Microsoft Office, and all of my submissions to the EE Times Japan editorial office are done in Word and PowerPoint.



―― もう一度、転向しろってか?

"Will the world expect me the turnabout again?"


No, I can't do that.


I believe that the world has been under the control of the Microsoft Empire, and that it is probably the first century of the "1000 year kingdom", which is much more credible than the German Third Reich at the moment.



However, "Markdown notation" is easy to use, and in github, it is a required format.


I think I'll probably love writing in Latex format as well.


In both cases, the description of the samples is beautiful and very clean.


だが、もう私も歳です ―― ここで、再度の転向をするのは、あまりにキツい。

But I'm too old now -- it's too hard to make another turn here.


I'd like to spend my last days with existing Word style files.


So, I am currently scouring the sea of the net in search of a Word style file that I can be satisfied with.